LONGHOUSE BIBLIOGRAPHY PART FOUR ~ 2008 ~ 2009 ~ 2010 ~ 2011 ~ 2012



( 2010 - 2011)


Welcome to Longhouse's bibliography, covering 41 years of steady publications. The press was created by Bob Arnold in 1971, the year he was drafted by the Army and stationed with Consci-entious Objector status in southern Vermont during the last gruesome stages of the Vietnam War. Bob was heading there anyway ... being employed by a brotherly minister of the local Episcopal church, and therein was found the key to Longhouse's future: the church offices held an AB Dick mimeograph machine, & the rest is history.

Bob Arnold edited & printed each title entry below. Publishing, printing and believing would be greatly enhanced by Susan Arnold from 1974 onwards. All has been published & continued without a cent of financial assistance in the way of grants, fellowships, subscription and especially government or corporate funding. The dear "individuals" infusing the list of guardian angels, supporters and heart-felt benefactors are now legendary in the editor's mind. In the 1980s, a bookshop was established. Being too rural in location for the occasional visitor, Longhouse went online as a bookstore, and to this day the website supplements the necessary income to keep the press afloat. Gracias.

The following anecdotes were taken as self-interviews 'speaking' into the computer screen, a dizzy art-form in itself. Where the reader feels the "I" and "we" of the speaker are confusing (and it may be), just imagine a very old-fashioned cohabitated marriage (Susan & Bob) - where one is often both - and in this regard, as it should be.

The format has been purposely designed to act as a chalk board where the editor is certain folks will come forth with corrections as they read along, and remind the poor editor of his possible shoddy memory. Be inclined. The editor will also practice his own revisions, so these pages will be active with wings. New capsule portraits will begin at the start of 2007 since the Show must go on ~

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2010. Bob Arnold. Bakery. In three-color fold out performance. Pamphlet.


Bob Arnold Bakery


: I'm working on real-time with writing this bibliography. I started at 8 this morning after an hour of scything and thinking. Now noon and I'm into the year 2010, after a stop for breakfast, some correspondence, and packing books for customers. An hour before going out into the blazing sun to do more landscape work. It's tortorous weather but we'll be ripe and roiling for a swim in the woods river. In the meantime, this isn't a bad collection (Bakery), but not my best it turns out. Only the prose poem about a bakery being taken-over by some dreamers still works for me here. Plus one or two of the short poems.


2010. Bob Arnold. Gentleman. In glossy photographic wraps, hand sewn in four colors.



:Gentleman is a precursor limited edition to poems that will go into making some of my trilogy of books Woodlanders (Yokel; I'm In Love With You Who Is In Love With Me; The Woodcutter Talks). The cover photograph is by Susan, top of Cannon Mountain in the White Mountains and I'm holding an October snowball in my hands only for her. Or was it Carson? Two loves.


2010. Bob Arnold. In A Cabin, In A Wood. Well over a dozen new poems from the Vermont countryside of daily chores and everlasting love. In three-color fold out performance.


In A Cabin


: more new poems in trial run that will either go into larger collections, or not at all. Share with friends, and some friends come through and tell you things.



2010. Bob Arnold. More Questions. A book for children or the child in the adult, asking the simplest questions often best left unasnwered. In three-color showcase, handmade edition.



More Questions


: a small handmade book of one poem said in segments, one small passage per page, getting to the place of no-answer.


2010. Bob Arnold. Save Yourself. In three-color showcase, handmade edition. Wraps.




: another group of new poems, mostly short, and I believe devoted somewhat to the memory of Joan Crawford in the film "Johnny Guitar", where she says these immortal words. Front cover individually hand stamped.



2010. Bob Arnold.Villa of Souls. A foldout portfolio of Bob Arnold's stonework and photographs from a back woodlot in Vermont. A continuation of his earlier book on stone-building On Stone. This portrait holds both photographs and poems by the poet. In three-color fold out performance.



: showcase of my stone cairns, and photographs, up in the Vermont woodlot here, attached with a few of my stone oriented poems. The photographs are all in color. The cairns remain in their villa, slowly going back to brush and shadows.


2010. Bob Arnold. A Possible Eden. Bob Arnold’s new book of modern fables. With two paintings by the author. Three color text. Hand-sewn wraps. 40 pages


A Possible Eden


: there will be two volumes of A Possible Eden, and not at all planned. The first volume had a bear detail from one of my paintings that I just kept for the second volume, same size books and all. My back self-portrait with Susan is also kept on both books. The only distinction between the two books is a hand drawn number "2" on the back of the second volume. Prose poems.


2010. Bob Arnold. Farm Visit. In three-color showcase, handmade edition.



Farm Visit


: I once worked weekly at a family farm for twenty years. Not an animal farm: more land, gardens, landscaped pastures and fields, ponds to trim, firewood to cut, split and haul inside all through the winter. It kept me in some money. There were families, couples, who once upon a time also kept a handyman around their property if they could afford one. Susan sometimes came with me and we put up the family Christmas tree for them, decorated it and took it down. Somewhere along the line I wrote a poem, like this one (or another book: Farm Hand) about being there. Decorated by me and designed, handmade in less than 30 copies.



2010. Jeffery Beam. Me Moving. A three color fold-out booklet of poems with wrap around band.



Me Moving


: Jeffery is always nearby. His poetry, life, charm, book love and all is one we share. Now and again he'll get it in his head to send me a group of poems and every time (so far) they hit the mark and we handmake a booklet for him. He returns by sending hungry readers and collectors wanting his publications. It's win-win with Bob, Susan and Jeffery.


2010. John Bennett. Dancing Dancing On The Wind. In three-color fold out performance. Pamphlet


On The Wind


: when I was young and starting out editing and printing mimeograph publications John Bennett was one of my heroes. He worked, seemingly on thin air, out in Washington state, churning issue after issue out of Vagabond. They were homemade supreme; something dangerous and exhilirating about every issue. Poets in the issues were either top grain rebels or just part of the crew, but everything in the issues throbbed and gristled. Great stuff for a twenty year old to dream over. Disregard, some, after awhile; and keep to the editor John Bennett who always wrote the tough~love poem or story. It was easy as pie after all those years to ask John to send me a bunch of poems and let me make a booklet for him. Finally.



2010. JohnBradley What Is Borne: In three-color fold out performance. Pamphlet

What Is Borne


: John Bradley has one of the most caring voices in modern poetry. It's no surprise to me his son became a man of the cloth. We have now published three or it may be four booklets by John, ranging from Hiroshima and modern era polemics, to a sheaf of poems on Henry Ford and his time, and a travelogue by John while in Turkey. He just wrote a letter to me this morning describing how he was fleshing out a new piece on Billy the Kid, and would send it if he thought it was up to snuff. I asked him to send it to me, please, snuff or not.



2010. Rolf Dieter Brinkmann / tramslated by Mark Terrill. Under Glass. A tall three-color foldout folio . New and limited edition


Under Glass


: Mark marches on with Longhouse and another booklet of his translations (the third) — this one from the wild card of Europe Rolf Dieter Brinkmann, which would later go into a full collection of poems by Brinkmann all translated by Mark. His personal bibliography is revealing an outstanding and rich text of his own poems, prose poems, literary essays, book reviews and the translations of modern German poets. Tap the source.


2010. Pam Brown, Sentimental. In three-color fold out performance. Pamphlet




: Australian Pam Brown came to us through her love, amongst many things, of old home architecture and of course poetry, which she is good at. I have a sneaky feeling it was Pam who brought my work and Longhouse to the attention of John Tranter, who then carried it a bit further in the original treasury called Jacket. Pam's poems speak in unsentimental grandeur and grace one poem entwined here to the other.


2010. Alvaro Cardona-Hine. Little Songs to Sing While Singing. A three color fold-out booklet of poems with wrap around band. With art work by the poet and artist Alvaro Cardona-Hine



Little Songs to Sing While Singing

: Alvaro lives with his wife Barbara, both painters, high on a crest in New Mexico. Neither are of the wealthy New Mexico art life, unless you consider wealthy as living long and beautifully. I long ago discovered Alvaro's poetry via Scribners and Alan Swallow. In my hands I knew I had something. The books even seemed to want to disappear with their humility and tenderness. When Alvaro and I met by mail, books were exchanged like we all often do, and then a painting was sent inscribed to us both. I hung that up right above where I handmake all these booklets. "it is time / to exist" indeed.


2010. Tom Clark. Jim Carroll. "A poet departs, too soon, and there is a void that will not be filled. From somewhere deep and old the tears well up in the dark night.When I met Jim in 1967 he was seventeen. He had been leading a triple life: high school All-American basketball star, heroin addict/ street hustler, poet." -- Tom Clark, The above is from Tom Clark's wee memoir of Jim Carroll newly published from Longhouse for the Spring Equinox 2010. With photographs by Bill Berkson, Mary K. Greer, and Beatrice Murch. In glossy photographic wraps, hand sewn in four colors. Ready to be slipped into your back pocket, or anyone's. Tom Clark was born in Chicago 1941. Man of letters in poetry, prose, biography and the fine art of proper blogging . A graduate of the University of Michigan, he then attended Cambridge University and University of Essex before returning to the United States in 1967. A long time resident of the American west, he makes his home with Angelica in Berkeley, California. This is Tom's second Longhouse publication along with "Single" - Longhouse, 2009.


Jim Carroll


: there is too much background to this passionate testimonial in its publishing history that I'll just let it rest that someone, someday, will find the correspondence, and the emails, and what even appeared, unfortunately, concerning the book, on some blogs and make something of it all. The book remains in print because like all good things — like baseball and blues music — it's good to have around. That joyous front cover photograph of woolen cap JC is by Mary K. Greer. And like Mary, Bill Berkson was kind enough to provide a younger Jim Carroll photograph on location (New York) for the back cover.


2010. Cid Corman. A Language Without Words. First published by Byways 6, 1972 : Gerry Loose, Essex, UK. Our ever thanks for Gerry to reprint & bring this one back into the fold. A three color fold-out booklet of poems with wrap around band.


Corman 2010


: Gerry Loose in the UK in 1972 first published these poems in a small booklet he regretted was long out of print and one day told me so. So I asked him if he would send me the poems and see if we could republish the poems and bring everything back to life. Not too difficult with Cid, simply keep watering. The plant roots are shallow and deep. Gerry was more than happy to see his original "Byways" publication re-appear.


2010. Ray DiPalma. House of Keys. In three-color fold out performance. Pamphlet.


House of Keys


:Ray sent this manuscript, unsolicited, one summer day and being like a scorcher today, we set right forth and printed it all before nightfall. Hidden in the shade of fine poetry and art work by Ray. We stay in contact at all times via a mutual love for old films, great books and some other friends Ray has brought to us with his guiding hands at knowing often what works where the best. That's a handler, some call it a teacher.


2010. George Evans. The Precise Moment At Which, For Victor Jara . 4-1/4 x 5-1/2. Three color small broadside / card. Ideal for framing.


: a rare item, not even shown! from the sturdy historical hands of George Evans. We both have a passion for the late and great Chilean singer Victor Jara, murdered in the Pinochet Junta era, so this poem was like between two homes. I can't more highly recommend George's books of poems. All of them floating out there in the sphere of just too good to be lost.


2010. Donna Fleischer. Twinkle, Twinkle . A three color fold-out booklet of poems with wrap around band.

Twinkle, Twinkle


: Donna's first, and it won't be here last, show at Longhouse. Nicely crafted and spoken to the page poems of wonder, right there in the title. We found for the original wrap a see-thru yellow paper stock, that was later replaced with an entirely different red. If you don't fall in love with that first poem on the title page, I'm a monkey's uncle.


2010. Walter Franceschi . A Good Idea. A three color fold-out booklet of poems with wrap around band.

A Good Idea


: Walter's second Longhouse booklet. You see I read that "Koan" on the title page (where I put it for good reason) and was hooked. The rest of the poems just kept coming and coming and I flicked them left and right down the foldout page. In Italy, Walter commutes by train. On the train, unknown to most on the passengers, poems are getting seen and composed.


2010. Gloria Frym. from Mind Over Water. A tall three-color foldout folio


from Mind Over Water


: we met Gloria Frym, briefly, at the first Lorine Niedecker Festival in Milwaukee. That was in 2003. The poems here arrived after we touched base during the Origin, sixth series I was collecting and editing, and a booklet quickly formed "with poetry / which fits in the palm".


2010. Merrill Gilfillan. Treehouse Haibun. In three-color fold out performance. Pamphlet.


Merrill Gilfillan


: I've been reading Merrill Gilfillan for a long time, as many have, we're lucky. The books quietly appear and quietly rest on our shelves and the poems or prose is never forgotten. It was Ray Di Palma, an old friend of Merrill's who gave me his address to finally contact him for a pair of booklets we'd bring out over the next year. One friend following another friend down the path.



2010. Michael Hettich. More Than Gratitude . In three-color fold out performance. Pamphlet.


More Than Gratitude


:there are two photographs for this booklet. Colleen, Michael's wife, liked one better than the other, so we obliged and used both. The poems remained unchanged and content right where they set, much the way Michael is, making less demands on anyone and more into his poems which have a capacity to take off into imaginative storytelling.


2010. Brooks Johnson. the people of the state of illinois vs brooks johnson . In three-color fold out performance. Pamphlet.



Brooks	Johnson


: Brooks, yes, is the son of Kent Johnson, and a poetry rough rider anarchist of a sort. He, with a small gang of fellow travelers, once took on the Poetry Foundation in Chicago, which made for interesting good and bad press for everyone. A lover of Cesar Vallejo, Brooks lives up to some of what the master may have asked of him.



2010. George Kalamaras. Mingus Mingus Mingus . In three-color fold out performance. Pamphlet.




: of the many of George Kalamras's loves, music is up there, along with western USA lore, India, surrealism, the work of Robert Kelly, and beagles. The poems collected in this booklet are all jazz players in poem portraits by George thriving to the strum of the beat.


2010. John Latta. A Year (Days Off). In three-color fold out performance. Pamphlet.


John	Latta


: for at least a year I was turning daily to John Latta's poems on his blog and collecting myself inside the rhythm and intelligence of his world. This is a clutch of such poems, dedicated to Kent Johnson and all things wildly caught between book covers. The list of authors and thinkers he catches in his galaxy net is becoming.


2010. Dudley Laufman. Scything . A tall three-color foldout folio . New and limited edition



: Dudley is now 80 years old this year and remains constant at the two or three worlds he has long inhabited: fiddling, poetry, and rural ways. He was at Newport when Dylan was making some early trouble there (Dudley was fiddling with a band) and for decades later has fiddled and called contra dances, read his poem publicly with many poets, and kept a small sustained homestead in the Craftsbury region of New Hampshire. It was a pleasure to finally get some of Dudley's rural stories, characters, narratives, poetry into a booklet to share. "Jacqueline" is his wife, fiddling partner, and anchor.


2010. John Levy. Research Regarding Poetry and Driving. A half dozen new prose poems, some first published in U.K., (Stride) and here at Longhouse on the Longhouse Birdhouse. In three-color fold out performance.




: John is showing up this time with a booklet of prose poems. The third in a series of Longhouse booklets that range from a short story, to a collection of poems, and now the prose poems, often quite humorous.


2010. Ed Markowski. A Chinese Box . A tall three-color foldout folio.


Ed	Markowski.


: I love this story. I did when I first read it as something shared between Ed and I, then I thought how good this would be to share with others, and wouldn't it be something if we could get it all to behave a fit into one of our booklets. It did so. Starting from working in an auto plant in Michigan and then out and free with a girl at the time, the open road, and even a stop over at the Naropa Institute, and soon enough jail.


2010. Joseph Massey. Mock Orange . A three color fold-out booklet of poems with wrap around band.


Mock Orange


: by now we have published three or four of Joe Massey's small foldout booklets. Each one comes along with a small but mighty contingent of faithful readers asking for a copy, Joe hid out somewhere in northern California making-do, with ocassional pleas from him to send a booklet here and yonder. We got a thing going.



2010. Marcia Roberts. Collagraphs. A tall three-color foldout folio




: Marcia Roberts has had three books of poems published by Skanky Possum or Effing Press, both out of hot-stuff Texas. Have a look at these fine presses.
We were able to further the Marcia run in Origin, 6th series and later came a generous book of poems What She Knew from BlazeVox.
Marcia lives with her family in San Antonio where one senses the Texas space here in Collagraphs.



2010. Norman Schaeffer. Little Sierra Nevada Poems . A three color fold-out booklet of poems with wrap around band. With photograph by Kevin Garner, looking from Lone Pine to Mt. Whitney.




: this is the first of two booklets we especially enjoyed making with Norman from first his years of hiking the high crest of the Sierra Nevada, to later love poems at home in the Pacific Northwest. It wasn't easy paring the Sierra poems down to an essential backpack duty, but here it is. They each resonate with a scope of mountains and rivers and rising heights. The love poems are coming up. . .



2010. Andrew Schelling. Arapaho Songbook II . A three color fold-out booklet of poems with wrap around band.



: Andrew's part-two to the world of Arapaho, equally as balanced and arrow-flight as the first booklet.



2010. David Shapiro. "To THE EARTH or A LAST POEM" . Love Thy Poet Spring Equinox 2010. Three color 4-1/4 x 6 postcard suitable for framing or slipping into the mail.





: it turns out this passage comes out of a poem already published by the poet but how we've presented it here on a postcard (not yet recognizing it came out of an earlier poem) it lives a whole other existence. Since it was sent to us by David this way, we go this way.


2010. Daniel Smith. Fatherland . New poems from this midwest farmer & poet detailing generations of hardwork and earned abilities, plus pulling up stakes from one long term family farm in Illinois for Wisconsin. In three-color fold out performance.




: well heeled poems out of a midwest farm family. Dan works the soil and his poems with the same ingredient of care and understanding. The father of poet Austin Smith, the family has within the last few years re-located farm and life to Wisconsin where Dan holds a steady hand between the farm work and the poems that call.


2010. Simon Vinkenoog / Translations by Gerard Bellaart, Frederique Berringer, Louise Landes Levi & Hans Plomp and afterword by Louise Landes Levi. SIMON VINKENOOG  poems: 1950-2006 A three color fold-out booklet of poems with wrap around band.




: with an afterword by Louise Landes Levi who also sent some of the poems our way, along with artist and Cold Turkey Press extraordinaire Gerard Bellaart, an eventual small selected poems was made for the legendary bohemian from Amsterdam who passed away a year earlier. All tribute.


2010. Vassilis Zambaras. IN CREDIBLE EVIDENCE . A three color fold-out booklet of poems with wrap around band.


2010. Vassilis	Zambaras. IN CREDIBLE EVIDENCE . A three color fold-out booklet of poems with wrap around band.


: long ago, when he was living in the Northwest, we published Vassilis in our early pages of Longhouse and other publications — so it was more than good to have him back to bring forth a short booklet of many poems which we sent to him in his homeland of Greece.







cover image 4

An early issue from Longhouse when it was initially "Workshop" and even before that "Our Poets Workshop". Shown here is from 1975.



: so much for wanting to write (today) a marathon short commentary on all the final leg of the Longhouse Bibliography, the 2008-2012 years. Instead I opened the day's mail and there was a new book by John Brandi and Steve Sanfield (sent by Steve with other loose poems of Steve's packed in there). I got further serious and started planning a postcard by Steve of one of his poems, plus a small booklet of poems from a series on the Gulf War district, or somewhere in that bedlam. We designed and printed the postcard the next morning and shipped them to Steve. The booklet to follow, and more on all of this when we get there at the July 2012 segment of the bibliography. On with the show!



2011. Bob Arnold. A Possible Eden 2. Bob Arnold’s second book of modern fables. With two paintings by the author. Three color text. Hand-sewn wraps. 40 pages.


Possible Eden


: A Possible Eden 2 is the second volume of prose poems I had written over the previous winter & spring. Prose poems aren't a good habit of mine, though they do occur in bunches and often at the onset of Spring. Or thinking of Spring welled up deep in winter.


2011. Bob Arnold. Bigger Than You. New poems from the woods, river and beloved. All wrapped in decorative Nepalese wraps. Very limited.


Bigger Than You


: another small book of new short poems, handmade and maybe 30 or so copies sent out mainly to friends or those sending a book gift at the same time as the book is being made — share and share alike. The cover wrap is more lovely embossed natural pressed plants and flowers.


2011. Bob Arnold. Forever. 20 new poems by Bob in this handmade pocket-size companion with Himalayan wraps. One of only 50. Stapled wraps




: and one more. The title says it.


2011. Bob Arnold. Yokel, A Long Green Mountain Poem . New, perfect bound wraps, 156 pages. A small portion of this first appeared in Backwoods Broadside edited by S. Pollet.




: Yokel had a few early appearances and took a great deal of time to get it all fitted right. Since I am still living in the same place as the subject matter and characters, and that back country life is disappearing, I was making celebratory poems and portraits of individuals and occasions right along with elegies and goodbye pieces to those passed on. Those I worked with and saw go. It's the first book in a trilogy that spans 40 years called Woodlanders. I'll speak to the second volume (love poems) when we get there. Someone could say these are love poems as well.


2011. John Bradley. Amongst the Turks. In three-color fold out performance. Very limited. Pamphlet


Amongst the Turks


: with travel poems and photographs from Turkey by John, this is a smaller foldout booklet. John and Jana traveled for a portion of the summer and on their return John just sent poems he had coming to him (day by day) as a sharing, but I could see they would be mounting into a booklet. So it happened.


2011. John Bradley. Fordtopia . In three-color fold out performance. Pamphlet.




: all Henry Ford and his era and expanse and inventions and what was happening with our country all at the same time. A few photographs have been slipped in to grease the gears. John's uncanny ability to steer poetry and historical subjects into Bradley made poems.


2011. Hanne Bramness / with photographs by Ina Otzko. A Calendar In Colour. Three-color fold-out booklet of poems with wrap around band. Limited edition.



A Calendar In Colour


: Hanne's third Longhouse booklet following the year's calendar with photographs and poems to match. What I had put aside from one of my handmade books I can see went into Hanne's cover wrap. Ina Otzko was kind enough to share her photographs throughout the booklet.


2011. Susan Briante. $INDU or Ghost Numbers. In three-color fold out performance. Pamphlet.


Susan Briante


: Susan looking over and shaking down the US financial district, with sidelight commentary on all contributors in her open field vision. Susan's manuscript arrived with her husband's Farid (up coming) and together we designed and built a family, with a new baby, two booklets shipped to Texas.


2011. Mary Ann Cain. The Water Diaries. In three-color fold out performance. Very limited. Pamphlet



The Water Diaries.


: Mary Ann's complexities of body, soul and landscape brought into view by this foldout of prose reverie, written on the high crest of Colorado (since burned over) and all about a re-building, while holding on.


2011. Thomas A Clark. By The Rock Garden. A tall but narrow road broadside ready to frame from the poet's visit to Ryoanji, Kyoto with photograph by Laurie Clark.


By The Rock Garden


: Tom in the Japanese garden. It looks folded but its appearance is one tall broadside. Someone wrote to me after seeing the photograph of Tom in the famed garden and asked, "How'd he get to be there all alone?!" That's Tom.


2011. Byron Coley. Beefheart. Three-color fold-out booklet of poems with wrap around band. Limited edition. Very limited.





: I already can't remember if Byron sent this to me, or someone else did, but Captain Beefheart (Don Van Vliet) has always been close to us all. The musician and the artist. So the week he passed away we printed this up and got it to all parties onetwothree. Susan's second cousin is Don Van Vliet's wife, Janet. She always liked Janet, but when she saw Captain Beefheart perform in the 60s, no dice.


2011. Cid Corman. Chop. In three-color fold out performance. Very limited. Pamphlet



: in our wish to publish something by Cid every year from the press, Chop is here showcasing Cid's many uses for the handstamps he used on all his correspondence, often on the outside envelope or blue aerogramme. His widow Shizumi gave to me the ink stamps, all that I had seen during my long correspondence with Cid, and it seemed right and lively to share them all further.


2011. Merrill Gilfillan. Warbler Haibun. New poem sequence in fold-out fashion in forest wraps with band. Signed by the poet


Warbler Haibun


: the second Longhouse publication by Merrill, this time shorter (haibun) in a foldout method of hearing the bird sing.


2011. Ray Gonzalez. The Mud Angels, Mesilla, New Mexico. In three-color fold out performance. Very limited. . Pamphlet


Mud Angels


: Ray came our way via mutual friend George Kalamaras (we all have a three way zing for music, particularly Gene Clark and others) and while a bit crowded for the format, it all resonates and thensome. I could have made two booklets with all the good poems I had from Ray.


2011. Whit Griffin. Cathedral Ring. In three-color fold out performance. Pamphlet.



Cathedral Ring


: Whit's second Longhouse booklet, and this time a taller design with some of Whit's photographs (often taken off his cellphone no matter where he might be) all taking part. Just look at the blossoms of that tree! You're in Tennessee.

2011. Ken Letko. Forgotten Inventors. In three-color fold out performance. Very limited. Pamphlet


Ken Letko


: Ken's poems just played with me nicely as I read, and a sizable group easily fell into place to make a booklet. This effortless is hard work.

2011. Li Po / translated by J. P. Seaton. Fall River Song. A three color fold-out booklet of poems with wrap around band.


Fall River Song

: every Sandy booklet of Chinese translations is my favorite, but this one may take the cake. We had just the paper wrap for the cover, and it had taken awhile for us both to finally get to the place where Li Po just had to show up in the Longhouse title family. I'm very partial to the Han Shan booklet we all did as well. Close my eyes on some days, choose one.


2011. Gerry Loose. "Every Year..." . Gerry as always thinking like a tree, plant or bush! A walker of the landscape. Here is a postcard poem to share. Signed by the poet on own small bookplate, ideal to frame


Gerry Loose

: this poem is the Gerry I know. I never feel I am inside anywhere when I read his poems. Always outdoors.

2011. Bob Love. Saskatchewan Waters. A three color fold-out booklet of poems with wrap around band.



Saskatchewan Waters


: Bob is a logger in big sky Montana and came my way via his teacher, from long ago, the poet Ken McCullough. I received a bunch of poems from Bob, and while the logging poems are quite fine, there was something exploratory and of a different adventure on a fishing trip with Bob in Canada. One day in the mail, after we published this booklet, came a tangle of sweet grass from Bob and his wife — an aroma to fill the room.

2011. Antonio Machado / Alvaro Cardona-Hine. The Pocket Book Machado. A beautifully packed packet of poems from the master with photograph done-up new by New Mexico's own Alvaro Cardona-Hine. Three-color fold-out booklet of poems with wrap around band. Limited edition.


The Pocket Book Machado


: we weren't done with Alvaro, now well into his 80's, not by a long shot. Along with his own poems and paintings, he also translates, and Machado quite well.


2011. Joseph Massey. Another Rehearsal for Morning. In three-color fold out performance. Very limited. . Pamphlet. Fold-out booklet. Our third publication by this poet.


Another Rehearsal for Morning

: same with Joe, one more booklet, so carefully sculptured between us.


2011. Farid Matuk. Riverside. In three-color fold out performance. Pamphlet.




: Farid's gritty and true poems covering the wider planet he sees and wishes to protect. Some of this work first started out with us and Farid when I was editing ORIGIN, sixth series, and just maybe it was helped along by the good guidance of Dale Smith and Brooks Johnson. The best poets push other poets forward.


2011. Ken McCullough. Diet For The Smallest Planet. In three-color fold out performance. Pamphlet.


Diet For The Smallest Planet


: I've long admired Ken's poems and we had already done one shorter booklet together; it was time for something larger. The poems here throw good weight between Montana, Cambodia (Ken also translates from the language) and elsewhere. He writes, "Most of my life I've been eating shit", but it's not what we read, far from it, when we have his poems.


2011. Mohammed Mrabet. / translated by Mark Terrill. "The Canary". Three color 4-1/4 x
6 postcard suitable for framing or slipping into the mail.

: Mark coming through with this poem amongst maybe many he sent at one time and I let this one slip right down onto my lap to read again and again, which we then did up as a postcard. Once upon a time Mark knew and visited Paul Bowles and he brought some essentials away.



2011. Shin Yu Pai. Nearly Invisible. A three color fold-out booklet of poems with wrap around band.


Shin Yu Pai


: I had already worked with Shin Yu Pai and her poems in the ORIGIN, sixth series and wanted to see more and she gladly complied. A unique poet so quietly in the room we didn't know about.


2011. Mark Terrill. Up All Night. In three-color fold out performance. Very limited. Pamphlet


Up All Night

: when Mark isn't writing poems, stories, essays, reviews, reading books and getting into trouble with all his cats, he's kicking around his German neighborhood with sketch pad and charcoal, and when he travels away from home, too. We made here some of the poems with some of the sketches. It's my favorite Terrill.

2011. U Sam Oeur. translated from Khmer with Ken McCullough. Ever Hopeful. In three-color fold out performance. Pamphlet.



Ever Hopeful

: while organizing a booklet with Ken, I had in the back of my head his deep resource translations of U Sam Oeur. I had already seen a few of his books and would very much like to have more stemming from Longhouse. We asked and we received from the hands of the translator.

2011. Janine Pommy Vega. Walking Woman With The Tambourine. In three-color fold out performance. Pamphlet.

Walking Woman With The Tambourine

: poems Janine Pommy Vega was working on at her death (toward a new book) and put into our hands. It's another of our larger and fatter foldout booklets with some of Janine's best long poems ever. Slowly but surely this will all evolve into a much larger book of Janine's singing and praises.


2011. Karma Tenzing Wangchuk. Holding My Breath. A three color fold-out booklet of poems with wrap around band.

Holding My Breath


: Tenzing often writes to me by short email messages out there in the coastal pot of Port Townsend, home to thousands of poets and mountains. His short poems are brilliant for common locality and touch. He continues the long tradition made once by wanderers.


2011. J. D. Whitney. Other Cousins. In three-color fold out performance. Very limited. Pamphlet. Fold-out booklet. Our second publication by this poet.


Other Cousins


: J.D. is the skilled mathematician of language and earth and all those on it, paricularly the forgotten, neglected and lost. This is the second booklet from Longhouse of J.D.'s "cousins" who are often mine. We write to one another every day without fail and have yet to meet. Can you imagine that day!


2011. Finn Wilcox, Freight Train. Three-color fold-out booklet of poems with wrap around band. Limited edition.


Freight TrainFreight Train

: Finn Wilcox is what I hope the world will one day turn into — a good guy with a good heart and good hands put into the earth. Treeplanter, hobo, train man, father, lover, husband, neighbor, family man, friend. He knows his train poems are going to be my train poems, too.



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