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"Who but Bob Arnold could see so gently? And for once the synethesia is correct: his looking is a kind of caress, a touch that is both gentle and thoughtfiul. These poems are about a way of country life in New England that has almost ceased to exist elsewhere. Their beauty, love, and humor move me deeply."





"Bob Arnold’s best poems are moments of love, intense milliseconds that fill the body.He fits himself into the natural world exactly enough; but the clear stream and the granite take light from the observation of a woman’s tenderness ... They are not John Milton and don’t intend to be. I suppose they derive from W. C.W.’s plums in the refrigerator, cross-bred with Issa; the weight of realized and singular human experience keeps them from the merely literary."


The Harvard Review


"The poems of Bob Arnold are very simple, with many subtle pleasures barely concealed. In the gardens of poetry Bob Arnold's allotment is not to be missed."



"Every word is love, loved, lovely. What else is poetry?"

~ CID CORMAN on Bob Arnold


"The New England literary tradition includes the land. Maybe Thoreau started that. But it's a tradition kept up largely by gentlemen, walkers and sitters, who, though they are quite often acute in the observations they do make, can record nothing of an actual give and take with the land because for them there is none.

"The hills a man works on get into his body rhythms, come out in his writing. The birds and animals that he notes while working are not an end unto themselves, but are rather integral parts of his days. When he builds with stone or clears away brush or drops trees he takes the place he lives into the flow of his life in a way that transcends any more passage through that land. He knows his smashed fingers, his pulled muscles — the messages his brain receives are heightened.

"Bob Arnold's literary tradition precedes New Enland. He writes out of his work and his life, which are totally intertwined with the land. His actual physical surroundings are more apparent to him than to most writing about the land they live on. Don't content yourself with reading him; get to know him."



Bob Arnold is the author of On Stone, Yokel, Once In Vermont, I'm In Love With You, Who Is In Love With Me, Stone Hut, Start With the Tree and other books of poetry & prose including the train traveling books American Train Letters, Go West, Darling Companion, The Woodcutter Talks. His newest collection of poems is Heaven Lake. He is currently working on childrens' books (for two granddaughters) — the most recent is Rain Bear.

In 1971 Bob Arnold founded Longhouse, as editor and publisher, under the original imprint "Our Poets Workshop" with various side venues "Scout," "Poets Who Sleep," "Love Thy Poet," and the small booklet series "Just So Happens." He edited and published the final Origin (6th series, 2006) in celebration of Cid Corman, gathering poets and artists worldwide released free on-line and now archived on CD. During 2015-2016 Bob edited and prepared for Longhouse new book titles by Lorine Niedecker, Janine Pommy Vega and as literary executor for Cid Corman Of, Volumes 4 & 5.

He presents a daily blog —A Longhouse Birdhouse—and together with Susan, for forty-five years, has run a bookshop featuring the arts and poetry together with their press publications.

Bob makes his living as a stonemason & builder in the Green Mountains of Vermont.

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Bob Arnold 

Faraway Like the Deer’s Eye — A Saga — FOUR BOOKS IN ONE VOLUME ~ 

A Poet’s Memoir ~! 50 Years of Longhouse & Poets A Builder’s Life, with photo assembly and  The Selected Poems of Bob Arnold

 With an afterword by Andrew Schelling

444 pages, text & over 900 images in color First edition, one of only 100 copies



Bob Arnold 

Deep Wooded Bird

 116 pages, perfect bound, poetry 2024



Bob Arnold 



The story of Wes, a young man born free and wishing to stay free despite the pitfalls. . . Told from the perspective of a father's open letter


 168 pages, perfect bound, prose 2024





Bob Arnold

  Full of Days


 4 color booklets of new poems 





 Bob Arnold




Bob Arnold

 To Be Of Use

~ a book of tools ~




Holy Ghost

Longhouse 2021. Perfect bound. Poetry

"Very happy evenings to sit by the fire and read through Holy Ghost. You have been at this particular work of poetry, documenting in unswervingly clean verse, the life around you, that you have built with Susan, for so long. A book like this is doubly enjoyable. One for the clarity and ethos of its poems, unlike anyone else’s these days. And like an intimate extended letter from a long time friend. You may be the only poet I can think of who does something I like to do in poems: show that we live among books. How many volumes of poetry do you read in which no matter what items of life show up, it is as though the poet is shy or even ashamed to depict him or herself as a steady, serious reader? You’ve got gift for portraits of people, mostly the locals of course, and in a Niedecker offhand way you manage to get their vernacular speech into a poem, as well as your own."


Andrew Schelling




Longhouse 2019. Perfect bound. Poetry






Poets Who Sleep


Longhouse 2019. Perfect bound. 576 pages, 6 x 8, perfect bound softcover, all in color. In publisher's shrink wrap. "A book of portraits - all poets - to put into your saddle bag. Over 500 pages of color portraits of Bob Arnold's view & memoir of poets he has either read. edited and published or known, and often all of the above. Each portrait is hand-scribed by Bob with a personal touch."










Back cover Heaven LakeHeaven Lake Cover

Heaven Lake

Longhouse 2018. Perfect bound. 172 pages





Lunatic Drawings

Lunatic Drawings

Longhouse 2017. Perfect bound. Completely illustrated with all color ! 244 pages, numbered & signed by the author in a limited edition

New! July 29, 2017






Longhouse 2016. Perfect bound. With many illustrations! 236 pages

New in December 2016






Darling Companion

Longhouse 2016. Perfect bound. Poems with photographs. 136 pages



Woodcutter Talks

The Woodcutter Talks

Longhouse 2015. Perfect bound. 234 pages. With photographs




Cup 1Cup 2


Longhouse 2016. Perfect bound. 112 pages. With photographs




Rain Bear

Rain Bear

Longhouse 2015. Perfect bound. With drawings by Jason Clark, and with other vintage photographs






Longhouse 2015. Perfect bound. 90 pages.




Start With The Tree

Longhouse 2015. Introduction by Gerald Hausman. Photographs by Susan Arnold. With over 160 pages, perfect bound and 150 photographs



Go West 2016

Go West

Longhouse 2014. 144 pages, perfect bound and 70 photographs.

Bob & Susan Arnold travel by trains, lots of trains, across America, across Canada.




My Sweetest Friend 2016

My Sweetest Friend

Longhouse 2014. Poems from a brother to the loss of a sister. 72 pages, perfect bound

Sapline2Sapline 2


Longhouse 2014. With drawings by Jason Clark.

72 pages


Stone Hut 1Stone Hut

Stone Hut

Longhouse 2014. New and Expanded 25th Edition.





This Secret Handshake

This Secret Handshake

Longhouse 2013. 112 Pages. Stacked with photographs



Beautifu Days

Beautiful Days

Longhouse, 2014. 96 pages. Perfect bound paperback




Im In Love

I'm In Love With You Who Is In Love With Me

"Forty years of Bob Arnold's love poems
are now under one roof with his new book"

Longhouse, 2012. 168 pages. perfect bound paperback





a long Green Mountain Poem

Longhouse, 2011. 156 pages, Perfect bound



Dream Come True

Dream Come True / Sanndroymd, Dikt For Unge

Nordsjoforlaget, 2009. Illustrated by Laurie Clark. Translated into the Norwegian by Lars Amund Vaage. Bilingual in English and Norwegian.
Exclusive cloth edition. New. 60 pages



Hiking Down

Hiking Down From A Hillside Sky

Bull Thistle Press, 2009. Letterpress. Designed and printed letterpress by Greg Joly from Jamaica, Vermont. Backtracking through Bob's selected poems. Literally.



Sunswumthru A Building

Origin, 2006. With drawings by Laurie Clark.

Introduction by Thomas A. Clark. Prose. Bob's book on work tools and their uses.



Once In Vermont

Once in Vermont

Gnomon, 1999. Bright pictorial stiff wraps with excellent spine and crisp text throughout. New. No cloth edition issued. Limited. Poetry. 118 pages





American Train Letters

Coyote, 1996. Prose. By train traveling a network around the perimeter of the UnitedStates. New in wraps. 242 pages


Where Rivers

Where Rivers Meet

Mad River Press, 1990

Fine wraps with crisp bright text throughout.

Bob's earliest poems from 1974 to 1990. A selected poems drawn from many of Bob's unique small press books. Out of print

106 pages






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