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Welcome to Longhouse's bibliography, covering 42 years (now 2013) of steady publications. The press was created by Bob Arnold in 1971, the year he was drafted by the Army and stationed with Consci-entious Objector status in southern Vermont during the last gruesome stages of the Vietnam War. Bob was heading there anyway ... being employed by a brotherly minister of the local Episcopal church, and therein was found the key to Longhouse's future: the church offices held an AB Dick mimeograph machine, & the rest is history.

Bob Arnold edited & printed each title entry below. Publishing, printing and believing would be greatly enhanced by Susan Arnold from 1974 onwards. All has been published & continued without a cent of financial assistance in the way of grants, fellowships, subscription and especially government or corporate funding. The dear "individuals" infusing the list of guardian angels, supporters and heart-felt benefactors are now legendary in the editor's mind. In the 1980s, a bookshop was established. Being too rural in location for the occasional visitor, Longhouse went online as a bookstore, and to this day the website supplements the necessary income to keep the press afloat. Gracias.

The following anecdotes were taken as self-interviews 'speaking' into the computer screen, a dizzy art-form in itself. Where the reader feels the "I" and "we" of the speaker are confusing (and it may be), just imagine a very old-fashioned cohabitated marriage (Susan & Bob) - where one is often both - and in this regard, as it should be.

The format has been purposely designed to act as a chalk board where the editor is certain folks will come forth with corrections as they read along, and remind the poor editor of his possible shoddy memory. Be inclined. The editor will also practice his own revisions, so these pages will be active with wings. New capsule portraits will begin at the start of 2007 since the Show must go on ~


2007 Finlay, Alec. Hand Stamp. Three color fold out booklet with wrap around band. Back Road Caller 16

:quite the start of a new year. No snow on the ground anywhere in Vermont, whereas friends in Colorado write and tell tall tales of one blizzard after another. This morning the titmouse had her spring call at the feeder. The river is running like early April. Sunlight on the hemlock & pine boughs is youthful, not the ordinary winter leanness. I just opened the mail and read a very intelligent poem by Duncan McNaughton. Starting up a new year making a booklet for Alec (Eck) Finlay. I asked Eck for something for Longhouse & Origin and he immediately sent over from Scotland six hand stamp poem designs. We went and bought a new stamp pad and started to go to work on it. First we made a postcard to run one of the stamps in the Love Thy Poet series (2006) and liking that, but not quite satisfied, decided to do the whole series as one of our foldout booklets. I made a bunch in November and dated them 2007, hid them away. Today we pulled out the works again and printed another 50 on one side, then hand stamped down in the living room by the woodfire on a old plank lap board. Did it while watching and listening to Werner Herzog prepare the commentary for "The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser" (nice to see this again). I did all the st amping, antique blue ink; Susan moved pages to & fro from my working hand. For the past twenty years Eck has been a marvel throughout Scotland with ongoing events, poetry fests, anthologies, booklets and a never to quit Renga celebration with authors worldwide.



2007. Clausen, Andy. Design. Three color fold out booklet with wrap around band.
: although I know Andy, it was Eliot Katz who came through for me on this work. Again, browsing the range for new work , I knew Andy was good friends with Eliot and Eliot might have some of Andy's poems kicking around the house. A request in and a whole manuscript came through the mail which I read in one sitting, sifting out at least two long poems. Both were circulated around important women to Andy: his mother, and I took that poem for Origin. The second poem "Design", a beauty of roving the landscape with Andy's companion Janine Pommy Vega in mind, and we kept that one for Longhouse. Some unique language and delicacy with heft makes this one of my favorite poems by Andy. Extra thanks to Eliot for some fact checking for us and being a royal good guy.



2007. Hyner, Stefan. The Desert Wastes of Civilization. Three color fold out booklet with wrap around band. Back Road Caller 17


: way long overdue, for how long I have known Stefan, to get a booklet of his poems out and around. German poet quite comfortable and known in the USA and other parts Europe. Carpenter and Chinese scholar by trade and pursuits, editor and sometimes translator of Jaime de Angulo, Ed Dorn, James Koller and others. I edited these poems from a much longer new manuscript, taking helpings for this booklet and into the Origin series for spring 2007. There is fine sweep between the short travelouge poem, reverie, near nonesense anarchy quips/thought, to longer and developed portraits of Che Guevara and the headstone of old Europe.



2007. Moraff, Barbara. Footprint. Three color fold out booklet with wrap around band. Back Road Caller 18

: Barbara and I hadn't been in touch for some years, after other years of very active publishing her work from Longhouse. One of our strong hitters out of Vermont, with a ton of fine poems stretching all the way back to the second series of Cid Corman's Origin (early 60s) and certainly wide grained through Longhouse. It was time for connecting up again and a hour phone call did it - f amily news, neighborhood news and a sketch of what poems to send. There are a handful of poets I've worked with on both Longhouse & Origin editing without computers, and Barbara is one. So her poems arrived in a regular large manila envelope, plenty to make trouble with, and I had a cache to fulfill all needs. I even tried to squeeze poems into a footprint design to justify in my head why I couldn't resist taking so many for such a narrow page, and then allowing plenty of space and breathing room on the reverse side. As with the Finlay, Clausem, Hyner booklets, we designed these up on the spot, two chairs clumped before a screen for about a half-hour tops. Wrap bands for this one and the Finlay on Tibetan rough / the Clausen & Hyner took well to paper in the shop. All covers were donated by Greg Joly from floor scraps on his recent travels to a print shop or two. Quite the scraps.



2007. McNaughton, Duncan. Insistence. Love Thy Poet #57. Three color postcard poem.

: I had long read Duncan's work and wanted some of his poems for both the Origin sixth series & Longhouse. Stefan Hyner was hosting Duncan as his guest on some reading junkets in Germany and so I dropped a note first there, and later when Duncan was home again in California. We exchanged our own books, some letters, and then a clutch of poems arrived ideal for all purposes. I thought to sneak this one out before the Origin showed as a Longhouse postcard. It didn't fit as a usual sideways card, so we flipped it before suppertime, liked the color and called it done.



2007. Massey, Joseph. November Graph. Three color fold out booklet with wrap around band


: I've had many poems in the mail from Joe over the years and during the last few years enjoyed hearing reports from others about his very robust blog reportage - he sends up candid field notes and activist poetry news by the day. These poems came after many months of our back 'n forth correspondence wanting poems for both Origin & Longhouse. Patience pays off. Same gold sparkle cover stock as used on the Finlay with Tibetan paper band, colored shades for titles and name, but the Creeley back cover quote in dead-eye black.



2007. Byrd, Bobby. Is This What Love Is? Three color fold out booklet with wrap around band


: it's nearing on middle winter - we've all had bad colds, bad coughs, a bad back, then a wicked ice-storm wiped out things for a pile of days. I guess it was time to cheer up and no better than preparing a booklet of poems by El Paso's best Bobby Byrd. Bobby would list a whole bunch of poets from El Paso before himself, and he publishes some of those from his Cincos Puentos Press along with Lee Byrd and I believe a family of younger Byrds. Bobby has a long time been with our press. He sends us all sorts of great work every few years whenever I ask, and get this people, we have yet to meet. That's a friendship. While I had the chance I took everything off Bobby's hands. Some poems went into this booklet I edited up over the Fall 2006, and a whole other sack of gold is going into the Origin for Spring 2007. We snuck in a postcard when no one was looking for the Love Thy Poet series.



2007. Lars Amund Vaage, The Sheep Farmer Poems, translated by Hanne Bramness. Three color fold out booklet with wrap around band.

: Lars Amund just gave me a fine half hour phone call from Norway after receiving a few copies of this booklet to hold in hand. He's very pleased. Hanne & Lars Amund live, write, translate one to the other and because Hanne shared poems by Lars with Thomas A. Clark and Tom one Sunday in our correspondence shared all of these poems with me, I can share them now. This is the best side of the poetry world. Lars Amund Vaage is a novelist and poet translated into English, German, Polish & Russian. Born in Sunde, Western Norway, his father was a farmer, who also wrote books about local history. Trained as a classical pianist at the Conservatory in Bergen, Lars Amund also studied Norwegian and international literature. He made his debut in 1979 with a novel and has since published nine novels, two books for children, one collection of short stories, a play and two volumes of poetry. These sheep farmer poems are from "Det andre rommet" ("The orther room") In the fall, 2006, he published his second volume of poetry, called "Utanfor institusjonen" ("Outside the institution"). Deeply drawn to American life he has translated some of the works of Lorine Niedecker and Joy Harjo, and for the time being is translating "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" for the Norwegian Theatre.



2007. Miyazawa Kenji. Blue Haze, Translated by Kenji Okuhira & Gerald Hausman. Gold sparkle wrap cover with Lokta band. Regular & signed edition by the translator Gerald Hausman. Back Road Caller 19

: single sheet fan fold-out of five poems translated by the poet Gerald Hausman and Japanese companion Kenji Okuhira make an exquisite edition to this luminous poet's world. Miyazawa Kenji (1896-1933) was a devout Buddhist with a life long activist's passion for the peasant life of the Iwate region, better known as the Tibet of Japan. This was a wonderful reunion of a sort after a decade apart from Gerry. We had been in pretty constant contact since the early 70s when Gerry was still living with his family, in closeby to Vermont, Berkshire hills. Since I was born and raised in those hills, contact seemed inevitable. Though we wouldn't meet face to face for decades; not until October 2007, and it was well worth the wait. He and wife Lorry arrived, all smiles in our dooryard, and handed me a lovely balanced hatchet as a gift. We fed them a big dinner. Sat in the sunshine. Miyazawa Kenji is probably my most favorite poet from Japan of the 20th c. First introduced to me, of course, and I would guess with Gerry, through Gary Snyder. The little booklet is like finding a nest in a tree.


Robert Sund. from Taos Mountain. In heavy decorative leaf cloth wrap with Lokta band. An exquisite little gem. Back Road Caller 20

: Robert Sund was a quiet legend of the Pacific Northwest. This selection of poems is from the poet's newest book Taos Mountain, Poet's House Press, and is published with gracious permission and unity with the Robert Sund Poet's House Trust - www.poetshousetrust.org. The folks at Poet's House, Tim McNulty amongst them and an old friend to Longhouse, made this booklet possible when I went asking for Sund's poetry. A deep favorite of mine since I was a youngster reading his first book Bunch Grass the year it was published. I much wanted Sund in the first issue of Origin and everybody worked together to make this possible. To extend the gift of this sequence we took it further and made a booklet of the poems, wrapped it in handmade papers. The Boda leaf takes some time tracking down but its much worth it.



2007. Kent Johnson. I Once Met. Kent Johnson. I Once Met. One of 75. Signed edition only/regular edition long gone.

: Our largest and tallest booklet yet! from the world-wide traveling mind of grand adventures and some mishaps by Kent Johnson. In tall gold sparkle wrap with sky blue endpapers and gold thread sewn. Very limited numbers, some of which are signed by the author. Catch it while it's hot. I can think of only one person I've met in the past year of adventures where I would situate myself at a make shift table in the living room, close to the fire, cinema films rolling, and crank out on portable photocopy machine all the copies for this book. It was 10 pages in and 10 pages turned over and printed again, all by hand. Over and over. Watch carefully for mistakes. Pray the ink doesn't run dry midway. Kent was worth it, this book was worth it, I loved it all. An editor gets lucky along the way, so when I began the exploration for the Origin sixth series, I contacted Kent who just happened to have this big and gorgeous poetic memoir in hand and he barely hesitated a moment before sending it to the woodlands...when he could have stayed in the big city, you know, bright lights and all. We got along famously, and when that happens all sorts of things are shared. Kent sent many of his friends to Longhouse and I built bunkbeds as fast as they arrived and set them each into the Origin issues. If I didn't have a life, I would have probably then made individual booklets of all their work. Susan, carpentry, woods chores and going out to look at the stars helped me draw the line.



2007. Tsering Wangmo Dhompa, A long absence and poems of apprehension. For Cid In royal blue Lokta wraps with band. Back Road Caller 21

: new poems by this Tibetan poet which grace the debut issue of Origin Sixth Series. These poems are for Cid Corman written by the poet after long travels in 2006 through her homeland of Tibet and now resettled in San Francisco. I knew that Cid had sketched out definitely four poets he wanted featured for the opening issues of this series...three could come through, and did, but the fourth dropped out and in Cid's notes Tsering was forever a prominent candidate. He loved her work, as I did. I was immediately in touch with Tsering as she traveled in Tibet (the Internet dives around mountains) and we were close at scheduling her poems for issue 4. Health concerns and other privacies took president so we couldn't quite build a feature from Tsering. Happily we received this quixotic bundle of poems, all for Cid, all from the heart, and I set them closeby to Cid's own work in the first issue. As always, to share the wealth, we built a booklet with papers made from Tsering's homeland.



2007. Mike O' Connor, translator, Five Poems of the Hermit-Sage Tradition, T'ang Dynasty. Translated from the Ch'uan T'ang shih and the Zhongguo Fodao shige zonghui. Back Road Caller 22


: more of Mike O'Connor's wild-rooted and mountain high translations from the Pacific Northwest meets China. In rooster-comb red sparkle wraps with Lokta band. These are five poems cut deep from the T'ang Dynasty. Despite the Internet, cell phones, coveting thy neighbor's wife, and having your file in with the FBI, there are still some lovely secrets out there and many of the poems and poets I have found from the Pacific Northwest remain high on the list. Maybe Morris Graves started this for me as a boy...but the poetry and books and yarns always come off some totempole, out of some rainy forest, dragged in with the cat. Mike O' Connor continues to be one of the best of these critters and I can't recommend his book of poems The Rainshadow high enough. Poems written when the poet was a younger man, a farmer, a scavenger, and he has gone on to continue with his poetry, history, the bounty of Chinese translations which he now makes like a master thief. This is a skinny-assed booklet of a few. Find his books. Invite him to your college town.



2007. David Hinton, translator, Wei Ying-wu. Printed on Van Gogh fields yellow cover wrap with Lokta band. Three color text, illustrated. Back Road Caller 23

:heralding the transition into the second phase of T'ang Dynasty poetry - which is known for its introspective and experimental poetries - noted translator David Hinton selects a half dozen poems and a revelatory introduction to the poetry, times, and life of this rivers-and-mountains poet. Extracted from a large anthology of classical Chinese Poetry that will be issued from FSG in 2008. A well packed illuminated one! Covering from Shih Ching (@1500BCE) to the end of the Sung Dynasty (1200 CE). These poems finally got into my hands one day when David & family were residing in Fr ance and I tried him out for the Origin sixth series. David had visited with us a year or so earlier, after a tiny and informal reading os his own poems at Marlboro College. That's an easy evening drive for us in the springtime, so we went over and finally met. The next day David came much wanting to poke around at my stone work, walls, and stone hut I built once upon a time. We actually met up through David's phoning me on his own interest about stonework and could I help him figure out an estimation on a stonewall he planned to build for someone. For once, it wasn't poetry that brought two poets together, or even the love for Asian figures, but stone. Good ol'stone.



2007. David Budbill. Nine Taoist Poems. Gold sparkle wrap cover with Lokta band. Two Vermont poets put their heads together as Bob Arnold edits up nine Taoist poems written by David Budbill from his mountain recluse home. Three color single sheet fan fold-out of poems that just empty the way. Regular & signed edition by the poet. Back Road Caller 24

: David has been friends with Longhouse since our earliest days publishing, having released a few booklets back in the 70s in our old style of folded mimeo sheets between construction paper and away they went. We've stayed in touch, often comparing weather conditions between the lower Green Mountains and the region catching snow blown off Stowe. This little booklet happened when I came asking for poems, again, for the Origin sixth series and David quickly gathered up a bundle of recent poems, maybe twice the final amount, and I went ahead dwindling down to what I considered primo stuff: all woods oriented - activity with a chain saw, maybe the last of the garden, a companion dog. Taoist related but nothing strictly practicing, a poet at his living. We made a fine collection and it has gone on to surpass our usual small print run of 50 copies.



2007. Cid Corman. from A Short Guide to Human Being. 18 poems in Nepalese decorative cover stock with three color fold out text.

: this is a collection of poems composed/revised mainly in the mid90s by Cid Corman culling work from earlier times (70s-80s-90s) and shaping a book of well over 200 finished poems. While reading & gathering extensively over the winter of 2007 for Cid's proposed 'selected poems' (with Ce Rosenow), I came upon this manuscript and started to sift eagerly. The bulk of loose pages jammed just barely into its tight binder. A rejection letter from Farrar, Straus & Giroux pinned in with it all. This is but a portion of what they rejected. And it has since gone into the spring house new edition of his selected poems edited by Ce Rosenow & Bob Arnold: The Next One Thousand Years (Longhouse)



2007. Laurie Clark. How Many?. In Nepalese decorative cover stock. How many different items can you fit in a matchbox?


: from Scotland, Laurie Clark reveals fifty items can be admitted. Six panel fold out art work with three color text, folded up into this shirt pocket-size booklet. American by birth, Scottish as the bird flies, Laurie has been one more of those quiet as a mouse artists etching illustrations, engravings and whole dimensions all her own in UK, European and American presses. Long time marriage and working relationship with Thomas A. Clark has resulted in hidden drifts of poetry exquisitely printed and published from their Moschatel Press and other press signatures. When I had a tool book to be illutrated it was no contest between having my own photographs of many tools to use, or else having Laurie offer her guidance and goodwill to take those photographs and draw her own illustrations for the book. This she did. Gifted them to me. The quality of these tools: peavy or chimney sweep brush is likewise caught in this small booklet of things set out on Laurie's desk, drawn one at a time.



2007. George Evans. Everyone A Soldier for Something. In deep turquoise wrap, with Lokta band.

: designed just for this showcase, a new style booklet out of the Longhouse from the veteran and seasoned poet George Evans who puts an old soldier's eye to things. From Vietnam to burning Iraq, George Evans once again shows us what it is to be a patriot. I waited a long time to get ahold of this much work from George,and it finally happened. After he made sure I received poems from other poets he marveled over, and I agreed. He was a foot soldier in the Vietnam War and visited Cid Corman in Kyoto. Cid brought us together and every chance we can get we try to stay in touch, sometimes even a phone call across the country, the sharing of poems. I much like this booklet for the eye it gives to present New World Order times: post 9/11, fraudulent war in Iraq, the drowning of New Orleans, the fleecing of the amber waves of grain. Another poet whose work should be raised high to the roof beams carpenter.



2007. Austin Smith. Wheat and Distance. Blue sky wrap cover with Lokta band and back side poem attached.
: this single sheet fan fold-out of haiku by a young Midwestern master in three color text, and twenty poems, makes for a rightful companion. Some of the most attractive and quickly likeable haiku I have come across in quite some time; it reminded me of when I found Gary Hotham's work oh so long ago...sharp, smart and quietly unique. Very everyday. No literary patchwork or old Orient homages. I found out, in time, Austin Smith was the son of the midwest poet and farmer Daniel Smith. Quite a family. It was the generous and warm-hearted counselor of 'Camp Poetry', Kent Johnson, who sent Austin my way. Nothing like a guiding light.



2007. Daisy Zamora. A Diego Rivera On Valencia Street. Bull-charging red Lokta wrap and band, quite a charge! With three color two-sheet fan fold-out text of six poems written in English and Spanish, translated by George Evans & Daisy Zamora.

: thanks to George Evans, Daisy Zamora finally got with Longhouse as has long been my intentions. This selection are some of the poems by DZ that were showcased in the Origin sixth series, edited down to its own booklet offering. I recall friendly notes and letters back and forth with George as we built up a steerage of her poems. Thanks to those who do good work for others. George made this booklet all possible and even sent a photograph of the two of them out in the wilds of some Central America plain. We couldn't reproduce the photograph quite for Daisy's booklets, so we set it straight in the Origin.



2007. Patricia Smith. Almost. Darkness crepe wrap cover stock with Lokta band:
: A single poem and sheet fan fold-out dedicated to Cindy Sheehan ~ mother to mother, so to speak. It was reading Ed Sanders strong endorsement for Patricia Smith's " "that took me after the book. I do believe in what some people say , or maybe I watch or listen how they say it. This blurb sold me. I ended up writing my own review of the book, and then continued on track and wrote Patricia Smith, personally, my sense of the book and one thing led to another where I soon had poems for the Origin, a photograph or two of the poet, and some extra poems to fiddle with and see about as a booklet. I've never seen cover stock quite like what we stumbled upon when searching for something right for this publication. It took serious glue to adhere paper with whatever this cover is. Smith's poems are controversial, tender, tough hitting and steering after a truth.



2007. Edward Sanders. Persephone's Mouth. Mossy by the creek Lokta wrap with paper cloud band, you can just feel Spring!


: with three color two sheet fan fold-out text of five poems spanning personal, domestic and political of this far-ranging rover. Plus art work by the poet! The fountain is still there. Ed Sanders and I met once upon a Woodstock evening after a reading by Carolyn Forche and we were in town. Ed introduced Forche, elegantly, by playing some music and reading a bit of his own work, and Sappho, it had a living room visit quality to it all that reading, even if it was in a big bar. After the reading Andy Clauson made sure we met. Shiv Mirabito took a photograph of us all and I've kept it up in one of the rooms where we work at home. When it came time for the Origin sixth series, Ed Sanders had to be involved. There's a dangling history of 'dangerous' publications, (danger meaning: good for you) like Cid Corman's Origin, and Ed's Fuck You, and James Koller's Coyote's Journal that I raised myself on stating in the 1960s...so it was only natural to get them all into Origin best I could. Ed complied with poems and some drawings which I wanted particularly for the little booklet. It's a foldout mild-mannered menace.



2007. Alex Caldiero. Islander. Four page accordion style fold out. Three color. An attractive wrap around band


: I know of no other poet, in America at least, who writes with a similar magic like Calvino. Maybe because Alex's family hails from Sicily? and that fluid tease and honor flows in the blood. Funny story about Alex: we printed these up, folded them, glued them, wrapped them and mailed them out and never heard that much again from Alex, except he seemed to like the booklets. He said that much. In fact, someone just ordered a copy today; they said they came via Alex. Good poems. Laugh out loud good.


2007. Cralan Kelder. City Boy. Four page accordion-style fold out in children's wrapping paper cover. Three color. An attractive wrap around band.


: I found the paper wrapper for this booklet before I even had the poems in hand from Cralan. I just knew he'd meet the paper design by knowing and enjoying his work as much as I do. And it all worked out. Poems arrived in a big bundle from Amsterdam where I could select a large swath for the Origin, and then some of the same and some different into this booklet. Around the same time we were organizing this booklet, Cralan and his wife Toby had become new parents - so even more reason for the child's wrapping paper cover. Unlike many other humorous, but often sassy mouthed poets now at work, Cralan's poetry is playful, inventive, infectious and nicely wondering.


2007. Jane Wodening. Following Frogs. Two stories in fold out accordion style booklet. Three color with decorative wrap around band. Back Road Caller 25

: in past Longhouse publications Jane Wodening (her maiden name) was Jane Brakhage when married to the filmmaker Stan Brakhage. Their history in the high mountains of Colorado is a biography in the making, and Jane continues there with her own special brand of storytelling, tales, poems and wisdom. I'd publish her tales a few times each week if I was the editor of a daily newspaper. The Dorn family's Rolling Stock was once a publication that tried their best at doing just that. If you dig around you can locate at least two of Jane's books that are musts for every library. Longhouse published a sheaf of her stories. For the Origin, since Jane was friends with Cid Corman. I invited Jane to send work and within a blink it was in my hands. That's country custom.



2007. J. D. Whitney. Cousins. A dozen short poems on fold out accordion style booklet. Three color with attractive wrap around band. Back Road Caller 26

: a good friend read this lovely little booklet of poems by J.D. Whitney and said how perfect it would be as a children's book. JD, if you're listening! I've long been a fan of this poet's work heading all the way back to Elizabeth Press books and other books I've held close for decades. Once again, when it was time to cultivate work for the Origin sixth series, as with every other booklet in the Longhouse 2007 cycle, I asked JD for work. He was quick to respond, and between us both, we got the booklets off to a wide array of readers.



2007. Jeffery Beam. Gospel Earth II . A dozen poems continuing the cycle from the poet's earlier Longhouse publication Gospel Earth. Three color fold out accordion style booklet in Lokta texture wrap around band with an extra poem on the back of the band. Regular and limited, signed editions.

: Jeffery is always a joy to work with. A librarian, skilled in the fine arts of poetry presses, botany and the whole art of love. After putting together from a much longer manuscript titled "Gospel Earth" a small selection of poems for a Gospel Earth I, it made sense to draw more for Gospel Earth II and get these into the Origin series. Easily done, jut ask JB. His network of readers is dynamic and devoted, circling from his own North Carolina hutch, as well as poesy pockets in UK and elsewhere. The poems shimmer on a simple one-page foldout, minting a dozen that way, and each poem would be exclusive to a page itself. There's a lot of gimmie and soul in these booklets.



2007. Elizabeth Robinson. from Blue Heron. Three color fold out accordion booklet in indigo wraps with floating cloud band. Unsigned and very limited, signed edition.


: I only learned afterwards from Elizabeth that a loved one had passed away and much of the reason for the poems she sent here as Blue Heron. Elegant work. The poems went immediately into the Origin series and were one more example of a great thing meant to share further. Gladly. It turns out Elizabeth and I had shared the stage with Cid Corman, Theodore Enslin and others in Fort Atkinson, WI. one evening at Lorine Niedecker's old high-choool. We were there to read for Lorine.



2007. Leslie Scalapino. No. Three color 4-1/4 x 5-1/2 decorative card. Unsigned and very limited signed by the poet.


: I've always been drawn to all Scalapino books and her own O Press publications. So it was natural to go requesting work from her for the Origin, and what poem might fit onto a Longhouse postcard, the more the merrier. It all came to be. It all happened during a week or two of drawing poems from Rae Armantrout, Lisa Jarnot, Ursula K. Le Guin, Elizabeth Robinson and a few others. For some lovely reason all women poets were right on the point at returning a reply and poems and keeping the network flowing.



2007. Rae Armantrout. Concentrate Three color fold out accordion style booklet of new poems in texture wrap, with cloud pattern wrap around band. Regular and very limited signed editions.


: Rae and I had met briefly at the Lorine Niedecker centenary in Milwaukee put on by Woodland Pattern and other poetry lovers of that blustery city. She was one of many I wanted in the Origin sixth series and it was simple as pie to make contact via email, exchange greetings, draw out poems, and fit them into place. The work all arrived solid. No fussing. And they were an ideal sequence to want to share into a booklet , something to print and leave under the saucer on some kitchen shelf. Truly thoughtful, concentrated poetry. What better?



2007. Ursula K. Le Guin. Four Different Poems. Three color fold out accordion style booklet of four new poems by this west coast and planetary legend in the poetries and science fiction fields. Lokta texture wrap around band. Regular and very limited signed editions.

: this all became possible through my friend Sandy Seaton. He was kind enough to contact Ursula K. Le Guin for me and then I followed up with a greeting and request for work for the Origin, and so fine it was, I took it further into a booklet all its own. Ursula was very kind to sign copies for us and announce the piece on her own website - a galaxied place of sci-fi, poetry, prose, fictions and what's new in the world of Le Guin. I worked the cover stock off German papers we bought from Ed Rayher at his Northfield, Ma., shop one winter afternoon. We got so much chop that day it went into booklet after booklet where that gold sparkle asked for it: the Kenji, Budbill, Le Guin, Jeffrey Beam booklets so far.



2007. Joanne Kyger. All Over The Place. Three color fold out accordion style booklet of a one poem tribute to Cid Corman. Lokta leaf wrapper with like texture. Regular and very limited signed editions

:while gathering and editing the Origin sixth series I went after specific folks who either knew Cid Corman or had some unique dealings with Cid from long ago. Joanne Kyger was one. She had traveled over to Japan and India once upon a time with then husband Gary Snyder and others, plus Cid had traveled over from Japan to California and in both places Joanne and Cid saw one another. No one else wrote something specifically about Cid Corman on my request for Origin sixth series, but Joanne did. It was so immediate and Joanne-right that I set it into the first issue, close to Cid's work and then followed it up some months later as a booklet. Done up in delicate paper.



2007. Omar Perez. Fleet Star. Translated by Kristin Dykstra and Nick Lawrence. Three color fold out accordion style booklet of many new poems by this Cuban poet. Prepared exclusively with Longhouse by the translator Kristin Dykstra. Revolution red wraps with cloud band. Bilingual edition. Regular & signed edition

: I was in touch for this booklet through one of the translators Kristin Dykstra, who couldn't have been more friendly and accomodating every step of the way. Like many we published in 2007, Kristin came via soliciting for the Origin sixth series and mostso she came via Kent Johnson's good wishes. One or two had mentioned to me that Omar Perez was the son of Che Guevara, a fine poet indeed and it turned out to be a many network thread obtaining poems, permission and small details between Havana, Kristin's midwest abode, and Vermont.. Chalk it up to how the Internet can work miracles if you put your heart into it.. Kristin and Nick Lawrence have gone great guns translating and introducing Omar's work, poetry & prose, around the world. I grabbed as much as we could handle for both Longhouse and Origin and remain ever thankful.



2007. John Taggart. Precise Notation. Three color fold out accordion style booklet of poems, large sheet edition. In turned leaf foliage cover with floating cloud wrap around band. Regular and Signed edition


: John Taggart was yet another poet I had always wanted to publish, and with the Origin sixth series in full flow through the year 2007 I was able to tap this poem from John for the Origin and double duty it into a Longhouse booklet. The size and width of the piece is tricky for our narrow margin text, so we printed a full page and folded it all together and still retained the shape and integrity of the Longhouse booklets.. Greg Joly had just been up for a visit from the print shop and had some chop cover stock in a box for us. The orange was just right for John.



2007. Cid Corman. New Proverbs. Snow white slip card. Three color.

:I came across these sequence of poems by Cid while reading through his unpublished manuscript Of volume 4-5. I came back for another full reading, about 750 pages, when reading and selecting for Cid's selected poems "The Next One Thousand Years" which I was working over the past year with co-editor Ce Rosenow. These poems jumped out, fresh, for the selected. It jumped again onto a small Longhouse leaflet.


2007. Rumi / Cid Corman, translator. "What can I do - friends?" Golden speckled slip card. Three color.

: the Rumi poem also came up while panning for gold in Of volume 4-5. Impossible not to do more with this poem hidden in the brush. Ce and I worked into the Corman selected poems and further onto this leaflet. Like all the leaflets, or slips, these are ideal for tucking into correspondence or while passing through on visits with friends...leaving one or two of these behind.



2007. Bob Arnold. Make Do Postcard poem. 4-1/4 x 5-1/2. Three color. The last card in the Love Thy Poet series, this being #60. Signed by the poet

: a recent autumn poem that started off a new manuscript. I wanted to share it with some friends. We were also at what felt like a fine impasse for the "Love Thy Poet" postcard series and ended the series with this poem.



2007. Bob Arnold. "every tower teeters" Postcard poem. 4-1/4 x 5-1/2. Three color. The premier card in the Love Thy Poet More! series. Signed by the poet.

: only to start up a new series of postcards from Longhouse with this poem/card. Now it would be called "Love Thy Poet More!" for the first card, the next card (Cid Corman) would have an added "More" More" and so on. This is one of my concrete or visual poems. I do a few every year.



2007. Bob Arnold. Another one of those true stories from poetry land. Three color fold out accordion style booklet of prose. In gold twinkle cover with Lokta paper wrap around band. Signed edition

: one of those things that just happened. Somehow we found out a poet was reading basically to an all school assembly, but the public was welcome. A few of us showed up from the outside. No matter who the poet was - it could be any one of us, I've done my share of all-school readings - but it raised the question of how we learn. Whether teacher/student. As often happens with most of my short prose, this started out as a report to a correspondent, which then fell into the hands of printer & publisher and there was no stopping a small booklet to share.



2007. Cid Corman, NY 1934, Postcard poem. 4-1/4 x 5-1/2. Two color. Love Thy Poet More & More! series.

: one more poem culled easily from Cid Corman's unpublished Of, volume 4 & 5. Until we find a wealthy donor, pot of gold, a little more magic, this is one way to showcase what is part of the enriched last volumes to Cid's opus. This poem will also show up, with many others from the final Of volumes, in the selected poems of Cid Corman issued from Longhouse in 2008: "The Next One Thousand Years".


2007. Thomas A. Clark, Grey. Three color fold-out accordion style booklet in gray/blue by the sea cover and wrap around band. Regular & signed editions. Back Road Caller 27

: ever since Thomas Clark and I met some years ago at the centinneal celebration for Lorine Niedecker in Milwaukee we have remained in touch about weekly betwen Scotland & Vermont, and holding to a promise we made to one another: he would try to send me a booklet to print each year from Longhouse and each year we're holding to it. Grey is the latest. Tom asked for a certain grey to be part of the production and we tried our best at fading from a strong grey tone to a more ghosted coloring on the title page. The poems, as always with Tom, walk with you.



Gerald Hausman, Deep South Airport Blues, Love Thy Poet More & More & More

: well, I plan to surprise Gerry with taking this poem from Origin 1 and making a holiday present to him of the postcard poem. If you've ever traveled in the American south you might know exactly this poem. That's what makes good poetry: recognition, even one you're not sure of. This poem came to me when I put out a request for poems for Origin, sixth series. Gerry and I had just rehooked our sleds after being apart, somehow, a full decade from correspondence....one that started in 1974 and was continuous, and yet we had never met. Still hadn't when he sent me this poem and we got back to corresponding again, and the letters to & fro showed clearly we had never been apart. Two months ago we finally met, in Vermont, most of our families all around us both.



Anne Waldman, The Mammalian. Three color fold-out accordion style booklet in pink-to-be-seen-Loka cover & a wrap around band. Regular & signed editions.

: Anne has always been a friend to help out on contacts with other poets and coming through with work of her own. The ultimate big-tent ringleader either for putting a mash of poets together for a reading, or introducing poets round and round in person. She's a master mechanic. One day she wanted some answers on Basho poems and that was easy enough and there was a gifted book in the mail from Anne a few days later for taking the time. I can't tell you how much this is the secret pathway into making poetry poetry. Out of the blue she wanted to try these poems on me and I saw immediately they would work (as I believe she presumed) for a Longhouse booklet. I liked them since they are quite different from her longer poems, but retain a similar intensity and care. Susan and I just today went to look for paper stock while in town and coming to the rack there was the pink Loka paper, a little outlandish and calling.


Cid Corman, Karmal Fudge or: Just Plain Sludge. Three color fold-out accordion style booklet in red-rover red-rover wraps & cloud ripple band. Edited by Bob Arnold from the unpublished "Of" volume 4/5. Back Road Caller 28

: slowly and surely I have been publishing poems from the unpublished "Of" volume 4/5 that Cid Corman left at his passing. Like the earlier volumes, which are published and magnificently, this is a teaming collection of poetry gathered by Cid generally over the latter part of the 90s. There were other manuscripts he left behind, but nothing quite like the final connective tissue that brings the five volume opus together. I plucked cautiously from these last two volumes and added exactly 63 poems to the selected poems of Cid Corman: "The Next One Thousand Years" edited by Bob Arnold and Ce Rosenow and published from Longhouse. Coming upon just the title "Karmal Fudge.." for starters I knew we were in one of Cid's playful and twisting language meets philosophy strongholds. It was a must for the selected poems volume, and it would be ideal for a booklet to pass around over one winter to spring.




The Creation of Origin's Sixth Series, Issues 1 through 4, To Be Published Beginning March 2007 w/ a Coda issue closing the year

In late 2003 Cid Corman, the founder and editor of Origin magazine Series One-Five dating from the early 1950s, with a revitalized spirit gained from his recent Milwaukee and Lorine Niedecker Centenary USA visit, conceived the idea of Origin's Sixth Series to be an online and printed edition. With the typical Cid energy and expansiveness, issues were planned in collaborative assistance with Chuck Sandy, a newly found friend and educator who also resided in Japan.

Unfortunately, Cid only sketched out brief notes, recommendations and plans for the featured poets for the first four issues. Before Cid's hospitalization and passing in March 2004, Issue 1 was partially established with the feature poet, some solicited manuscript and art work formation, and the go ahead given by Cid to get this published. Onward!

During the summer of 2006, Chuck Sandy having hoped to publish Origin shipped from Japan the Cid's Origin notes, manuscripts and skeletal framework to Bob Arnold, Cid Corman's literary executor, here in Vermont.

Now, how best to evolve this 'wunderkind' into a 2007 festive tribute by editor Bob Arnold with contributing editorial work from one of Bob's close friends John Martone. Following Cid's notes, and after working years together editing and publishing, Bob has taken this Origin conception and elaborated upon it as a working collaboration with Cid's & John's editorial spirit. No stone left unturned. We couldn't make an official Origin without Cid at the helm, but we sure could make a festival and tribute to Cid from it all.

The new Origin is inclusive of old & new and as a tribute to Cid's Origin legacy. Herein will be gathered some of the feature poets as Cid had hoped, together with much new art work, photography, many new poets, translators, and essayists gathered up by Bob and representing what were known to Cid, and more importantly what should be or might have been known by Cid. Certainly work he would have welcomed, or at least been intrigued by. There are no guarantees, but regions of taking risks and making discoveries.

The first three Sixth Series Origin issues had definitive plans for feature poets with contributions by other poets and artists based on Cid's notes. The featured poets for these three issues are true to Cid's intentions : Bob Arnold (Issue 1); Charlie Mehrhoff (Issue 2); and John Martone (Issue 3). The original fourth issue featured poet per Cid's notes dropped away for personal reasons ... since then, we have chosen and received with wonderful enthusiastic response the works of the new 4th issue featured poets : Dale Smith and Hoa Nguyen.

There are no absolutes with morphing this Origin anthology. It's a re-creation, not a clone. Liberties and license? Of course! If staying the course with Cid's 2003 draft and notes exclusively, Origin would be static & staid. It was just a start on Cid's part; he would no doubt have re-edited the issues, and now we are gathering this series as a vast tribute to Cid & poetry (often the same in this poet's mind and living) combining the past with the present.

It's not about being a mirror image of Cid's conception. Rather, it's a reflection becomes a tribute becomes a festival. All issues are to be published online as web pages and available for download as PDF files. These issues will include unpublished essays by Cid Corman, as well as prose, poetry, translations and art work gathered by the editors. Longhouse plans to further publish a selection of the contributions from its booklet and postcard series, and these will be available in print as limited editions throughout the year.

And with this - many, many thanks and kudos to the contributors who have not only submitted their own work -- and to friends with financial donations -- but to those who also suggested others that should be, might be and are now a part of Origin.

The online issues will begin to appear on March 12th, 2007 (Issue 1) the day of Cid's passing. To be continued each month following, with the last issue (Issue 4) appearing on Cid Corman's birthday at the end of June 07.

- Susan & Bob Arnold



Poets, writers, artists included in Origin, sixth series / a quartet of issues, w/ a coda issue, cul-minating 1700 pages.

ORIGIN ONE : Cid Corman / Robert Creeley / Tsering Wangmo Dhompa / Jonathan Greene / Red Pine / Hermit-sage Tradition / Mike O'Connor / Robert Sund / Tim McNulty / Wei Ying-wu / David Hinton / Clifford Burke / James Koller / Franco Beltrametti / Miyazawa Kenji / Gerald Hausman & Kenji Okuhira / Bob Arnold ~ Origin feature / Jerome Seaton / George Evans / Carson Cistulli / Rita degli Esposti / Coco Gordon / Steve Clay / Gerald Hausman / Mike O'Connor / Yuan Mei / J. P. Seaton / Laurie Clark / Thomas A. Clark / Ian Hamilton Finlay ~ Origin archive feature / Janine Pommy Vega / Lars Amund Vaage / Hanne Bramness / Hayden Carruth / Kent Johnson / Art & Photography / Dobree Adams / Susan Arnold / Ed Baker / Shizumi Corman / Alan Lau / Louise Landes Levi / Chung Ling / Laki Vazakas /


ORIGIN TWO : Janos Pilinszky / Cid Corman / Andrew Schelling / Gail Sher / Howard McCord / Ethan Paquin / Brooks Johnson / Hettie Jones / Clive Faust / Mi-chael Rothenberg / Stefan Hyner / Duncan McNaughton / John Martone / Carol Berge / Mikhail Horowitz / Kirpal Gordon / Gary Lawless / Patricia Smith / Mark Terrill / Rolf Brinkmann / Silke Scheuermann / Bobby Byrd / Lisa Jarnot / Robert Duncan / Joseph Massey / Sophia Thor / Charlie Mehrhoff ~ Origin Feature / Cid Corman / Michael Hettich / Sean Casey / David Budbill / Barbara Moraff / Eliot Katz / Andy Clausen / Ira Cohen / Louise Landes Levi / Rene Daumal / Terry Hauptman / Verandah Porche / Richard Owens / Dudley Laufman / Michael Mauri / Brenda Iijima / Greg Joly / Sam Hamill / Jerry Martien / Jim Dodge / Albert Saijo / Nanao Sakaki / Will Petersen / Gary Snyder Origin Archive / Daniel Smith / Daisy Zamora / Edward Sanders / Ron Padgett / David Shapiro / Vivek Narayanan / Kent Johnson / Art & Photography / Dobree Adams / Bob Arnold / Ed Baker / Sophia Bentinck / David-Baptiste Chirot / Ira Cohen / Shizumi Corman / Gloria Frym / Alan Lau / Nora Mehrhoff / Ron Padgett & George Schneeman / Will Petersen / Edward Sanders / Jerome Seaton / John Suiter / Laki Vazakas


ORIGIN THREE : Philippe Denis ~ Cid Corman, Trans. / Frank Samperi / Man Giac ~ Kevin Bowen, Trans. / Khong Lo (Duong Khong Lo) ~ Kevin Bowen, Trans. / Nguyen Quang Thieu~ Kevin Bowen, Trans. / Sheila Murphy / John Levy / David Miller / Jeffery Beam / Scott Watson / Ce Rosenow / Lyle Glazier / Charles Sandy / Charles Sandy On Origin / Cid Corman / James L. Weil / Gael Turnbull / Phyllis Walsh / Sabine Miller / Ed Baker / F. J. Seligson / Judy Katz-levine / Laura Winter / John Perlman / Ethan Paquin / Santoka ~ Scott Watson, Trans. / Sam Grolmes / Yumiko Tsumura / Shin Yu Pai / John Martone ~ Origin Feature / Jonathan Greene / Lisa Jarnot ~ Robert Duncan / Guy Birchard / Jan Bender / Arlene Corwin / Barbara Moraff / David Giannini / Gary Hotham / Lorine Niedecker Origin Archive / Jenny Penberthy / Simon Cutts / John Vieira / Richard Kostelanetz / Michael Dylan Welch / Tom Montag / Mark Kuniya / John Taggart / George Kalamaras / John Bennett / Dennis Formento / Dave Brinks / Arthur Sze / Kevin Bowen / Sam Green / Steve Sanfield / Alex Caldiero / Tom Jay / Austin Smith / Daniel Smith / J. D. Whitney / Jane Wodening / Kuan Hsiu ~ J. P. Seaton, Trans. / Pam Brown / Vivek Narayanan / Ishii Tatsuhiko ~ Hiroaki Sato, Trans. / Miyazawa Kenji ~ Hiroaki Sato, Trans. / Philip Rowland / Peter Money / Joseph Lease / Anne Waldman / Meredith Quartermain / Peter Quartermain / Amiri Baraka / Gerard Malanga / Aram Saroyan / Philip Whalen Origin Archive / Ray Drew / Bob Arnold / Walter Franceschi / Kent Johnson / Art & Photography / Dobree Adams / Ed Baker / Jeffery Beam / Beth Chasse / Shizumi Corman / Alan Lau / Gerard Malanga / Shin Yu Pai / Will Petersen / Jerry Reddan ~ Tangram / Gail Roub / Eero Ruuttila / Jerome Seaton

ORIGIN FOUR : Cid Corman / Joanne Kyger / Ron Loewinsohn / Rose Styron / Rae Armantrout / Catherine Walsh / Maurice Scully / Andrew Schelling & Gail Sher / Peter Gizzi / Michael Gizzi / Alvaro Cardona-Hine / Mark Terrill / Ethan Paquin / Alec Finlay / Cralan Kelder / Kris Hemensley / John Tranter / Robert West / Tree Hugger / Bill Knott / Marie Harris / Sebastian Matthews / Billy Mills / Simon Pettet / Nicomedes Suarez-Arauz / Sergio Geyda ~ Trans. By George Evans & Daisy Zamora / Ròmulo Bernardo ~ Trans. By Janine Pommy Vega / Peter Riley / Three Spanish Poets ~ Marcos Canteli / Carlos Pardo / Elena Medel ~ Trans. By Forrest Gander / Blanca Varela ~ Trans. By Roberto Tejada / Omar Pérez López ~ Trans. By Kristin Dykstra & Nick Lawrence / Ursula K. Le Guin / Janet Rodney / Elizabeth Robinson / Megan M. Garr / Kit Kennedy / Leslie Scalapino / Jerome Seaton / Origin Feature ~ Hoa Nguyen & Dale Smith / Kim Dorman visits Hoa & Dale / David Hess / Kim Dorman / Marcia Roberts / Farid Matuk / Eileen Myles / Richard Meltzer / John Bennett / Lisa Jarnot ~ Robert Duncan / Lisa Jarnot / Cheng Hui / John Bradley / J. P. Seaton / Tony Tost / John Latta / Vivek Narayanan / Andrew Schelling / Stephen Petroff / John Taggart / Theodore Enslin ~ Origin Archive / Marcel Cohen ~ Trans. By Cid Corman / Cid Corman ~ Essay / Martin Jack Rosenblum / Alan Brilliant / Miyazawa Kenji ~ Trans. By Hiroaki Sato / Fred Jeremy Seligson / Maureen Owen & Jack Collom / Charles Goodrich / Clemens Starck / Erling Inreeide / Hanne Bramness / Reidar Ekner / James Koller / Giuseppe Moretti / Josip Osti ~ Trans. By Barbara Subert / Caroline Hartge & Lenore Kandel Feature / David-Baptiste Chirot / Stephen-Paul Martin / George Kalamaras / Carson Arnold / John Sinclair / Anne Waldman / Eleni Sikelianos / Gloria Frym / Kazuko Shiraishi ~ Trans. By Yumiko Tsumura & Samuel Grolmes / Kent Johnson / Bob Arnold / Art & Photography / Dobree Adams / Bob & Susan Arnold / Ed Baker / Dave Brinks / Maggie Brown / David-Baptist Chirot / Rita Corbin / Shizumi Corman / Kim Dorman / Alec Finlay / Alan Lau / Stephen Petroff / Eero Ruuttila / Jerome Seaton / John Suiter


CODA : Susan Arnold / Shizumi Corman / Preface / Ed Baker Cid Corman / Kim Dorman / Cid Corman Italian Journal Images / Cid In Italy / Cid Corman ~ Selections From An Italian Journal / Plucked Chicken / Cid Corman Letters To Judith Binder ~ A Selection / Sengai / Cid Corman ~ A Window Garden Journal (Japan) / Yoshie Kaneiri ~ Reflections On "A Window Garden Journal" / Barbara Moraff / Marcel Cohen / Anne Waldman / Jacqueline Gens / Cid Corman Letters To Louise Landes Levi ~ A Selection / Janine Pommy Vega / Wild Hawthorn Press / Charlie Mehrhoff / Jesse Glass / Fred Jeremy Seligson / Ed Baker / Jonathan Greene / Peter Lamborn Wilson / Pir Zia Inayat-khan / Cid Corman / Elio Grasso / Franco Beltrametti / Barbara Moraff / Bob Arnold ~ John Martone ~ 2birds / Charles Sandy ~ Afterwards / Peter Yovu / Han Shan ~ J. P. Seaton / Cid & Shizumi Corman, Clive Faust / Henri Michaux / Sister City Tea House & Cid Corman / / Bob Arnold ~ Front And Back Cover Photographs



Arnold, Bob. Woodburners We Recommend 1971-present. Typed, Ditto, Mimeograph, Photocopy, Laser, On-line publications

: I actually began writing the "Woodburners" back in my cabin years at the dawn of the 70s. Always an opening introduction to a publication hot off the mimeograph press about whatever was going on around the premises at the moment. Lots of seasonal talk, firewood boasting, and thus the title. Someone once asked if the title meant these were recommended books to be "burned" like firewood, or saved as best logs. I let him make up his own mind since books are such an individual thing. Years passed by with no Woodburners - I was teaching some, raising a son more, building houses and stonewalls a lot - so the gab went elsewhere. At the start of the new century, and true criminals in power, there was plenty to complain about and sing forth. Plus on-line provides its own conduit and immediate journalism. Now I write up on good books read, films watched, music shared, and sometimes some brief portraits of good guys and hopeful eulogies for bad guys. I've let the Woodburners drift to one corner of the pond while I finally set foot into our bibliography...for years devoted to all the other books I wrote about, when we had nearly 400 edited, printed and published from Longhouse and I hadn't even started bragging about them yet. I'll be here awhile.






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