PART TWO 1990 ~ 2006

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Welcome to Longhouse's bibliography (Part Two), covering 42 years (now in 2013) of steady publications. The press was created by Bob Arnold in 1971, the year he was drafted by the Army and stationed with Conscientious Objector status in southern Vermont during the last gruesome stages of the Vietnam War. Bob was heading there anyway ... being employed by a brotherly minister of the local Episcopal church, and therein was found the key to Longhouse's future: the church offices held an AB Dick mimeograph machine, & the rest is history.

Bob Arnold edited & printed each title entry below. Publishing, printing and believing would be greatly enhanced by Susan Arnold from 1974 onwards. All has been published & continued without a cent of financial assistance in the way of grants, fellowships, subscription and especially government or corporate funding. The dear "individuals" infusing the list of guardian angels, supporters and heart-felt benefactors are now legendary in the editor's mind. In the 1980s, a bookshop was established. Being too rural in location for the occasional visitor, Longhouse went online as a bookstore, and to this day the website supplements the necessary income to keep the press afloat. Gracias.

The following anecdotes were taken as self-interviews 'speaking' into the computer screen, a dizzy art-form in itself. Where the reader feels the "I" and "we" of the speaker are confusing (and it may be), just imagine a very old-fashioned cohabitated marriage (Susan & Bob) - where one is often both - and in this regard, as it should be.

The format has been purposely designed to act as a chalk board where the editor is certain folks will come forth with corrections as they read along, and remind the poor editor of his possible shoddy memory. Be inclined. The editor will also practice his own revisions, so these pages will be active with wings. New capsule portraits will begin at the start of 2007 since the Show must go on ~


The Longhouse publications over the decades are used here as decorations. None are located at their designated spot. All is organic and in a flow. If interested, jot down a specific title and check our <click here>
bookshop website for availability. With patience, each title decoration can be found in the bibliography and its brief history told.

1990. Arnold, Bob, editor. A Longhouse Reader / Autumn 1990.

175 copies. Printed by Bob and Susan Arnold. "Thank you to Jane in Colorado, Jim in New Rochelle, David in northern Vermont, and Charlie in the Berkshires; Bobby of El Paso and Mike who sent a sheaf of Chinese translations from Taiwan, Franco ever Switzerland, Jeffrey in Boston, Janine between Peru and Czechosolovakia, Thomas via Eck Finlay and all of Scotland, & Bill standing in Oregon rain." 13 loose 8-1.2 x 11 sheets in letterpress decorative envelope. Contributors include anonymous from China, Franco Beltrametti, Jane Brakhage, David Budbill, Bobby Byrd, Thomas A. Clarke, Bill Deemer, Charles H. Miller, Jules Supervielle, Janine Pommy Vega and James Weil. Printed on the outside flap of envelope, a poem by Bill Deemer.

: I see my original introduction stated above already says it all. This was the first change from the usual Longhouse issues coming in colored wraps and now folded and tucked into offset printed envelopes. A great guy by the name of Bob Nackoul did these for us from his print shop in Lenoxdale, MA.

1990. Arnold, Bob, editor.
Longhouse / Autumn 1990.

100 copies printed by Bob and Susan Arnold at Longhouse, Vermont. Photocopied. The issue is illustrated sheets of collage and poetry in letterpress envelope. Contributors include Anonymous from China, Franco Beltrametti, Jane Brakhage, David Budbill, Bobby Byrd, Thomas A. Clark, Bill Deemer, Charles H. Miller, Jules Supervielle, Janine Pommy Vega, James L. Weil.

:"Anonymous from China" was c/o Mike O'Connor right after the uprising in Tianamen Square. Supervielle I would publish all the time asking for alternating translators. Franco Beltrametti was brought to our house once by Jim Koller and probably came through the mail via Cid. Franco knew everyone, everyone knew Franco. Thomas A. Clark was this absolute quiet wonder introduced to me many times over the years by my own findings of his books, and then someone mentioning his name, and then someone else, and finally Eck Finlay visited from Scotland and insisted I should have Tom in with Longhouse. Eck made it happen.More's to come. Charlie Miller knew Auden, wrote a short biography of his life and some Audeneque poems not so hot. His introduction to the pocketbook edition of B. Traven's "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre" is the real deal, as was a lot of his life. One of these guys that would disappear to Mexico for stretches 50-60-70s. He started a bookshop in Greenfield, MA.called "The World Eye" that is still there but nothing close to Charlie's haven. He stayed in the same old town with a bookstore and moved three times, even surviving a fire. In 1971 I walked in and found all the new commune books local to the area, complete Thoreau (the then colossal Dover cloth edition of his "Journals") plus poetry by Jack Spicer, Lew Welch, Zukofsky and someone up and coming by the name of Bukowski.Charlie was of the old school: a devilish womanizer, Jeffers heroic, rural living intellect and in his last years I'd catch him walking the small town streets with a book bag over his shoulder, lanky hair and with the most mischievous grin on Susan.A poet from UMass once made the mistake in my company while holding court at a school assembly at using Charlie's inventive personality as a chump. Charlie as Charlie could bury this poet without even opening a book.

1990. Arnold, Bob, editor.
Longhouse / Winter 1989-90.

250 copies printed by Bob and Susan Arnold at Longhouse, Vermont. Photocopied. With this issue, Longhouse began its third decade of publishing. The issue is 34 illustrated sheets of collage and poetry. Contributors include Barbara Moraff, George Evans, Clive Faust, Gary Hotham, William Virgil Davis, Cid Corman, John Perlman, Phyllis Walsh, Bill Bathurst, Janine Pommy Vega, Stuart Friebert, Doc Dachtler, Edouard Roditi, Marcel Cohen, Gary Lawless, Franco Beltrametti, James Koller, Bill Deemer, Drummond Hadley, Keith Wilson, Theodore Enslin, Bobby Byrd, Bob Arnold, Gary Metras, Morin Sorescu, Adriana Varga, M. J. Bender, Tad Richards, Barry Sternlieb, David Giannini, Linda Serrato.

: I remember Tad Richard sending a wild poem - had to have it. Sierra builder Doc Dachtler always has great stories & poems. From France both Edouard Roditi & Marcel Cohen were wonders to receive; Cid Corman translated Marcel. Drummond Hadley gave us a long poem masterpiece that we heard him read some years later in Cooperstown, NY. Nothing at all to do with baseball. That deep long line of names: Beltrametti, Koller, Deemer, Hadley, Wilson, Enslin, Byrd: all friends of friends of friends and each rolling one time or another or permanent in the wild west. This was Keith Wilson's first showing with Longhouse - so many fine books from Grove, Clark City, Sumac, Kayak, Salt Works.Same with Bobby Byrd of today's Cinco Puentos Press. A poem from Bobby is that one that gottaway from you, he wrote it instead. Poets, again, from western Massachusetts: Giannini, Sternlieb, Metras. Jan Bender worked poetry and rural life farming off a tip of northern Vermont at this time. She has excellent work hidden away in small press pages. Clive Faust came from down under - one of Cid Corman's closest allies in the last decades - and there are only a few books of Clive's published, each a keeper.


1990. Brakhage, Jane. "Ground Life".

Fourteen 8 1/2 x 11 folded sheets, illustrated. 200numbers printed by Bob and Susan Arnold at Longhouse through the 1992-1993 seasons. Folded into a decorative letterpress envelope and signed by writer Jane Brakhage.

: this was the best, though slight, that I could round up and afford to do of Jane's remarkable prose. Like I said, it should be a marvelous size book of stories and fables. One to hand down.

1990. Koller, James.
Natural Order.

1/400 copies. Stapled wraps with dustjacket Signed by the poet. Prose and art by the poet James Koller.

:Jim Koller is also an artist and photographer. This was something new Jim wanted me to look at, and I said "yes".Both of us always liked the looks of the softcover books Cape/Grossman produced with a paper dustjacket and we followed suit with this title. Jim published my "Go West" a little earlier much the same way.

1991. Arnold, Bob and Vega, Janine Pommy.
"The Face of A Dictator" / "American Flags".

Limited two 75 copies mailed in black to friends of Longhouse celebrating one more false victory of peace, late Winter 1991, Green River, Vermont. Three sheets photocopied of these two poets folded into jet black wrappers with small red seal. Signed by both poets.

:the monsters took us to war and the poets have a response. Janine wrote "American Flags" after one more of her visits to New York City and looking around and listening. I wrote "The Face of a Dictator" thinking of Pinochet, but take your pick on the evil-doers. We signed everything when visiting one another.

1991. Byrd, Bobby.
The News from Armegeddon.

75 numbered copies. Folded sheets of five poems in envelope. Poems written during the first strike of The Gulf War.

:Bobby also had something to say about the same shitty war.

1991. Corman, Cid.
"Afterword as Preface".

Broadside; limited to 100 issues, numbered and signed by the poet; 5" x11" as letterpress printed by Greg Joly for Longhouse.

: Cid Corman was coming from Japan to Cooper Union, New York City for a period of lectures and readings. He invited us down and we came in a borrowed suv from the US Ski Team, or so our driver said.Lyle Glazier made us his guest and put us up for a night or two at The Algonquin Hotel, where Cid & Shizumi rested.I remember a long walk through Central Park with Cid where he thought all the rats were squirrels. He checked his glasses, we had a laugh.Before leaving Vermont we worked out with good friend Greg Joly to have a broadside printed of one of Cid's poems, which he would sign for us in the city. The poem is actually the last word/or first to Cid's five volume masterwork "Of".

1991. Finlay, Ian Hamilton.
I Sing for the Muses and Myself.

Edited and designed by Alec Finlay in collaboration with Bob and Susan Arnold. 1/400 copies shared between Longhouse, United States, and Morning Star Press, Scotland. Two decorative fold-out folios including a drawing by Jack Sloan of Finlay's Little Sparta, his home in Scotland which has a 21 piece key designed to identify each location. Also writing by Ian Hamilton Finlay and drawings by Walter Miller with a long appreciation essay by R. C. Kenedy, first published in "Art International" March 1973 and a work between Ian Hamilton Finlay and drawings by Michael Harvey of sundials. Held within a decorative letterpress envelope.

:these were good times, having Ian H amilton Finlay's son Alec visit us. He was coming from Scotland with plans to visit a beeline of Bob, Susan and Carson, then on a bus to be with Bob Creeley in Buffalo and I'm sure many others inbetween before reaching Barry Lopez in Oregon. I seem to remember a dreamy postcard from Eck (Alec) after his visit to DH Lawrence's gravesite in outer Taos. He traveled from his plane landing in Boston to us via Jim Koller who was coming our way.Eck had all sorts of notebooks and plans and the work of his father, plus Thomas A. Clark, that eventually he put into our hands. The above title is a visual treat decorated by Ian and others and published by Eck's Morning Star Press & Longhouse. A true meeting of the minds.Ian later signed a bunch for us and sent them over like a real buddy.

1991. Glazier, Lyle.
"Searching for Amy".

Seven loose sheets illustrated. With an afterword by Lyle Glazier. 135 numbers printed by Bob and Susan Arnold at Longhouse through the 1991-92 seasons. In decorative letterpress envelope.

:"Amy" was Lyle's beloved wife. A bisexual man tormented by his true loves and losses.

1991. Goodman, Lila.

Fold out broadside. Limited to 75 copies. Photocopied and edited by Bob Arnold.


:as I recall Lila Goodman's manuscript arrived from California neat as a pin. I may have dropped a few poems out, but it was printed almost within the hour and sent back to her, one sheet folded simply.

1992. [Cohen, Marcel] Corman, Cid, translator.
"The Peacock Emperor Moth".

8 1/2 x 11 folded sheets, illustrated. 135 numbers printed by Bob and Susan Arnold at Longhouse through the 1992-1993 seasons. Loose sheets folded into a decorative letterpress envelope and signed by the translator Cid Corman

:Cid sent this to me, and it was perfect. We printed it up, and I believe Bob Nackoul did the offset envelope. Burning Deck later picked it up and expanded it a bit. It's ideal Marcel.

1992. Niedecker, Lorine.
A Cooking Book.

Wraps with letterpress cover and crisp text throughout. Limited to 250 copies. So far, not gathered up into any of the poet's major collected works. Scarce.

:Wisconsin backwater idyllic, as conversations between the poet and her husband as to meals & dishes. Nothing like it, and LN was versed in making many of her own small books by her own hand. This was one we did. Michael Hanish helped us typeset this one since he was a neighbor with a computer we had yet to own. We ran it off, cut all the pages, handbound, and Greg Joly said, "Sure I'll make up some covers for you." Cid was Lorine's literary executor and he handed it all to us in the first place. His practice was unorthodox, genuine, and everlasting.When I finally reached Fort Atkinson and peered into the class cabinet of some of Lorine's personal books at the friendly town library, there was a copy of "A Cooking Book" , at home.

1993. Arnold, Bob and Susan, editors.
"Toward A Text". Writers and Readers List Their Favorite Books, Music and Films.

With an opening introductory essay by Bob Arnold. 150 numbers published by Bob and Susan Arnold in the Fall of 1993. Twenty illustrated pages with contributors ranging from Michael Andre, Susan Arnold, Franco Beltrametti, Peter Berg, Tom Bridwell, Bob Buckeye, David Budbill, Clifford Burke, Bobby Byrd, Hayden Carruth, Olga Cabral, Marcel Cohen, Byron Coley, Cid Corman, Doc Dachtler, Bill Deemer, Jim Dodge, Rachel Blau DuPlessis, Bill Dwight, Theodore Enslin, Clayton Eshleman, Alec Finlay, Clive Faust, Lawrence Fixel, Ed Foster, Forrest Gander, Geoffrey Gardner, Dana Gentes, David Giannini, Lyle Glazier, Kirpal Gordon, Sam Green, Jonathan Greene, Donald Hall, Michael Hanish, Marie Harris, Terry Hauptman, Robert Hauptman, Gerald Hausman, Greg Joly, Jane Kenyon, MarthaKing, Basil King, Gary Lawless, James Lowell, Paul Metcalf, Tim McNulty, Gary Metras, Barbara Moraff, John Morrison, Joe Napora, Helen Nearing, Mike O'Connor, John Perlman, Simon Perchik, Robert Peters, Sherry Reniker, Stephen Sandy, Ed Sanders, Steve Sanfield, Andrew Schelling, Harry Smith, Wally Swist, Michael Sykes, Arthur Sze, Janine Pommy Vega, Joe Torra, Anne Waldman, Charter Weeks, Jonathan Williams, James L. Weil, Keith Wilson. Bound wraps with letterpress cover.

:I got an idea and wrote everyone personally above and every one answered. Poets, editors, publishers, printers, film buffs, photographers, musicians, professors, lawyers, troublemakers, close friends.I still want to do an updated edition I've met many new and interesting folks since 1993.

1993. Arnold, Bob, editor.
A Longhouse Reader / Spring 1993.

16 pages, 8-1/2 x 11 stapled in one corner. Edited and printed by Bob and Susan Arnold. 200 numbers for the Spring Solstice, 1993. In letterpress decorative envelope with Cid Corman poem on the outside flap. Poets include Alain Bousquet, Cid Corman, Doc Dachtler, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Jonathan Greene, Peter Gurnis, Marie Harris, Gary Hotham, Greg Joly, Paul Kahn, James Koller, John Levy, John Martone, Ken McCullough, Gary Metras, John Perlman, Scott Preston, Edouard Roditi, Janine Pommy Vega, Phyllis Walsh, Scott Watson.

: almost all known poets to earlier Longhouse publications. Scott Watson came from Japan and has since done attractive translations, plus his editing of "Bongos of the Lord". Scott Preston came out of the blue, I like those.Peter Gurnis published his first book from Burning Deck. Paul Kahn manned "Bezoar" and now lives and publishes from Paris.John Martone made contact and it's been on going through many Longhouse publications, never mind his trading treasures from his press at "tel-let". His work since Frank Samperi, and his home garden, are one and the same.

1993. Koller, James. "Grandfather Had Come A Long Way".

Letterpress broadside, limited to 100 signed copies, 5x11 on tan, deckled-edged paper as printed by Greg Joly for Longhouse .

:I read a copy of this poem and could see it first and foremost pinned to a wall, a tree, the back of a door. I asked Greg Joly if he could do us up a letterpress mossy colored wonder.Few ever sold or were asked for. Some days I think about just what the world is missing.

1993. Moraff, Barbara.
"Potterwoman Book Two".

Sixteen 8-1/2 x 11 folded sheets. Illustrated with poems in decorative letterpress envelope. 200 numbers printed by Bob and Susan Arnold .


:some years earlier Michael Tarachow at Pentagram printed a white cover letterpress wonder titled "Potterwoman". If you could afford it, you own it. It's unforgettable with its red carpet flyleaf pages. Barbara told us there were enough poems for a second book, so we grabbed at it.

1993. Vega, Janine Pommy.
"Island of the Sun".

Thirteen 8 1/2 x 11 illustrated folded sheets. 130 numbers printed by Bob and Susan Arnold at Longhouse through the 1992-93 season. In decorative letterpress envelope.

:Janine's prose memory of her time on Lake Titicaca, South America. Read and enter a sphere of its own time.

one of the first prose memoirs by the poet before launching into her book of travels "The Tail of the Serpent" (City Lights).

1993. Vega, Janine Pommy.
"Island of the Sun".

Thirteen 8 1/2 x 11 illustrated folded sheets. 130 numbers printed by Bob and Susan Arnold at Longhouse through the 1992-93 season. In decorative letterpress envelope. Signed by the poet on the envelope.

:Janine signs everything for us sitting at one, or the other's, kitchen table.

1994. Arnold, Bob.

"50 numbers that just happen" in a series. Very limited. Small booklet. Three poems .

:this would be one of 52 booklets I edited into a series, culminating into a boxed edition of all 52 titles from poets around the world. Call it an anthology, or a gathering. More to say when we reach the boxed edition listing.

1994. Arnold, Bob, editor.
Longhouse / 1994.

100 copies printed by Bob and Susan Arnold at Longhouse, Vermont. Photocopied. The issue is illustrated sheets of collage and poetry in letterpress envelope. Contributors include David Budbill, Robert Christian, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Robert Hauptman, Duane Locke, Charlie Mehrhoff, Barbara Moraff, Mike O'Connor, Andrew Schelling, Gael Turnbull.

:changing our format once again. We've now moved to smaller card stock, photocopy, folding this many poets onto one sheet double side printed and small enough when received to slip into a shirt pocket. Some of our steady regulars. Plus Charlie Mehrhoff and Andrew Schelling out of Colorado. The fortunes of Gael Turnbull and Scotland. Duane Locke from Florida, Robert Christian and the UK. Bob Hauptman taught library science and has for years attempted to scale the highest US peaks.

1994. Brown, Bill.
"Three Poems by Bill Brown".

"50 numbers that just happen" in a series. Very limited. Small booklet. / Three poems.

:now legendary, to some, west coast author lastly based in Bolinas, CA. Brown was closely associated with James Koller and Coyote publications during its early era. His daughter Maggie would marry Koller and begin a second generation Brown family trend to the Coyote name.

1994. Byrd, Bobby. [untitled].

"50 numbers that just happen" in a series. Very limited. Small booklet. Three poems.

:Memphis born poet steeped in all varities of that blues black and white city name, and it shows up in the soul of his poems.

1994. Celan, Paul / translated by Cid Corman.

"50 numbers that just happen" in a series. Very limited. Small booklet. / Four poems.

:all the translations from this 52 title series were from the hand of Cid Corman. He knew Rene Char and always translated with a personal authority

1994. Corman, Cid.

"50 numbers that just happen" in a series. Very limited. Small booklet. Three poems.

:Cid would send fresh poems tucked into his letters often by the week. Like a farm stand you felt for the best ears of corn. If I wanted a certain poem or sequence from Cid, it was never a problem.

1994. Deemer, Bill.

"50 numbers that just happen" in a series. Very limited. Small booklet. Three poems.

:Bill Deemer was another poet I first read through the pages of "Coyote's Journal" and its other publications, or else the small books issued from Christopher's Books. A leonine-looking guy with a smack dab original quirk to many of his mainly short poems. Part Brautigan/part Rimbaud in spirit. For years living in Oregon.

1994. Enslin, Theodore.
"A Sonnare".

"50 numbers that just happen" in a series. Very limited. Small booklet.

: Ted would be happy to send new work whenever I came to call. A musical student when young (not poetry student!) which only strengthened throughout his poetry as he aged in text, application and form. Known for his habitats on Cape Cod and Maine stretching from the 40s to present time. Probably the deepest player in the Cid Corman "Origin" oeuvre, as Longhouse drew its own decades long relationship with the poet.

1994. Green, Samuel.

"50 numbers that just happen" in a series. Very limited. Small booklet. / Three poems.

:patient and sturdy poet from Waldron Island of the Pacific Northwest.With his wife Sally, Sam makes letterpress books from "Brooding Heron Press".

1994. Greene, Jonathan.
"Timely Question" "After A Hard Winter".

"50 numbers that just happen" in a series. Very limited. Small booklet. Two poems.

:another poet from the middle passage of "Origin" who changed his poetry shape and tone the deeper he sank into a Kentucky farm life. A connection to Thomas Merton, Jonathan Williams and Wendell Berry when quite young has been a lasting influence.His own press "Gnomon" shows both a well seated intellectual forte meshed with rural, mystical and invented style folk.This was one of the first booklets in the series.

1994. Gurnis, Peter.

"50 numbers that just happen" in a series. Very limited. Small booklet. Four poems.

:Peter showed up in the mail with poems. Teaching at the time in northern Vermont. Like some others that come this way by chance, there was an immediate wonder flash to the poems. I wanted them.

1994. Koller, James.
"A Dream Starring Bill Brown 1917-1994".

"50 numbers that just happen" in a series. Very limited. Small booklet.

:Jim sent this poem the year his good friend Bill Brown passed away, and he shuffled me up the Bill Brown poems to do as a companion booklet. You bow to such times.

1994. Martone, John. [untitled].

"50 numbers that just happen" in a series. Very limited. Small booklet. Four poems.

:I wouldn't meet John Martone for another decade but that didn't stop us from becoming close friends with many mutual poets from our very little presses, and the sharing of our own books, family news and garden lives. It was essential I meet John and thrive our causes into a weave.

1994. Mehrhoff, Charlie.

"50 numbers that just happen" in a series edited by Bob Arnold. Very limited. Small booklet. Three poems.

:Charlie sending me poems was the spurt to start the "Just So Happen" series - they were hot stuff I wanted to share immediately. In moments. Go to press now. If I had a press in the house during this decade it would have been very dangerous. The mimeograph went out with our cabin days in the 70s. We were midway hanging with a few photocopy shops for some years tolerating all our gambits brought in and designs. After some years all the work crews in both photocopy shops saw us coming and literally turned on heel and walked the other way! It was hilarious. The newcomers were shoved into our direction and stared in puzzle-hell to what we were asking of them. Actually it was quite straight forward and logical, and then again it was poetry.We printed Charlie the next day after setting up the format we would stick with throughout: tiny, folded, easy to slip into a pocket. We took this first number with us out west on a long train ride scheduled for the same time. I left one at Death Valley Junction in a phone booth across from Marta Becket's Opera House, and coming back on a long road from nowhere out of Mexico, opened the window and let one blow away. They sailed well.

1994. Monod, Jean / translated by Cid Corman.

"50 numbers that just happen" in a series. Very limited. Small booklet. / Two poems.

:Jean Monod had connections with Cid Corman, James Koller and others in touch with me.A startling French mind in poetry & prose, still too little known. Cid did the translation.

1994. Perlman, John.

"50 numbers that just happen" in a series. Very limited. Small booklet. Three poems.

:John was an old hand with Longhouse going back to our early years. So when I asked for some work, he was on it.A school teacher in New York State when we met and most often spending equal time on hiking trails and outbacks.

1994. Petersen, Will.
"Visual Poems".

"50 numbers that just happen" in a series. Very limited. Small booklet. Two poems.

:ah, Will Petersen. I believe this was the issue where John Martone and I published, unbeknownst to one another, the same poems from our presses. Probably the same time. Certainly with the same energy. Typically, John was highly apologetic. I waved him on as a comrade! Will was dying, after years of terrific studies in Japan, art, theater, poetry and the greater unknown. Editor and raconteur of the publication "Plucked Chicken". Friend of Gary Snyder and Cid Corman and hundreds more.When I put together my book of Great Americans You Should Have Met, Will's in it.

1994. Petic, Zorika.

"50 numbers that just happen" in a series. Very limited. Small booklet. Three poems.

:no idea who she is / appeared / I answered with enthusiasm. The name made me think the color of the booklet should be lavender.

1994. Schelling, Andrew. "Out There" for William Everson.

"50 numbers that just happen" in a series. Very limited. Small booklet. One poem.

:Andrew probably appeared after Cid Corman mentioned my name and press. He's a very curious devil, regardless. Has had his hand in a long span of poetry, reaching back to Sanskrit translations (some of his finest work), running awhile with small press editing and publishing, yeoman bookshop work in California, sterling personal essays, and many years staffed at the Naropa Institute with the children of Albion.He's a maker and a doer. Andrew's walked many times into our yard from a long distance off bringing parts of his family with him for a visit..The spiritual father William Everson was but one of his friends.

1994. Walsh, Phyllis.
Three Poems.

"50 numbers that just happen" in a series. Very limited. Small booklet. Three poems.

:Phyllis has been the quietest editor in America distilling one "Hummingbird" issue after another (by the seasons) for many years now. Her poetry is much the same. Slipped under your door. A real feather in the cap for what has happened in Wisconsin since Lorine Niedecker.

1994. Watson, Scott.

"50 numbers that just happen" in a series. Very limited. Small booklet. Three poems.

:Scott was another great find in the Cid Corman school of taking in sparklers no one else sees. Poet, teacher, translator of Santoka to knock your socks off.

1994. Weil, James L..

"50 numbers that just happen" in a series. Very limited. Small booklet. Three poems.

:Jim had been with me almost from the start. You asked for poems and you received them Jim's way: always a cleanly typed letter on professional stationary, often with a signature in pencil, as he would more than likely sign his books. The poems were quite Corman/Laughlin/Bronkesque and found their own quarter after time.

1994. Young, Karl. "3 Telephones".

"50 numbers that just happen" in a series. Very limited. Small booklet.

: I mix up in my head Karl Young, Karl Kempton, Karl Gartung, all heavy seekers with good stuff. Karl Young wouldn't be unrecognized after reading his work. No more experimental than living itself. I liked nabbing these few.

1995. Antler.
Babyteeth Necklace.

Love Thy Poet 4 series. Postcard, 6 x 4-1/4.

:Antler can be found in the old Wisconsin anthologies just before the change over to a modern era and hipper style. The old Wisconsin of fishing and homestyle. Enter Antler. Allen Ginsberg's pledge first took me to his poetry ("The Factory") and I've seen no reason to stop reading him. This made an ideal postcard considering the title and subject. I want to always imagine PO workers stopping to read it on their delivery path.

1995. Antler.
"Proving What?".

"50 numbers that just happen" in a series. Very limited. Small booklet.

:same as above, now a few more poems and with that delicious anarchy.

1995. Arnold, Bob, ed.. Just So Happens. 1994-1995, An Anthology.

52 separate "booklets" of poets from around the world - ancients to the moderns - including translations. In most cases limited to 50 issued copies of each booklet. In the regular print run, the booklets were given away free until out of print. The editor and publisher have saved into a boxed anthology all 52 issues providing 26 exclusive sets marked A-Z. A complete list of the poets involved: Charlie Mehrhoff; Jonathan Greene; Cid Corman; Will Petersen; Zorika Petic; Bobby Byrd; Andrew Schelling; Scott Watson; Bill Deemer; John Perlman; James L. Weil; John Martone; Theodore Enslin; Phyllis Walsh; Karl Young; Peter Gurnis; Sam Green; Paul Celan translated by Cid Corman; Jean Monod translated by Cid Corman; Bill Brown; James Koller; Bob Arnold; Hosai translated by Cid Corman; Gary Hotham; Barbara Moraff; Doc Dachtler; Steve Sanfield; Alan Lau; John Levy; Alain Malherbe translated by Cid Corman; Gael Turnbull; Robert Creeley; Inge Muller translated by Cid Corman; Craig Czury; Stefan Hyner; Issa translated by Cid Corman; Bob Heman; Ryokan translated by Cid Corman; R. Kimm; Rene Char translated by Cid Corman; Mark Nowak; Laurent Grisel translated by Cid Corman; Antler; David Flynn; Rocco Scotellaro translated by Cid Corman; Franco Beltrametti; Remembering Franco by Cid Corman; Sengai translated by Cid Corman; Ian Hamilton Finlay; Classic Korean Courtesans translated by Cid Corman; and Lorine Niedecker.

:truth be told - I have been writing up these annotations during a week of vigils with memory lane, and all in corresponding order since 1971. I don't want to know what is coming up next in the order so I'm circulating as well with surprise at what's happening next. That was ever the gist for the "Just So Happens" titles and eventual gathering: no plan, seat-of-the-pants confidence that what was coming in - often unsolicited - may work, often did. I have forever been after a poetry without a program or pretense. Life as the poem. People think I may have learned all of this from Cid, but he chased after me when he heard and saw such a mutual mind at play. The poetry as life was learned for me since a kid in the family lumberyards, carpentry crews, paint yourself or box yourself into a corner with few tools and little experience and learn your way out.I loved these little booklets as tools. Presented to give away free, tucked into correspondence, shared with all walks of life, taking the poetry out of the poem and filling it with fresh air. Spring water. I was lucky to have a group of poets that also loved to dance.Only 26 were fully collected into a boxed edition.

1995. Beltrametti, Franco. Pottery, Poetry & Horses.

"100 numbers of a Hot! European Series" in the " 50 numbers that just happen" series. Very limited. Small booklet.

:the Italian/Swiss/part "Japanese" (soul)/part Americana Franco. Important friend with two of my closest friends, Cid Corman and James Koller. It was Jim who brought Franco to our house for a visit, and I still remember the afternoon we all sat in the bedroom and watched Kirk Douglas in "Lonely are the Brave". Like ravens nodding with approval. Franco always had his sketch pads and new art with him, and he gladly showed forth everything - the maestro of performing poetry and art in one breath.He edited one of the tiniest small presses imaginable called "Mini" - one sheet, everything on it, maybe 20 contributors.Astonishing fellow.

1995. Char, Rene / translated by Cid Corman.
"Pierre Vertes/Green Stones".

"50 numbers that just happen" in a series. Very limited. Small booklet. Two poems.

:Cid knew the Char family - a tremendous advantage for a translator.

1995. Classic Korean Courtesans / translated by Cid Corman.

"50 numbers that just happen" in a series. Very limited. Small booklet. Three poems.

:both this one and the one above were Cid coming in with what was recently on his plate. Often translating from the French, German, Asian at a clip, with its usual steady reverence.

1995. Corman, Cid.
"Outline for a Future Tractatus of Poetry".

Love Thy Poet 3 series. Postcard format.

:the poet's core polemics summed up handily on a postcard. Immeasurable.

1995. Corman, Cid.
"Remembering Franco".

"100 numbers that just happen" series. Very limited. Small booklet. Three poems.

:then suddenly, Franco was gone.Far too soon, far too young. Cid just may have written to me a letter that same week, and I asked to extract this part re Franco.I'm pretty sure that's how it worked. Cid knew Franco as a young man visiting with him in Kyoto, and they stayed in close contact for years to come.

1995. Creeley, Robert.
"A Feeling".

"50 numbers that just happen" in a series. Very limited. Small booklet.

:I met Bob Creeley at a Beat poets conference in 1975 around the five-college area of Amherst, UMass etc. It was a great time, all the poets were still in low budget, Creeley hulked around in green Army jacket.One evening, just before a panel discussion on Jack Kerouac, I handed Bob one of the earliest issues of "Longhouse" (then "Our Poets Workshop") and I watched with kid zeal one of my heroes take the whole issue quite seriously and read all of it during the panel talk and take little part in the discussion. Charles Jarvis talked way too much during the panel as I recall.After the event a bunch got together and stood talking. Creeley eyed Susan and me carefully and spoke tenderly about what he had read. He would stay in touch and drop postcard messages from time to time, and when I started to send him the little booklets of this series, he was happy to join along. Mind that behavior and glee O poets of the future.

1995. Czury, Craig.
Woodcarved Duck Scrapple.

"50 numbers that just happen" in a series. Very limited. Small booklet. One poem.

:I first saw Craig Czury, homeboy of the Pennsylvania coal hills, in Cid's "Origin" and had to find more. Around the same time he cruised in for a visit, after seeing Lyle Glazier in Bennington - in bermuda shorts, good smile, lots of giddyup and we had a fine outdoor visit.

1995. Dachtler, Doc.

"50 numbers that just happen" in a series. Very limited. Small booklet. Three poems.

:Doc and I both like the railroad, the Sacramento Kings, are carpenters, and Doc also plays acoustic music I like to listen to on tapes he sends to us. Some part of his family heritage hails from the Dakotas, but he's lived and worked in the Sierra Nevada for as long as I've known him. Once traveling around those parts I rolled down the window and asked a woman in her yard who looked like she just had to know Doc if she knew where he lived.Even with Susan beside me, the woman played dumb. Considering the times, them's good neighbors.

1995. Deemer, Bill.
Time To Pen My Memoirs.

Love Thy Poet 1 series. Postcard. 4-1/4 x 5.

:the first postcard we did in a series that stays eternal (up to # 40s now). I asked Bill first. He actually sent a poem to start or even end the series.

1995. Finlay, Ian Hamilton.
Some Things.

"50 numbers that just happen" in a series. Very limited. Small booklet. Four poems.

:very tough to get poems from Ian, even when he wanted to. His son Eck snuck these over for us.

Alec Finlay from Love thy Poet card series

1995. Flynn, David. "Passer-By".

"50 numbers that just happen" in a series. Very limited. Small booklet.

:unsolicited, came in one day. We printed them the same day and mailed them to David Flynn. Just so happens.

1995. Grisel, Laurent / translated by Cid Corman.
"Corsican Bestiary".

"50 numbers that just happen" in a series. Very limited. Small booklet. Four poems.

:Laurent was a friend with Cid and as fully and graceful as he came here, he has disappeared now for years. In 2004 Cid and I were together and talked about Laurent's gifts (poems, travel, sharing, France) but couldn't figure out where he had gone. I believe these poems came to Laurent after some time outdoors during more of his travels.

1995. Grisel, Laurent / translated by Cid Corman.
"Memories On The Way".

"50 numbers that just happen" in a series. Very limited. Small booklet.

:enough to make more. I was happy for it.

1995. Heman, Bob.

"50 numbers that just happen" in a series. Very limited. Small booklet. Four poems .

:Bob Heman traded lots with me from his "Clown War" perch. I remember both NYC and Amherst, MA. locations. One of my favorite of the modern prose poem stylers, and how he printed and published things was half the delight.

1995. Hosai, Ozaki / translated by Cid Corman.

"50 numbers that just happen" in a series. Very limited. Small booklet. Five poems.

: Cid just sent it over, and I found it in my mailbox after a hike up river. Imagine how well the poems read walking under the trees back home.

1995. Hotham, Gary.

"50 numbers that just happen" in a series. Very limited. Small booklet. Four poems.

:Gary Hotham never fails for me. He remains one of the skilled haiku/short poem craftsman of any around the world. Often with an APO mailing address and different locations but I remember the longest being from Maryland.

1995. Hyner, Stefan.
Three Poems. Carpenter Poem No. 1, March 9; and Secret Mantra of the Red Partisan Buddha.

"50 numbers that just happen" in a series. Three poems.

:I met Stefan Hyner through Jim Koller who brought Stefan to our house for a visit. Stefan had a jar of home brew or something in his hand. I was building a house for someone up the road, and being a carpenter, Stefan wanted a look.He returned on his own for other visits. There's a photograph of Stefan holding Carson at age one, both bundled up during a March mudseason day.We'd talk poetry and books and politics for hours, even while playing basketball on my dirt court. He had an eye.

1995. Issa / translated by Cid Corman. [untitled].

"50 numbers that just happen" in a series. Very limited. Small booklet. Four poems .

:Issa is always home here, no questions asked.

1995. Kimm, R.. "Giant Plant".

"50 numbers that just happen" in a series. Very limited. Small booklet.

:Greg Joly published something by R. Kimm that I liked, and one way or another we met up in the mail.Workingman principles to poems that I much appreciated.

1995. Lau, Alan Chong.

"50 numbers that just happen" in a series. Very limited. Small booklet. Three poems.

:Alan Lau is a great guy who's been married an awful long time to a sweet Kazuko, and I either came to him through John Levy or Cid Corman. I know it was John who introduced me personally to Alan when we railroaded out to Seattle to visit John and got a nest of good poets in the bargain. That was the visit where John, Alan, Andy Echavarria and others were all sitting around like school kids showing off their Cid Corman collection. The gem stone rice paper bounded books in very limited editions. Someone spilled dreadful water onto one of Alan's copies and I can still see all of us registering the little stove in John Levy's apartment to bake the book dry and return our party of wellwishers. Remarkably, twenty years later we RR'd out again to those parts and found Alan and Kazuko in the very same apartment building. In fact, they had taken over John Levy's apartment right across from the city zoo. We walked the neighborhood until an apropriate time to knock on the door (8 o'clock a.m.) calling over all the cats to Carson's enjoyment. At the apartment Kazuko told us Alan was already long gone to Chinatown working at the local grocers.I could see a long stash line of vinyl lps running the floor alongside one wall of the apartment, true singers. We ended up having to surprise Alan down at the grocers, a steady guy with his own privacies but there was no choice! An accomplished artist and poet working amongst bins of vegetables. Hallelujah.

1995. Levy, John.

"50 numbers that just happen" in a series. Very limited. Small booklet. Three poems.

:who else after Alan Lau, but his old friend John Levy. One of Longhouse's oldest friends, too.

1995. Malherbe, Alain / translated by Cid Corman.

"50 numbers that just happen" in a series. Very limited. Small booklet. Five poems.

:sharp edged and unsettling poems that Cid picked up somewhere in his mail travels. He knew I'd like them and sent them over at once. A French location.

1995. Moraff, Barbara. [untitled].

"50 numbers that just happen" in a series. Very limited. Small booklet. Four poems.

:the series had wandered off from Vermont. I always came back to Barbara Moraff or Lyle Glazier in these times.

1995. Muller, Inge / translated by Cid Corman and Nicolas Linkert.
"A Feeling".

"50 numbers that just happen" in a series. Very limited. Small booklet. Four poems .

:Nick Linhert was a German poet much in touch with Cid who was feeding Nick the Longhouse ways. These attractive translations were of a poet we all admired.


1995. Niedecker, Lorine.
Dear Mary Hoard.

"100 numbers that just happen to end a series" in a series. Very limited. small booklet. Three poems.

:Cid Corman was Lorine Niedecker's literary executor, and from time to time unpublished pieces were unearthed from her Wisconsin locale or else hidden treasures were revealed and came to Cid. He would direct some of these to us, or to Jenny Penberthy as we all kept to the love for Lorine. This was a letter from LN who worked for Hoard's "Dairyman" as a proofreader from mid1944-mid1950.

1995. Nowak, Mark.

"50 numbers that just happen" in a series. Very limited. Small booklet. Three poems.

:at the time Mark was editing a fine publication called "furniture" - working up poetry, music and more.His poetry has since gone strong into labor union struggles and workers rights.The music is in there, too.

1995. Ryokan / translated by Cid Corman.

"50 numbers that just happen" in a series. Very limited. Small booklet. Three poems .

:Ryokan came, like he should, out of the blue (aerogrammes).

1995. Sanfield, Steve.

"50 numbers that just happen" in a series. Very limited. Small booklet. Five poems.

:Steve Sanfield was but the second of two poets we went looking for the same day as Doc Dachtler. The PO in his town shook their heads that they didn't know the address we were providing. Right with you, fellas! We toured the backcountry roads and had a beautiful day. At one point we ended up at a dead end with three people visiting on the hood of an old car straight out of Deliverance. Our similar look gave us the rite of passage that said: 'see no evil, do no evil, horseman passby.' . Sanfield's short poem collections are a harvest. His children's books are something else again. I once read to Carson all of Steve's version of "John the Conqueror" while training down through Florida's old haunted byways of disappeared Black townships.

1995. Scotellaro, Rocco / translated by Cid Corman.

"100 numbers of a Hot! European Series" in the "that just happen" series. Very limited. Small booklet. Three poems.

: Cid Corman lived as a young man in the district where this poet lived. Italian poor / "Matera", some have termed it. But to Cid the region was 'in the highlands inland between the Ionian Sea and the Adriatic, it is relatively affluent in a world where degradation is the rule.' This was 1956, an American poet gone faraway...while Kerouac was having published "On the Road".

1995. Sengai / translated by Cid Corman.

"50 numbers that just happen" in a series. Very limited. Small booklet. Four poems.

:arrived like Ryokan, Issa, Basho, Tu Fu always had from Cid - unceremoniously, part of the day, as sunshine.

1995. Turnbull, Gael.

"50 numbers that just happen" in a series. Very limited. Small booklet. Five poems.

:a terrific poet, medical man, raised parts in Scotland, Canada, westland America. His "Collected Poems" from Shearsman has finally been issued as that secret swimming-hole. Tied in, naturally enough, with the other poets I knew from Scotland: the Finlays, Thomas A. Clark.

1995. Wilson, Keith.
"Whatever We Are".

Love Thy Poet 2 series. 6 x 4-1/4. Postcard poem.

:Keith Wilson is New Mexican through & through. His town of Las Cruces did look like a lit jewelry lace come out of desert blackness one night when we drove from the west onto it after midnight. Something about Keith's upbringing here and later in the Navy made his poetry eye work a careful study.

1996. Arnold, Bob, editor.
Scout / Fall 1996.

Folded booklet. Includes the work of Arthur Powers, Theodore Enslin and James Koller.

:Jim Koller, Ted Enslin and I once read up in Maine, their abode to this day. Koller made a whole issue of Coyote's Journal of one of Ted's books "New Sharon's Prospect" and both poets match well in a tiny pocket. Arthur Powers was along for the ride.

1996. Arnold, Bob, editor.
Scout / Summer 1996.

Folded booklet. Includes the work of Carson Arnold and Bob Arnold.

:Carson was a ten year old who one day came home with a little school writing exercise that I read and fell over loving for its humor and charm. So, of course, mom & dad published it. As I remember it had to do with the film directors John Ford, Sam Peckinpah and some other critters. We watched thousands of films together when he was a boy.

1996. Arnold, Bob, editor.
Scout / Winter 1996.

Folded booklet. Includes the work of two poets :Scarecrow and Cid Corman.

:Scarecrow's got a full name but he was "Scarecrow" then. Abide. Cid always liked his work, so what better motion but to set them together.

1996. Koller, James.
"Last Will & Testament".

Love Thy Poet 5 series. Postcard format.

:like only the best folk song. I still read it aloud on street readings and give the postcard away to whomever may cock an ear and send up a smile.

1997. Arnold, Bob.

Folded booklet of six poems.

:you're supposed to be cutting classes.

1997. Arnold, Bob.
Is It.

One poem, decorative bookmark.

:a poem that Ted Enslin said to me he would have been proud to have written. Jonathan Greene included it when he published my book of poems "Once In Vermont" from his Gnomon Press.

1997. Arnold, Bob.

Love Thy Poet 6 series. Postcard. 4-1/4 x 5.

:a poem about a weasel and a hawk. There's a moral.

1997. Arnold, Bob, editor.
Scout / Spring 1996.

100 numbers. Folded booklet. Includes the work of Greg Joly, Jonathan Greene, Phyllis Walsh, Alan Chong Lau, Sean Brendon-Brown, Gary Hotham, Alan Catlin.

:all sturdy standbys I've published before, except Sean Brendon-Brown who was slipped in as a welcoming stranger.

1997. Arnold, Bob, editor.
Scout / Summer 1997.

100 numbers. Folded booklet. Includes the work of Arthur Powers, John Perlman, James L. Weil, David Gross, Emma Rose Short-Lee, Gary Hotham, Doc Dachtler, Peter Dent.

:David Gross often sent midwest rural wisdom that I liked to snap up. Emma Rose Short-Lee was a startling fine young poet I met one day, fast, in a sophomore English class I was teaching as a visiting poet.We would work together for three years and she even brought her parents to our home for a visit. Peter Dent sent brief settling poems from the UK.

1997. Corman, Cid.
"We Are Offspring Of".

One poem, decorative bookmark.

:often the bookmarks told the tale. Slipped into book orders we shipped out of our bookshop, regular correspndence, and even into students poems I read and folded a bookmark in as a gift.

1997. Deemer, Bill.
Japanese & Other Poems.

Folded booklet. Others try--but Bill Deemer is our Han Shan.

: the above says it all

1997. Enslin, Theodore.


: one of Ted's posts to lean on.

1997. Greene, Jonathan.
"for W. B.".


:one of Jonathan's as elegant homage.

1997. Harris, Marie.
"Elegy for Adelaide".


:Marie, I believe, raised terriers once upon a time. Her loss was ours.

1997. Harris, Marie.
Ground Zero.

125 numbers. Folded booklet of poems.

: rousing New Hampshire poet in her apetite for working with poets of all ages, rural life, and due a few years after this to be assigned a position as the state's Poet Laureate. She's surrounded by a life time of family companions as poets, photographer and musicians.

1997. Hyner, Stefan.
"Two Poems".

Two poems. One of which is titled "Big Question/Easy Answer". Upright folded booklet.

:Stefan in with enough poems to make a tiny slip of a thing. Bright gold. Mandatory.

1997. Koller, James.
Travaux de Voire (Road Work).

Folded booklet of poems.

:someone recently said to me, "When Jim Koller writes he sounds like he's in Wyoming." He lives in Maine. I answered, "That's because he is." This is an extract from a much longer work that was composed when the poet was on the road, notebook closeby, scribbling a way at what was before him. In French title because he's been getting acquainted for the past two decades with his old Euopean ancestry (eastern European mainly) and friends.

1997. Martone, John. "Perfect/Windy...".


:John is best moving with the motion, right into stillness. This is one.

1997. Martone, John.
"wildflower book".

125 numbers. Small folded booklet. Thirteen poems.

:I wanted to give this book away to all the world. Capsulized treat with poems to match.

1997. McNulty, Tim.
"Short Songs for the Spring Peepers".

100 numbers. Small folded booklet. . Twelve poems.

:I'm tempted to reprint this one. Tim McNulty lives with his family on the Olympic Peninsula. Some years ago we took a ferry over and decided we might find a few of our peninsula friends, never met, and we still haven't.One would think we could have just used a phone but that would have taken the fun out of it. We found something like Tim's address but instead there was a large RV in the dooryard and that didn't look right. The RV owner provided some more clues. Onward. And then we came to the clearing with the fine homestead built onto it, the woodshed almost full, varnished floors and very good books on the shelves in one window we peeked into. No one home. It was almost enough to meet just the house at first and the McNulty location.We'll be back.


1997. Miller, David.

100 numbers. Small folded booklet. A sequence of poems.

:endless writing dimensions from this UK poet we published much earlier and now and then we get the opportunity to do a comeback.

1997. Mills, Billy.
"Unfinished Alba".

100 numbers. Small folded booklet. . Seven poems.

:from Ireland, always graceful Billy Mills. About ten years later we would do another booklet, and as an old man I'll look for another one. This is just the kind of poetry one sets down for the uninitiated to enjoy.

1997. Niedecker, Lorine.

A bookmark of three poems.

:LN made poetry for a bookmark. In her "Collected Poems" you have the opportunity to read and never wear the poems down, they just polish up.

1997. O'Connor, Mike.
Only A Friend Can Know. Six Chinese Poems on the Theme of Chih-Yin.

Translations. Folded booklet.

:Mike O'Connor homesteaded awhile on the rainshadow rural side of the Olympic Peninsula. He gathered a great book of poems out of the experience. Later years had him working in Taiwan and writing and translating before returning to the Pacific Northwest steady with his work. Like wayfayers, I hear from Mike when I do.

1997. Scarecrow.
"Not For The Unenlightened".


:the title lines it up.

1997. Schelling, Andrew.
"12th August Lost Poems". "from the "Road to Ocosingo" A Mexico Journal 1995".

100 numbers. Small folded booklet. One long poem

:extracted from a small press book I much enjoyed and wanted to spread a part of it further around to new readers.

1997. Scully, Maurice.
"From Zulu Dynamite".

100 numbers. Folded small booklet.

:love the title! Another of the Irish connection via Billy Mills & Catherine Walsh.

1997. [Sengai] [Corman, Cid, translator].
Singing Along with Sengai.

Folded card of six poems.

:this one is such a wholesome net that I printed up extra and gave it away to 75 students in one day. Even the jocks said "thanks".

1997. Strusinski, Evan.

One poem. Folded booklet of poems.

:Evan was a young poet cottoned to Cid Corman and Lyle Glazier, and then he got to me. He sent a bunch of poems once in a letter, I plucked one out.

1997. Vega, Janine Pommy.
Janine Pommy Vega's Book.

One of 125 copies. Folded booklet. Signed by the poet .

:Janine could be published every month by us if we had our druthers. Life is bigger than that! So when she sends us a new poem she's finished, as she has since 1974, sometimes we go places with it. This one semed very right with a pair of long poems and I just titled it what it deserved to be called and sent it back to her as a gift. In its rose color wrap.

1997. Walsh, Catherine.
from "City West..".

100 numbers. Small folded booklet. Double-issue booklet from this poet's work of five poems.

:Catherine Walsh is married to Billy Mills, and we had a steady correspondence for awhile, mined with sharing poems. This one rolled in one day from a longer work, tricky to fit into our format, but we managed it.It's one we're keeping in print.

1997. Walsh, Phyllis.
"Hollow Maple".

One poem tiny folded booklet series.

:very tiny, almost meant to slip between the cracks, and look at the title!

1997. Wilson, Keith.
from "Life Drawings".

100 numbers. Small folded booklet. Ten poems.

: a further selection from Keith that I edited from many good pages. A step into it and your head's in the southwest.

1998. Arnold, Bob. Beautiful Swimmers. A tale..

Card stock stiff wraps. Further travels with the author and his family teaching a young son how to swim (and other things), motel pool to motel pool , with the assistance of one Burt Lancaster from the film "The Swimmer". The young boy and actor getting along well. 150 numbers.

:Cid Corman had next to no access to printing & publishing at this time but plenty of ideas what he wanted to see in print. My new book of family travel around the USA endeared him to ask to see it published as the first imprint of "Longhouse-Origin". Cid sent funding, and we did the legwork. Susan beared down into her then fledging knowledge of desktop publishing and took it over the top.


1998. Arnold, Bob. Engine Trouble. (Woven). Wraps. 1/300

:it states 300 printed (covers are ready) but no more than 150 were done. Published under the imprint of Susan's own "Woven", hand bound. The book title, of course, taken from a line in Woody Guthrie's song "Talking Dust Blues".

1998. Arnold, Carson.
"Thoreau, Now Me".

Folded booklet by our youngest published writer.

: we went over as a family one late autumn day and climbed Mount Monadnock together, Dublin Trail. Windy as all get-out that day on the summit. We thought we were alone up there until I almost stepped onto a couple buried inside a rocky alcove huddled with a cellphone. Say what? Carson returned home and wrote this piece knowing a little something during our drive about Henry David Thoreau and his 18th c. New Hampshire sojourns.

1998. Corman, Cid.
"God or Buddha...".

Foldout poem.

: one of my favorite in-stone pieces by Cid. So we printed it onto a granite colored paper stock.

1998. Corman, Cid.
The Practice of Poetry. Reconsiderations of Louis Zukofsky's A Test of Poetry.

Stiff wraps with crisp text throughout.

:by now Cid has already completed his extensive book on the poetry of Louis Zukofsky. It may be buried with his papers in the ingenious catacombs of The Lilly Library in Indiana. This was the second full volume in the "Longhouse-Origin" library and it was particular to Zukofsky by traveling through the works of many other poets first. The sure-footed terrain of Cid's.

1998. [Dhompa] Wangmo, Tsering.
"Between Clouds".

100 numbers. Small folded booklet. Unsigned.

:maybe Tsering's first 'book', tiny as it was, she expands in one poem what many poets need a full book to do. There are three poems here. Printed before Tsering added on "Dhompa" to her name. A glorious poet wide with interior and exterior darkness and brilliantly lit celebration.Like watching clouds shadow and then sun fill a mountainside. Her heart for years has been with family blood in Tibet and a home in San Francisco.

1998. Enslin, Theodore.

Wraps with extended flaps; limited edition. 250 numbers, maybe. Forty years ago Origin Press released Theodore Enslin's first book of poems. In the spirit, Longhouse and Origin join hands and pay tribute to this poet once again with this new collection.

:the third book in the series from "Longhouse-Origin" and it would hail a forty year relationship between Cid Corman and Ted Enslin. A remarkable legacy that legend has it first started in Gordon Carnie's The Grolier Bookshop of Cambridge, MA. Whether Ted met Cid there, or found some of his poetry there, both were certainly living in Massachusetts at the time. "Skeins" would be republished into Ted's "Then, and Now: Selected Poems" by the National Poetry Foundation

1998. Hauptman, Terry.
Three Poems.

In the series of "50 Numbers That Just Happen". Folded booklet.

:Terry Hauptman was one of the first poets I ever met at age 20 and Terry a little older. Very thin, speaking in a whisper, a face hidden in a halo of raven hair. Her husband Bob picked me up hitchhiking and announced he had read more books than anyone. "And then I met you!" is how Bob remembers it today.Terry's art work and poetry have been exhibited for years. The whisper remains, but she has learned how to growl when she has to. In a few days we will read together on the street, again, for the drowned city of New Orleans.

1998. Hettich, Michael.

Love Thy Poet 10 series. Postcard.

:I met Michael Hettich and his wife Colleen in a bookstore in Brattleboro when they were hawking books from their then Moonsquilt Press. A very handsome couple.I was just an innocent bystander listening in, but soon they would become close friends with Susan and me. At the time they were running an art gallery with a boat load of heart in a town that hadn't quite moved yet into its glorified art settings. After some time and scratching by they moved to Florida, ever busy with teaching, poetry and an art scene. I'm not sure why we've done so little of Michael's work. There's time ahead.

1998. Hotham, Gary.
Bare Feet.

Limited sewn edition in wraps. 100 numbers issued.

: a pleasure to pick poems for Gary's book, and all riding its short poem edge. Under an ancient Japanese name he might be famous.

1998. King, Martha.
"Conversation - The Pairing".

Love Thy Poet 7 series. Postcard. 4-1/4 x 5.

: Martha & Basil King are hallmarks of the bohemian couple. I always thrived in a reading of Martha's quixotic small press and whenever I saw her own poems it reminded me to ask her for one or two or three to choose from. One day we matched up and one was chosen.

1998. Martone, John.
No Roof.

Limited sewn edition, 100 numbers issued.

: this was a kissin' cousin model as Gary Hotham's "Bare Feet". We published them side by side, same paper and a shade different cover stock. The two poets would make ideal public reading mates.

1998. Mehrhoff, Charlie.
(untitled poem).

Love Thy Poet 9 series. Postcard size, tan color. Signed by the poet.

:for awhile there, Charlie was on a roll - he would send poems and often I would find one that I couldn't let go. Like this one.

1998. Money, Peter.
When Joe Spence Put Down His Guitar.

Love Thy Poet 8 series. Cardstock Postcard. One poem. 4-1/4 x 6.


: Peter Money used to write me great letters from "Martin Luther King Boulevard" out in Berkeley where he lived. He was a New England boy and we enjoyed one another's company through he moved his young family back east and set up home in central Vermont.Joseph Spence was a wunderkind bluesman from the Bahamas, also a stonemason.Everything about this poem was dead right, starting with the title and how Peter carried it through.

1998. Niedecker, Lorine.
Dear Charles Reznikoff....

Folded booklet of something scarce.

:another from Cid's hand to ours, and an actual letter from LN to the Objectivist poet / historian. An amazing twining of poetry minds if those two could have ever met and read together - their "added kindness".

1998. Phillips, John.
"Life Is What".

Love Thy Poet 12 series. Poem card.

:the first entry from Longhouse for this Cornwall, UK native. He sent his very first homemade publications to Cid Corman and me, and Cid and I were buzzing a bit back & forth about it all. I immediately asked for more. John and his Slovene wife Jasna scuddling between UK and Slovenia for a livlihood and it would be only a matter of time we would publish more.

1998. Phillips, John.

100 numbers. Small folded booklet. Four poems by this poet living with his family in Slovenia.

:back to back hits, loving the energy of it.

1998. Scheffel, Bill.

Love Thy Poet 11 series. Postcard.

:the next three were a follow-up from Boulder, Colorado: Bill Scheffel having studied with Andrew Schelling and Andrew then a companion with Anne was a string of hits.

1998. Schelling, Andrew.
"Sanskrit Now...".

100 numbers. Small folded booklet.

:some more of Andrew's gorgeous translations. He was never hesitant at sharing powerfully into the smallest press and spreading the good word of mouth.

1998. Waldman, Anne.
“Sacra Conversatione”.

Folded booklet. of poems.

:Anne said to me, "I always loved those little books you do. I'd love to have one." So would we.

1999. Baker, Ed.
"Far Beyond".

One poem tiny folded booklet series. .

:this was the rascal I wouldn't meet until 2004 at the Lorine Niedecker Centenary in Milwaukee. Cid made sure we were there as all the Arnold family, and he did the same for John and Jasna Phillips. Nancy Rafal and Michael Farmer were the guardian angels on that one. Ed had known Cid for years but had never met; he arrived in Milwaukee after a stroke holding a cane. Without the stroke he may have burned the city down.One of his first orders of business was to pass himself off as "Bob Arnold" to all the organizers of the event and that held until almost the last day. There's something maniacal and fantastic about a personality like that.He'd be too easy to hate, so I like him, at times embrace him. This was a little booklet from the artist and poet who should be far better known.

1999. Caldiero, Alex.
"You Would Never Know By The Looks".

Love Thy Poet 15 series. Postcard. 4-1/4 x 5.

:Alex is old breed action artist, poet, and high plains western desert rat. Reminds me just a little bit of what Larry Goodell used to send to me in the early 70s. Lots of verve and nerve. I still crack into a wisdom laugh when I read this poem.

1999. Corman, Cid.

Limited edition sewn wraps,. One of only 100 copies issued.

:a lovely handmade book we wanted to make for Cid, all sewn and probably less have been stitched up than indicated.We printed plenty of covers so the potential is there for a higher print run. It's Cid coming into the cove of our family intimacy.

1999. Deemer, Bill.

Only 200 sewn copies issued in sewn stiff decorative wraps.

:a grand book we all loved to do, including Bill, and then everything went wrong.But the book was published and looks fit as a fiddle. Guessing that at best 200 were made. Again, plenty of covers are on hand... it's just the money flow, demand and storage, but we won't ever let it go out of print. The poet's work means too much to us.

1999. Greene, Jonathan. "The Full Moon".

Love Thy Poet 14 series. Poem card.

:Jonathan Greene probably slipped this one into a letter with an expertise knowing what would work for me. He hasn't been wrong yet.

1999. Massey, Joseph.
"Branches-Hours After".

One poem tiny folded booklet series.

:Joe came along just about the same way as John Phillips - writing to Cid Corman and then to me and Cid & I buzzing like morning birds about these odd poem makings from a Delaware youngin'. There was something vital and angry and sweetening around each grouping of poems. This was a slip printed meant to disappear, with a rippling affect.

1999. Money, Peter.
"Ragged Little Dory Named Jane".

One poem tiny folded booklet series.

: a poem that follows up nicely after Peter's poem card to Joesph Spence.

1999. Owens, Mark.
"A Pond".

One poem tiny folded booklet series.

:Mark Owens came out of nowhere but I shared this magical poem with students on a winter visit that inspired one out of 100 to write a poem with equal moxie - that's Fay Smith below.

1999. Smith, Fay.
"Little Orange Fish".

One poem tiny folded booklet series.

:a high-school age Cape Cod native oceanic mindful. It was a natural to do. We printed a bunch up and gave them to her.

1999. Thomas, John.
As You Take Up The Pen.

Love Thy Poet 16 series. Printed poem card. 4-1/4 x 6.

:Venice, CA. Beat - taking us back to the very earliest of our publications aligned with Stuart Perkoff. I didn't ask for this, it came. And landed with wings. I could have done more....

1999. Turnbull, Gael.
More Amorous Greetings.

Folded booklet of poems. Limited to only 1 of 150 copies with wrap around band.

:this was a beauty and pretty much designed off what Gael knew to send - a lush songfest to Jill and packeted to fit one hand. The title suggests there was a collection of some before. Indeed. Our very first fold-out booklet and a format we've used to this day.

1999. Walsh, Phyllis.
"Woven Through Peonies".

One poem tiny folded booklet series.

:quietly, Phyllis came through to end our first century.

2000. Corman, Cid. "Sweeping the Garden" and "I Want The Words".


:and a quiet way to enter a new century, on the golden toes of these two poems by Cid.

2000. Corman, Cid (Basho and Saigyo).
In the Clear.

Translations by Cid Corman of Saigyo and Basho. 1/100. Fold out booklet with wrap around band.

:we began a series with Cid's Asian translations - some of which went into Gnomon's excellent publishing of "One Man's Moon" - and many more booklets would come. The poems snug in a booklet with a wrap around band.

2000. Enslin, Theodore.
Six Music Lessons.

1/100. Fold out booklet with wrap around band of which 30 are signed by Theodore Enslin.

:no better music teacher than Ted, heard through poems.

2000. Giannini, David.
"Silence of Stone".

One poem tiny folded booklet series.

:David had a poem he had a hunch we would like - and sending a stonemason a fine poem on stone, and one that set 'right' (as stone) was a sure bet.

2000. Greene, Jonathan.
What A Little Moonlight Can Do.


:Jonathan had a poem that perched as well as the title leans in. Perfect for a bookmark holding.

2000. [Li Bo] Che Youming and Andrew Campbell, translators.
"Hearing A Monk from Si Chuan Play The Lute".

Love Thy Poet 17 series. 6 x 4-1/4. Postcard poem.

:I believe Andrew Campbell came our way on a tug from Jonathan Greene and his translation sized the card.More would come.

2000. Martone, John.
Next To Nothing.

Folded accordion booklet with attractive wrap around band.

:John had a second sense on when to send something paced apart from his other Longhouse offerings - I was always wanting just for what came.

2000. Phillips, John.

Folded booklet of poems with wrap around band .

:John Phillips was cranking things up, and according to him at the time, with next to nowhere else to send poems to. At the time we are writing one or two email letters a day between Vermont and Slovenia in prolific gab, but the poems are taking their time, soaked out of fine wine.

2000. Watsky, Paul.
"Lake Michigan".

One poem tiny folded booklet series.

:Paul Watsky sent a group of poems and I just clunked up against this one because of its use of a cement image contrasted by its floating scenery. It was printed onto one of our slips and passed all around.

2001. Casey, Michael. "Michael Casey".

Folded accordion booklet with attractive wrap around band. Signed.

:Mike Casey wrote a much lauded book fresh out of the Vietnam War that Yale picked up and everyone read at the time. It deserved every inch of the respect it received. "Obscenities". Years would pass and who knew where Mike was and then came "Mill Rat" explaining the absence. This was a folder of three poems I edited up from further Vietnam poems and Mike's experiences as an MP. His ear is fluttering sharp and makes for steeped folk language.

2001. Corman, Cid / Basho.
Three Poems.

Folded small folio two poems by Basho and one by Cid Corman. One of 100.

:two masters paired up as simple as pie. We just printed on the small cover "Corman / Basho". The rest lay between the lines.

2001. [Denis, Philippe] Corman, Cid, translator.
from Nugae.

Twelve poems in a folded accordion booklet with attractive wrap around band. Limited to 100 copies.

:I edited this from a much longer manuscript in Cid's hand from the French poet Philippe Denis and fit it into one of our booklets. I'm tempted to now print the rest. It holds lasting powers.

2001. Enslin, Theodore.
"A Constancy".

Love Thy Poet 19 series. Poem card.

:I probably asked Ted for this one to join the postcard series. He never pushed any work unless requested and once asked, we always received. Usually on the button.

2001. Kyger, Joanne.
From Joanne Kyger.

Folded accordion booklet with attractive wrap around band. One of 100 numbers.

:my feelings on this one are that I asked Joanne for a manuscript and everything she sent I liked as a garden bunch and printed them all. Published fast and sent back to her as a gift...using a title as we received it "from Joanne Kyger". A poet I have read and adored for 40 years. For my way of thinking,Kyger is, with Philip Whalen, the ultimate free-spirit-discipline-hand of the entire west coast poetry scene.

2001. Kyger, Joanne.
"To Live In This World Again".

Love Thy Poet 20 series. Postcard. Limited to one of 100 copies.

:a poem a little too good to bury into a booklet and not share with all the world and P.O. route, so we printed it on a postcard and took it further. You can fashion alot of one life from this one poem.

2001. Lau, Alan Chong.
"Alan Chong Lau".

Folded accordion booklet with attractive wrap around band. Signed.

:Alan had released a book of his grocer poems (for years working in Seattle's Chinatown district market) that I relished and wondered if he had more. We made this one up, along with Alan's drawings.

2001. [Saigyo] Corman, Cid.
Being Saigyo. Translations.

Folded accordion booklet with attractive wrap around band. Signed by Cid Corman.

:Cid was one of the best at attempting to take the reader to a "being".And he couldn't have chosen a more persuasive poet.

2001. [Shilabhattarika] Schelling, Andrew, translator.
"The One Who Deflowered Me".

Love Thy Poet 18 series. Poem card.

:another one that pitches right off the postcard with full glory intimacy.

2001. Weil, James L..
"Winter Orchard" et als.

Three Poem Booklet.

:Jim was just the poet for a modest booklet of poems. His themes often showing his own weatherings.

2001. Youming, Che and Campbell, Andrew, translators.
Temple Poems. Translations from the Chinese.

Poems by Han Shan, Shi De, Wang Wei, Cui Tung, Chang Jian, Zhu Fang, Li Bo, Sun Di, Liu Yuxi and Ling Yi. Folded accordion booklet with attractive wrap around band. One of 100 numbers.

:after the postcard from Andrew Campbell and Che Youming, we worked up enough to offer a booklet that sat heavenly with all the poets involved. In English only.

2002. [Blanchot, Maurice] Corman, Cid, translator. The Instant of My Death.

Limited edition. accordion booklet. Translated by Cid Corman. Folded booklet with wrap around band.

:right around 9-11 this was the author to show forth and Cid may have already had the instinct to work these up and shoot them to me. I edited it down to a chiseled selection.

2002. Landes Levi, Louise.
"green & white. the".

Love Thy Poet 21 series. Postcard format.

:troubadour of the first order, Louise Landes Levi makes her home where her shadow falls, often in Europe, South America and New York State. A translator of Henri Michaux, Rene Daumal and Sanskrit marvels, her own poetry has been published world wide from New Directions, City Lights and international presses.This poem Louise sent particularly to us after her witness of NYC 9-11.

2002. Levasseur, Richard.
"There Are Many Reasons For Me To Love Green Tea".

Love Thy Poet 22 series. Postcard format,. One of only 50.

:classical bookman, mountaineer, bicycle sojourner, retired pharmacist, New England steeped raconteur and now self-proclaimed "cripple in a wheelchair" - connoisseur of a great reading list, prolific correspondence, and a knack for knowing his teas. He wrote so elegantly to me once by letter about the latter that I just had to crib it for a postcard.

2002. Phillips, John.

One of 200 copies, sewn wraps.

:made up by Bob Arnold during a sweltering August few days, while the author made up Arnold's book of poems "On Earth" in the exact same conditions, under the same roof, in earshot of tossing wisecracks to one another. Another noble effort at making two birds with one stone.

2002. Samperi, Frank.
The New Heaven Now.

Collecting eight poems from out of print issues of Longhouse, ranging from 1970s through 1980s, commemorating the poet's work. accordion booklet with decorative band.

:with Frank S amperi long gone and his poems sprinkled throughout early Longhouse journals, I thought it was high time to make a small book of everything ever published and tuck it into one booklet to give away. Of course it worked.

2002. Weil, James L.
"The Weather, Of Course".

Love Thy Poet 23 series. Postcard format. One of only 50.

:Jim's turn, something a bit longer than his usual poem length.

2002. Yake, Bill.
"For Robert Sund".

Poem. Tiny folded booklet series.

:the Pacific northwest poet Robert Sund had a long term admirerer in Bill Yake who openly shared these poems with me and I felt them as immediate to share. In our mutual homage to Sund shortly after his passing.

2003. Arnold, Bob. "For Ian Hamilton Finlay".

Poems of a tiny folded booklet

:I had an epiphany about Ian - why keep it to myself?

2003. Arnold, Bob.
Rain Song.

Poems of a tiny folded booklet

:child like when it rained and saying so in a song chant movement.Ed Baker would pick up a revised version of the poem for his first issue of "Dozen" in 2006.

2003. Brilliant, Alan.
"February 8, 2003".

Love Thy Poet 24 series. Postcard format..

:Alan Brilliant, long ago kingpin to the legendary Unicorn Press of Santa Barbara and other locales. Printer, publisher, poet, teacher to other young dirty ink-handed printers and eventual survivalist to live long enough to tell his story. And still going strong. Last known to be in Texas showing his printer's ropes to new students. He published Snyder, Merton, Rukeyser, Haines, Tate, Lorca, Rexroth, Di Prima, Bly and a million more in full bloom broadside/poster, letterpress book fest. His kind may be disappearing - he'll shower accolades about you and himself in equal terms. This postcard was some of a summing up.

2003. [Cahen, Didier] Corman, Cid, translator.
from The Very Day.

Small folio of ten poems by this French poet and Cid Corman translations. A fine collaberation. One of only 100.

:an unknown to most and Cid dug him up and made it splendid. One of the translators greatest gifts was knowing the unrevealed.

2003. Corman, Cid.
"Shhh. I'm Trying To".

A little birdhouse folder from Longhouse to celebrate the forthcoming visit back to the USA from Kyoto of Cid and Shizumi Corman, October 2003 as they celebrate (with many friends) the 100th birthday of Lorine Niedecker on Wisconsin soil. Folded two poem card.

:often Cid would send a group of poems and I would edit it into a position and release. This one was picture perfect for his appearance, after an absence of many years back in the states, to attend the centennial festivities for the poet he was the literary executor for, chief publicist, and one of her closest friends.

2003. Enslin, Theodore.
A Folder for L. N..

One of 150 copies, sewn wraps.

:Ted had something "special" as he described it to me by letter and I naturally asked to see it for possible publication. First poem in was the hook. We printed and sewed it together within the month and Ted would read it complete at a public reading for Lorine Niedecker at the high school she att ended in Fort Atkinson, WI. along with Bob Arnold, Maureen Owen, Elizabeth Robinson and others, including Cid Corman, which would be his last public reading ever in the United States. Cid's final American reading would take place in the private home of Nancy Rafal and Michael Farmer, the following evening in Door County, WI.. He read along with Bob Arnold and John Phillips who were also guests with their families.

2003. Greene, Jonathan.
Hummingbird's Water Trough.

Folded accordion booklet with attractive wrap around band. Limited edition of 50.

:we were on a roll. Jonathan had this to read from at the Lorine Niedecker festival in downtown Milwaukee during this same year, and he read it all straight out of the foldout booklet we prepared. Poems, one might say, Lorine taught him how to write.

2003. [Han Shan] Seaton, J. P. translator.
Cold Mountain.

Translated by J. P. Seaton. "Now here" icon by Jerome Seaton. Folded accordion booklet with attractive wrap around band. Signed & unigned numbers issued

:the story goes Jonathan Greene sent my book of poems "Once in Vermont" to Sandy Seaton and Sandy responded in such a way that we were made for one another. Contact was made. I already knew his translations for years, and they were quietly published with Sandy's name under the leaf on a branch. A mirrored disciple of the masters. Plus forty years teaching Chinese studies to college age while practicing the devotional. It is too good to be true. We started off a relationship hitting the ball out of the park with Han Shan, with much more to come.

2003. Iijima, Brenda.
Audible Bio.

Folded accordion booklet with attractive wrap around band. Signed by the poet.

:I never met a another poet from my hometown region until I met Brenda decades later. She would bring her parents up to have a picnic in our wood cookstove kitchen and around the fire we sat and reminisced the old town ways. We were both born and raised at the foot of Mt. Greylock, a mountain Thoreau & Melville aligned with. Today Brenda handmakes books like a pro from her Brooklyn home and works her poetry and photography.

2003. Laufman, Dudley.
Cow Bells.

Love Thy Poet 26 series. Postcard format.

: Susan used to contra dance to a Dudley Laufman concert before I knew her, and after I met Dudley we found out we were war resisters stationed in the same town during different wars. His farm boy background could write this poem in his sleep. It's just what you want to be able to pin up on the milking door. Everyone reads something.

2003. McCullough, Ken.
Walking Backwards.

Folded accordion booklet with attractive wrap around band. Signed.

:there was a slim book I lways liked by Ken McCullough called "Migrations"; something Rocky Mountain living about it. Either he sent me a large manuscript out of the blue (probably) or I wrote him for poems, but I edited a booklet together of something wilderness and fine from a poet who hasn't lost his step.

2003. Mehrhoff, Charlie.
Three Poems.

Folded booklet.

:poems arrived one day in the mail from Charlie after some absence and I quickly sized a trio up and printed and mailed it back to him the same day. It's our way of conversing. I get to share everything with others and the poems are absolutely resilient for this manipulation.

2003. [Pilinszky, Janos] Corman, Cid, translator.
Born & Died in Budapest.

Folded accordion booklet with attractive wrap around band. Limited edition.

:another witness perfect for the year of ground zero, Iraq War, Middle East in flames and sixty years after the fact of the poems. It was Cid's making that made them future.

2003. [Pilinszky, Janos] Corman, Cid, translator.

Love Thy Poet 25 series. Postcard format.

:this one I plucked out of the bundle as ideal to have cut into stone and set on the grounds of the Pentagon. Until that can happen, we made a postcard to be shared.

2003. Ratte, Kiev.
War At Half Time.

Love Thy Poet 27 series. Limited poem card.

:I gave a reading one evening at the town library in Jamaica, Vermont and Kiev was in the audience. We met and I felt an immediate transfer of something good in the poetry gut and asked him to send me poems. This was one made it nicely onto a card. Kiev is the author of a fine book of poems shared with his father's poems from Adastra Press.

2003. [Sappho] Corman, Cid, translator.
Wee Ones.

Drawn out of Mary Barnard's Versions by Cid Corman. Folded booklet with wrap around band.

:fearless, as usual, Cid tried his hand from the hand of Barnard from the hand of Sappho since his belief was repeatedly "all is poetry". We made it into a fast keepsake.

2003. [Tu Fu] Corman, Cid, translator.
"This Is It".

Folded accordion booklet with attractive wrap around band. Limited edition.

:Cid had a way of electing just the right mood and title for each poet he translated. There was no such thing as a segue with Cid - it was all directions home.So like a hunter, he grew up to know his forest. One might quibble with his interpretation (but not I) while the thrill of the whole was infectious, when not downright envious for some.This was one of the last publications we released and sent to Kyoto before his passing.

2004. Arnold, Bob. "Cid".

Love Thy Poet 29 series. 4 x 6. Postcard, one of 50 copies.

:Cid had passed away - I felt there had to be a response in what emptiness.

2004. Arnold, Bob.
Darling Companion.

1 of 100 copies, in wraps. Signed by the poet -- "a traveler’s tale from the east to the west & concerning a stop-over in Wisconsin to visit with old & new friends alongside the work & life of Lorine Niedecker before shoving further west into greater unknowns".

:this was a travel notebook of poems on the train ride to Wisconsin for the Lorine Niedecker festival, and then further down the rails to the southwest, car travel through New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas outback. I dedicated the book to the many friends met while out in Wisconsin.I asked my son Carson what he thought of the poems and his one line shot became a cover blurb.

2004. Arnold, Bob.
The Face of a Dictator.

Love Thy Poet 30 series. Two-color card. Signed by the poet.

:it was an election year and thugs were all around us. I resurrected an old poem for a new card and shared it around.

2004. Arnold, Bob.
Woodburners We Recommend Autumn Equinox 2004.

Short essays on the work of Hayden Carruth, Jonathan Greene, James Koller, John Martone, Gary Snyder, Howlin Wolf, Richard Meltzer, George Stanley, Marcia Roberts and politics in the year 2004. One of 25 copies. Two-color six page folded sheets in wraps signed by the poet.

:one issue of my "Woodburners" reviews where I wrote at some length about those poets always close to me: Carruth, Greene, Koller, Snyder, and then some. Printed up a few and wrapped each in heavy colored paper just like the Longhouse issues from the 70s.It seems only libraries have copies..

2004. Arnold, Bob.
Woodcutter's Autumn.

First book in a trilogy of poems. Foldout booklet.

:wood's life, love and poems making the initial booklet for a trilogy.

2004. Arnold, Bob.
You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To.

Second book in a trilogy which includes "Woodcutter's Autumn" with a forthcoming title due in the winter of 2005. Foldout booklet.

:a second booklet in the trilogy and I believe some of these were translated into Japanese.

2004. Arnold, Carson.
Listen! 1 "My Conversation With David Axelrod".

"My Conversation With David Axelrod" A full interview with David Axelrod on a 4-1/4 x 6 postcard. Listen! is a series of music column postcard profiles and interviews by Carson Arnold. Living in Vermont, Carson has written for a variety of magazines and pioneered two online columns of articles, interviews - Track and Hear.

:our son Carson was an avid musician and writer since age 14. Being home schooled during his high-school years he had developed a writer's routine of dedicated music essays that were posted on our website and printed in very limited edition newsprints that were displayed in music stores. After some years and reaching far past 100 essays, I suggested he start a postcard series that fulfilled his dreams of dealing with a particular musician: an interview, article, expose etc. I remember the one with David Axelrod where Carson picked up the phone and nonchalantly called the musician/producer at his home. The man was in bed with a bad cold, but willing to talk to an eager beaver.

2004. Arnold, Carson.
Listen! 2 "Margie Wienk Speaks".

A full interview with the musician on on a 4-1/4 x 6 card. Listen! is a series of music column postcard profiles and interviews by Carson Arnold. Living in Vermont, Carson has written for a variety of magazines and pioneered two online columns of articles, interviews - Track and Hear.

:Carson chose the subject and set off on a trail to get it....

2004. Arnold, Carson.
Listen! 3 "The Tale of Christoph Meyer".

A full interview with the innovative publisher on a 4-1/4 x 6 card. Listen! is a series of music column postcard profiles and interviews by Carson Arnold. Living in Vermont, Carson has written for a variety of magazines and pioneered two online columns of articles, interviews - Track and Hear.

:Christoph Meyer was a young writer and adventurous sort who sent to me his self publications and I loved their energy.I put them into Carson's hands and said "you two may hit it off." A card happened.

2004. Arnold, Carson.
Listen! 4 "Running With Cerberus Shoal".

A full interview with the musician on a 4-1/4 x 6 card. Listen! is a series of music column postcard profiles and interviews by Carson Arnold. Living in Vermont, Carson has written for a variety of magazines and pioneered two online columns of articles, interviews - Track and Hear.

:I believe this was the card that we designed with a photograph and fancied it up. Carson took care of the printing with the print shop when we all went to town but forgot to tell them he wanted it all in black & white. He returned to a color printed card, and a $75 bill, with $5 in his pocket..

2004. Beltrametti, Franco.
I Tend To Simplify Everything.

With an afterword by James Koller. Folded accordion booklet with attractive wrap around band.

:it was time for the return of Franco. So I rounded up everything we published by FB over all the years and edited it up into a neat booklet to hand around to new readers. Asking his friend Jim Koller for an afterward was the icing on the cake. A poet this vital should never be thought of as gone.

2004. Clark, Thomas A.

Folded accordion booklet with attractive wrap around band. One of only 24 signed copies by the poet who ranges and hikes the hills and water edges of Scotland, notebook in pocket.

:ah, Thomas A Clark. I'd long read his work and admired it from afar - Vermont to Scotland. It was Eck Finlay who first brought me some of Tom's poems for Longhouse and more years would pass before we finally met. Quite by accident. It turned out that Tom had been also invited over for the Lorine Niedecker festival in Milwaukee during October 2003. I was straight out meeting many new and old friends at the time over a few days in the city's bustle, and it wouldn't be until the very last day, while touring the great fort of books and art at Woodland Pattern that Tom would literally rush up to me with the sincerest smile and shake my hand with his two hands.It turned out we were meeting under the watchful care of Ian Hamilton Finlay, who spoke well of us both. From that day on we have been in close touch. I'd ask Tom if he would send us work each year thereafter for a booklet we would gladly publish, and he's been there. At home in Scotland he is married to Laurie Clark, the artist, who is also a friend.

2004. Corman, Cid. The Famous Blue Aerogrammes.

1 of 100 copies, in wraps. Selected poems edited by Bob Arnold of Cid Corman's poems written on the outside of the poet's aerogrammes from Kyoto, Japan. A prime example of age-old mail-art. Introduction by Bob Arnold. Limited edition.

:I always wanted to make a collection from Cid's mail-art of the poems he typed or handwrote on the outside of his aerogrammes to me. He did this with everyone. Over the years starting about 1990 to the end I had quite a collection, in the many hundreds. I pared the poems down to an even one-hundred, wrote an introduction explaining some things and set forth to build a handmade book. As I recall we used recycled old covers to make this cover, so if you look closely you might detect the old printing under pasted down leaves..


2004. Corman, Cid, translator.
"from Zeno Bianu's / Takes On The Chinese / ( I Ching) Book Of Changes".

Fold-out accordion with wrap around band.

:Cid left us with manuscripts even though he was gone, and we aimed to keep them rolling out.I loved the idea for this one - right out of Cid's bag of tricks. After we published the booklet and posted it all free on our website, Zeno Bianu contacted us with a what-in-the-world-is-this? note. Maybe Cid failed to tell him he was working on a translation from the French and here it was. No problem with Zeno, he was just surprised. He asked for a few copies, and we mailed them out the next day.

2004. Corman, Cid, translator.
"Grass For A Pillow".

8 booklets. Corman, Cid, translator. "Grass For A Pillow". Eight separate booklets of poetry translations by: Celan, Char, classic Korean courtesans, Corman, Montale, Ryokan, Scotellaro, Sengai .

:over some years we had issued a lovely selection of Cid's small booklets of translations from around the world. The booklets were very limited and vanished quickly. One day we decided to gather each into a bundle, wrap them in a decorative band, and make them available...using one of the lines from one of the poems as its title.

2004. Dhompa, Tsering Wangmo .
In The Absent Everyday.

Folded accordion booklet with attractive wrap around band. Limited edition of 30. Signed by the poet on the decorative wrap-around band.

:a favorite poet of our press who has always been kind to send a deep draw of poems whenever we ask. This selection would later be included in the poet's book with the same title. Her home is San Francisco when she isn't traveling throughout her native home of Tibet.

2004. Dorman, Kim.
Selections from Kerala / Haiku.

Folded booklet of six poems.

:Kim publishes his "Gleanings" each month from Austin, Texas - a heartfelt summing up of the last 30 days in the poet's poetry eye, books, favored films, music and sharings of other writers work. It's always clean-built with a balanced reverence. Before Kim returned to his native southwest with his family, they lived for many years in India,where much of his poetry prejudices make flower. It was Kim's Austin neighbor and friend Dale Smith who suggested we be in touch.

2004. Schelling, Andrew .
Huerfano Valley Seed Songs.

Folded accordion booklet with attractive wrap around band. Limited edition of 30. Signed by the poet on the decorative wrap-around band.

:Andrew, traveler and sometime field reporter for Longhouse, sent these new poems from a sojourn he made from Colorado down the pike to New Mexico. His notebook out and hand scribing.

2004. Schelling, Andrew.
Poems from the Satasai of King Hala Maharashtra State, ca. 200 C. E..

Translated by Andrew Schelling. Folded accordion booklet with attractive wrap around band.

:Andrew followed up his own poems with more of his translations for a classicist's booklet.

2004. Seligson, Fred Jeremy.
Cherry Blossoms.

Folded accordion booklet with attractive wrap around band.

:eons ago Jeremy called while he was on the road coming to Vermont and Cid suggested he look us up. Early 70s, Bob & Susan in a kerosene lit cabin with no phone. The "call" was to Susan's job in town. Plus it was March and mud-season. Nothing quite connected. We would eventually meet up at Jeremy's apartment in Bennington, a slight and kindly fellow with the quietest poems in all the world. For all those years and a later life in South Korea he remained a close confidant with the Corman family (Cid & Shizumi) and was often instrumental at tiding over the well being of the couple during many lean years. Parts of the poet's masterpiece "Of" were underwritten and so published with the care from Jeremy. One spring day he was walking through a park near his home and came upon a flurry of 50 poems or better rushing his notebook, all of cherry blossoms. He told me of the occasion and I couldn't resist taking some and selecting a booklet of blossoms.

2004. Vega, Janine Pommy .
Across The Table.

Folded accordion booklet with attractive wrap around band. Illustrated by Jack Hirschman.

:I was talking to Janine one day, fresh home from Europe and public readings and she had new poems, including one that included Jack Hirschman...a poet we last published 30 years ago. I asked for what she had and what she had she sent. The booklet had to be altered because of the size of the poem and fitting the Hirschman art-work, and every bit of the extra work was worth it.

2004. Vega, Janine Pommy.
Mean Ol' Badger Blues.

Love Thy Poet 28 series. Large postcard poem 7-1/4 x 5-1/4 which can be used for mailing or framing.

:this poem came with the above and was a natural for a card, a bit larger than our normal size printing. It's almost unavoidable not to read or sing or chant aloud, depending on how hurt you are.

2004. Wang Fan-Chih [Seaton, J. P., translator ].
A Little Nasty Zen Poetry.

Folded accordion booklet with attractive wrap around band.

:the second gem from Sandy Seaton. I often find plenty of material in our correspondence to pin a title for the booklets or some other headings. Sandy is fluid as annotator of the Chinese, translator, chief guide into the mystic. He locates the most prize wonders and beatific minds and makes a council.

2005. Arnold, Bob. "a cup of water." For Ian Hamilton Finlay's 80th birthday.

Love Thy Poet 36 series. Two-color card. Signed by the poet.

:now Ian has passed away. There's nothing left to do except write to him in a public display of fellowship.

2005. Arnold, Bob.
All Wind and Sunshine.

Fold out booklet of poems, signed.

:love poems. Julie Johnston in Scotland made a selection of my poems for her journal "Island" which I much enjoyed, and so I followed suit and made a slightly longer selection for a US published booklet.

2005. Arnold, Bob.

Fold out accordion booklet of poems, signed.

:this sequence of poems was of father love, building, and saying so.

2005. Arnold, Bob.
Further Notice.

Love Thy Poet 33 series. Postcard poem.

:Carson and Becky would be wed on a Big Sur inlet all by themselves. Being 3000 miles away the least I could do was write a poem to them. I sent it to Joanne Kyger since I used an old title for the poem from a Philip Whalen poem I always liked. Joanne reprinted the poem without telling me, thus a lovely surprise, in her local Bolinas, CA. newspaper. The newlyweds honeymooned throughout California until their money quickly ran out.

2005. Arnold, Bob.

Four poem broadside. Signed by the poet.

:not quite a successful outing. Only one of the four poems makes it.

2005. Arnold, Bob.
Milking / Universe.

Two books in one. Milking and Universe is limited to 100 numbers sewn and banded by Bob & Susan Arnold by the woodfire, dedicated to all those who work farm hour passages & Thomas A. Clark. Sewn wraps with wrap around band, signed by the poet.

:two books in one wrap and designed with an overlap flow to the texts. I dedicated the farm poems to those that work in that field, and to my friend Thomas A Clark. I should save the book for an ideal two minute public reading.

2005. Arnold, Bob.
"Time To Clean The Woodshed Together." & "Answer".

Love Thy Poet 37 series. Two poem, two-color Autumnal celebration. Postcard. Signed by the poet.

:meant to pin up in your woodshed no matter where you are. The ethics of getting it done.

2005. Arnold, Bob (editor).
Longhouse Complete Archive 2004-2005.

A cache of very limited editions, all new and bright all around, and often issued in only 50 copies. Many signed. This archive is one of only ten issued from the press: Edited by Bob Arnold / / Arnold, Bob. "a cup of water", for Ian Hamilton Finlay's 80th birthday. Two-color card. Signed by the poet / / Arnold, Bob. All Wind and Sunshine. Fold out booklet & signed by the poet / / Arnold, Bob. Builder. Fold out accordion booklet & signed by the poet / / Arnold, Bob. "By Foot". Two-color card, signed by the poet / / Arnold, Bob. "Cid". 4 x 6. One of 50 copies, signed by the poet / / Arnold, Bob. Further Notice. Two-color card, signed by the poet / / Arnold, Bob. Go. Four poem broadside & signed by the poet / / Arnold, Bob. Milking / Universe. Signed: Two books in one. Milking and Universe is limited to 100 numbers sewn and banded by Bob & Susan Arnold by the woodfire, dedicated to all those who work farm hour passages & Thomas A. Clark. Sewn wraps with wrap around band, signed by the poet / / Arnold, Bob. The Face of a Dictator. Two-color card, signed by the poet / / Arnold, Bob. "Time To Clean The Woodshed Together." & "Answer". Two poem, two-color Autumnal celebration postcard. Signed by the poet. / / Arnold, Bob. Woodburners We Recommend Autumn Equinox 2004. signed: Short essays on the work of Hayden Carruth, Jonathan Greene, James Koller, John Martone, Gary Snyder, Howlin Wolf, Richard Meltzer, George Stanley, Marcia Roberts and politics in the year 2004. One of 25 copies. Limited edition. Two-color six page folded sheets in wraps, signed by the poet / / Arnold, Bob. Woodcutter's Autumn. First book in a trilogy. Foldout booklet and signed by the poet / / Arnold, Bob. You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To. Second book in a trilogy which includes "Woodcutter's Autumn" with a forthcoming title due in the winter of 2005. Foldout booklet and signed / / Arnold, Carson / Cerbeus Shoal. Running With Cerbeus Shoal. Listen! #4. Postcard interview. / / Arnold, Carson / Christoph Meyer. The Tale of Christoph Meyer. Listen! #3. Postcard interview. / / Arnold, Carson / David Axelrod. My Conversation with David Axelrod. Listen! #1. Postcard interview. / / Arnold, Carson / Margie Wienk. Margie Wienk Speaks. Listen! #2. Postcard interview. / / Arnold, Susan. "Bob Arnold's Cairn Summit". 8 photographs as postcard, displaying the stonemason's recent stone constructions. Signed by the photographer / / Arnold, Susan. Vermont Street Singers for New Orleans Musicians. Arnold, Susan photographer. 9 photograph color card of poets & musicians: Becky, Carson and Bob Arnold; Greg Joly; Terry Hauptman; Bert and James Koller; Jacqueline and Dudley Laufman in action. Signed by the photographer / / Beltrametti, Franco. I Tend To Simplify Everything. With an afterword by James Koller. Folded accordion booklet with attractive wrap around band. / / Clark, Thomas A.. Yellow. signed: One of only 24 signed copies by the poet who ranges and hikes the hills and water edges of Scotland, notebook in pocket. Fold out booklet of a sequence of poems. Highly attractive / / Corman, Cid, translator. "from ZENO BIANU’S:TAKES ON THE CHINESE ( I CHING) BOOK OF CHANGES". Foldout booklet of poems / / Corman, Cid, translator. "Grass For A Pillow". Eight separate booklets of poetry translations by: Celan, Char, classic Korean courtesans, Corman, Montale, Ryokan, Scotellaro, Sengai / / Dorman, Kim. Selections from Kerla / Haiku. Folded booklet of six poems / / Greene, Jonathan. Pond. Postcard two-color / / Gross, David. Two Poems : At The Feed Store / Mankind. Double-side printed card. / / Hauptman, Terry. Painted Turtle. Postcard two-color / / Horowitz, Mikhail. "For New Orleans, 9/7/05". Postcard two-color / / Joly, Greg. Broken Glass Road. Limited edition. Two-color. Fold-out accordion booklet. Signed by the poet / / Kelder, Cralan. Night Falls and Is Slow To Get Up. Fold-out accordion booklet. / / Kiers, Toby. "I Made It Back Safe from Vermont ...". Postcard two-color / / Martone, John. tree house. Two-color. Fold-out accordion booklet / / Michaux, Henri [translated by Louise Landes Levi]. "Like I See You". Postcard poem / / Montale, Eugenio [Corman, Cid, translator]. [Untitled] "Bring me the sunflower to transplant". Translated by Cid Corman. Love Thy Poet 31. Postcard two-color / / Schelling, Andrew. Poems from the Satasai of King Hala Maharashtra State, ca. 200 C. E.. Translated by Andrew Schelling. Folded accordion booklet with attractive wrap around band. / / Seaton, J. P., translator. Thirty Years to Instant Enlightenment. signed: Fold-out accordion with wrap around band. New and limited. A third booklet from J. P. Seaton and his world of Asian wonders, lonesome travelers and sometimes sidekicks. With illustrations by Jerome Seaton and designed herein by two-hands. Signed by both the translator and artist / / Wang Fan-Chih [Seaton, J. P., translator ]. A Little Nasty Zen Poetry. Folded accordion booklet with attractive wrap around band. Signed by the translator / / Weil, James L.. Three Poems : Mother / Virginia Creeper / Mother, Gone. One fold booklet.

:an obssessed or devotional moment in time? you decide. We gathered up our print work for all of 2005 and decided to house it as a reader's gathering. I do the finding and editing and design work, Susan takes care of making it come out right on the inkjet printer (and on-line screen).

2005. Arnold, Susan.
Bob Arnold's Cairn Summit. Stone Buildings Circa Vermont .

Love Thy Poet 39 series. Eight colored photographs from a woodlot setting of a stonemason's work. Cardstock. Signed by the photographer Susan Arnold.

:as a stone builder I was closer to home that Fall and decided to lay up stone cairns on a trail we have through our woodlot leading to a summit cairn I laid up in memory of Cid Corman. Susan decided to take a string of photographs after the cairns were done. Our first color photograph card.

2005. Arnold, Susan / Bob Arnold.
Vermont Street Readings for New Orleans Musicians / Little Voice.

Love Thy Poet 41 series. Nine photograph display postcard, with a poem by Bob Arnold. Featuring poets and musicians, Bob Arnold, Becky Arnold, Carson Arnold, Terry Hauptman, Greg Joly, Bert Koller, James Koller, Dudley Laufman, Jacqueline Laufman. Color photos by the photographer Susan Arnold Signed by Bob & Susan Arnold.

:during the same time as laying up the stone cairns, I was organizing street readings to earn money to send to Preservation Hall down in flooded New Orleans for badly struck musicians. I made a call to many friends to come and read with me. Greg Joly was my immediate companion in this. Jim Koller and his son Bert drove down all the way from Maine with gas prices already soaring. The next day, Jim and I read again at a local art gallery for a friendly proprieter who gave us the space and announced it on a sandwich board that we would be reading for a lunch hour crowd. About six people showed up, one guy with a roast beef sandwich in hand.We sold a few books.

2005. Berge, Carol. “unfinished poem”.

Never realized. Only 12 in existence. We have 10. Carol Berge holds two, which she disavowed months before her passing. We revised the design and format and reissued in a larger edition of 50.

:dear Carol - the only poet I know of, who tried to seduce Cid Corman, and then years later, me. I was in my cabin years and Carol came for a visit. She burned almost every bridge she crossed and was just about unnoticed in the poetry media, pathetically, when she died in early 2006 at the age of 78. A true classical mind with an experimenter's adventure - she wrote novels, stories, poetry and was a fierce editor and itinerant teacher. She'd end up in Santa Fe with a knack for selling antiques and hiring a co-worker to maintain her manuscripts and submissions. Like some others who have a reputation for scowering the earth with ashes wherever they trod, she was generous to a fault. After she wanted to claw my eyes out and shut her iron gate for the next 30 years, we resumed contact on Cid's passing and there came sweet letters, submissions, back copies of her important magazne "Center". This poem was from Carol's hand only a few weeks before her death - an old one she had tweaked up and wanted with us. Our first passing at preparing a booklet she verbally (by e-mail) shredded before our eyes. I miss her.

2005. Clark, Thomas A. .

Fold out accordion booklet.

2005. Clark, Thomas A..

One of only 24 signed copies by the poet who ranges and hikes the hills and water edges of Scotland, notebook in pocket. Fold out booklet of a sequence of poems.

:Tom is a man of his word at arriving each Spring with poems for us to make one more seasonal booklet. And there are years ahead.

2005. Greene, Jonathan.

Love Thy Poet 40 series. Two color postcard. 5-1/2 x 4-1/4.

:I was planning a booklet of Jonathan's and he sent plenty to choose from. I squeezed what could muster into a two-sleeve foldout and saved this one as a postcard. I pretty much used the whole manuscript up.He writes of rural life with a fine tooth comb.

2005. Gross, David.
Two Poems : At The Feed Store / Mankind.

Double-side printed small broadside.

:two well-versed common sense poems that could be left at any Agway counter to take away with your sack of grain. We did this one business card size and inviting to handle.

2005. Hauptman, Terry.
Painted Turtle.

Love Thy Poet 38 series. Three color postcard. 5-1/2 x 4-1/4.

:as neighbors for decades Terry and I have been around the world with conversation, get-togethers, much of me being hired for carpentry and tree work at her family home. She's read with me on the street and we often attract young women who like what they hear between us. One day Terry read this poem and I knew I wanted to take it further.

2005. Horowitz, Mikhail.
"For New Orleans, 9/7/05".

Love Thy Poet 35 series. Postcard.

:Mikhail, the truest of the seekers. Excellent performance poet, literary and musical archeologist of the underdog. Who better to have a poem for New Orleans the day it was flooded? and he shoots it to me by screen and we shoot it onto a postcard that same day, ready for a reading that afternoon on the street. Mikhail with us in spirit. I gave a bunch away to those that wandered close, a little curious.So you work fast to gusto the troops and a typo was found by an eagle eye a day or two later. We repaired and reprinted.

2005. Joly, Greg.
Broken Glass Road.

Two-color. Fold-out accordion booklet of poems. Signed by the poet. Premiere issue of the Back Road Caller series: Back Road Caller 1

:probably the one poet of all we've published I've been the most active with in Vermont - and it all started when he knocked on my door and announced he wanted to do a book of my poems. Letterpress. Particular paper stock and type and design. He was going to run this off on a press area that took up nearly half of his apartment and the press was called Bull Thistle. Something you don't want to step into. His other authors would each have exquisite books following mine. Greg is also a poet, farm worker, homesteader, husband to Mary and an independent scholar on the life of Helen & Scott Nearing. He was the only poet crazy enough I could think of close by to join me to read on the street. We are completing a one year stint, never having missed a week. During that time I heard Greg's poems over & over and came to like a group an awful lot. I asked him one day to let me take the clutch of poems he was reading from and I'd try my hand at selecting a booklet, knowing I already had one in my head.The title is the name of the road that brings you Greg & Mary's house.

2005. Kelder, Cralan.
Night falls and is slow to get up.

Fold-out accordion booklet. Signed by the poet. Back Road Caller 2

:Cralan. A name I couldn't quite pronounce until we met and I asked him to say it. Of course I had been pronouncing it wrong for six months! Of course he had invented the name! Some combination anglo-saxon/dutch. He came my way through skilled archivist Richard Aaron and every bit that Richard enjoyed in the poet's work, I was right with him. When Cralan visited the states from Amsterdam we hooked up for a round of visits between two states, and he even made his way to read one early Spring afternoon with us on the street. A great free spirit. I had already edited up this booklet of poems by Cralan, his second, which joins brotherly with the one published in Ireland by Simon Cutts. Watch this guy.

2005. Kiers, Toby.
"I Made It Back Safe from Vermont ...".

Love Thy Poet 32 series. Postcard. Signed.

:Cralan had a friend who was a Phd in the sciences., and she hopped trains sometimes between Maine and Vermont. Seriously. When Cralan shared a letter from Toby's train adventures with me, I immediately saw a hunky passage take shape for one of our postcards. I just did it up and asked for Toby's address and mailed it to her as a surprise..In 2006 they invited us to their wedding in Amsterdam, but wouldn't you know, there was no train to get there.

2005. Martone, John.
tree house.

Two-color, fold-out accordion booklet of poems.Back Road Caller 3

:John never bugs anyone. So when he wrote to say he had a group of poems he wanted me to read, I knew we had a booklet possible in hand. Sure enough. Only a one sleeve foldout and it fills your lungs.

2005. Michaux, Henri [translated by Louise Landes Levi].
"Like I See You".

Love Thy Poet 34 series. Postcard poem.

:I was slowly but surely receiving poems from Louise from her saddlebag of translations sweeping the globe. Her hand on Michaux, like with her Daumal work, is concise and dramatic. I'd ask for more. This one is repeatedly read and handed out on our street readings. Go find it on our website and see why.

2005. Montale, Eugenio [Corman, Cid, translator].
[Untitled] "Bring me the sunflower to transplant".

Love Thy Poet 31 series. Translated by Cid Corman. Postcard.

:I've little things by Cid still left in the files ready to print. I go and find these on a special day, and raring to share with the rest of the world.

2005. Phillips, John.
A Small Window.

Fold-out booklet with wrap around band.

:as I recall, John had some holiday off from his school teaching job and he worked up new poems he was taking a shine to. I asked him to save these for me and send when ready. He did. And then he put us through the ringer to get them set right on the screen. Take care of a poet whose first major poetry collection is titled "Language Is".

2005. Seaton, J. P., translator.
Thirty Years to Instant Enlightenment.

Fold-out accordion with wrap around band. A third booklet from J. P. Seaton and his world of Asian wonders, lonesome travelers and sometimes sidekicks. With illustrations by Jerome Seaton and designed herein by two-hands. Signed & unsigned editions. Back Road Caller 4

:here's something mighty fine, and the third booklet of translation we've published by the Chinese scholar JP Seaton. Plus this time Sandy is joined by his son Jerome with his companionable illustrations. We're working presently on more to come from these two.

2005. Weil, James L..
Three Poems : Mother / Virginia Creeper / Mother, Gone.

One fold booklet. One of only 50 copies.

:Jim at his sweetest, since there is no place like home, or mother. A small card with a fold - meaning, at least two poems of the three are tucked up underneath.

2006. Arnold, Bob. A Gary Snyder Visit.

Three color fold out booklet. Prose. With a drawing of Gary Snyder by the author and signed. One of 50 copies.

:it's 30 August as I finish up these annotations and it has to be the most beautiful day of the year, weather-wise. Blue sky. Not a cloud. A breeze has been lightly along the tree-tops all day - the oak leaves turned over playfully and showing their pale undersides, the tamarack tree tall and smoothly swaying at the tippity-top. Anyone should feel as in love and in the breeze as this. Last April Gary Snyder came to the northeast when there were still snowflurries blowing through the days. He came in a jacket and tie because he said that's the way you visit the northeast. A warm, celebratory audience met him at the Smith College campus from the Eastern Religion and Philosophy department, plus poets & readers came out of the woodwork to hear Gary read from his newest book "Danger On Peaks". He couldn't have been a more available friend to all.

2006. Arnold, Bob.
Called Back.

Foldout booklet with photograph. One of 50 copies limited and signed by Bob Arnold.

:the photograph inside was of Bob Arnold & Greg Joly reading in May in 'downtown' Townsend, Vermont: which is a crossway of back roads and a town common.The two poets have just polished off a homestead renovation job further up the road. It had been 10 days of steady work brought about when Greg was asked by a neighbor if he knew of anyone who could do renovation/house-jacking, stone and carpentry repairs and Greg thought of me. To show my appreciation, since I needed a helper, I hired Greg. The day we buttoned up the job we figured the long drive back to my place could best be done with doing 15 minute public readings in every town along the way. Of course some towns attracted us for sometimes a half-hour.We cleaned up the job-site, then planned to set out for the readings, and even fit in a tour of the Helen & Scott Nearing locations Greg was very familiar with in his Jamaica, Vermont region.Susan Arnold was with us, her camera in hand - proof that we did it.

2006. Arnold, Bob.

Three color fold out booklet wrapped in Tibetan handmade papers with wraps around band. An edition of 1 of 50 signed.

:this was the third booklet in the trilogy that began with "Woodcutter's Autumn" and middled with "You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To". For awhile we became nutty with Tibetan handmade paper. We go through phases.

2006. Baker, Ed.
"Purple ...".

Slip card. Three color.

:Ed Baker had a lovely book come in the mail for me one morning and I was so taken by one of the poems in the book that I asked to reprint it dead on the spot. Ed's an easy going guy.

2006. Beam, Jeffery.
Gospel Earth.

Three color fold out booklet wrapped in Tibetan handmade papers with wraps around band. Signed & unsigned numbers. Back Road Caller 5

:Jeffery Beam has shared a myriad of his publications with us. He hovers around that legendary region of North Carolina that brings out hollerin', poets, real singers, and a certain fine strangeness. He makes his living in the library trade and edits an excellent journal called "Oyster Boy". When he wrote and described to me his new piece of work titled "Gospel Earth" the title alone had me ask to see it all, even though I knew it would be much too large for us to publish. The poems came eerily out of gloom, sunlight splash, beast powers and something akin to spirituals. It got real messy on my hands and in my head and thoroughly unavoidable so we went and printed it all and posted it on-line. Share the powers. I could have edited it down to a two sleeve foldout but I went even more dangerously thin and chose a one sleeve hollowing booklet. Less is more unless you want it all.

2006. Bolinger, William.
Seven Verses from the Tao Te Ching.

Three color fold out poems. With wrap around band.Signed & unsigned numbers. Back Road Caller 6

:Bill Bolinger was the one Sandy Seaton, his friend, said I should publish. A poet and translator who has worked in a correctional facility for lots of years. No surprise what and who he decided to send to me.The versions here are packed for trouble, packed for goodwill.Since I wrote this annotation we have learned Bill has passed away.

2006. Clark, Thomas A..

Three color fold out booklet with wrap around band.Signed & unsigned numbers.

:Tom shared with me that he wrote these poems after he read my book about building & tools "Sunswumthru A Building". He had my book in working manuscript, and I didn't quite know what I had written until I read my friend's fine poems. The third in a series of booklets we have published of this Scottish poet's.

2006. Dorman, Kim.
"Ah, Bonnie & Clyde ...".

Love Thy Poet 44 series. Two-color card.

:Kim and I have been writing email letters to one another about every day for two years. Isn't life crazy? We both have long term marriages with women who have about the same name, plus we are dad's of sons the same age.There's lots to talk about! The other day Kim got excited about sharing a story his mother told him about the desperadoes Bonnie & Clyde. We both love the film, but Kim is a native of Oklahoma where the Barrow gang terrorized for awhile. He had a great paragraph about his mother's memory of the gang in a recent letter, and I stole it, nails and all, and made it into a postcard that I mailed to him as a lark. It worked.

2006. Dorman, Kim.
Far Towns.

Three color fold out booklet wrapped in Tibetan handmade papers with wraps around band. An edition of 1 of 50 of which only a few are signed. Back Road Caller 7

:Kim Dorman, you probably never heard of him. That's because he lived in India for quite awhile where good habits are often made.

2006. Fox, Hugh.
Delayed Empathy.

Love Thy Poet 42 series. Postcard poem .

:Hugh Fox has been around an awful long time in the small press world and done about everything you can do in it and with it. One day out of the blue a book manuscript arrived here from Hugh and somewhere in the middle was this huddled up poem homage to the late, great d.a. levy. To my ears it was just right because it wasn't fabulous but because it was so bleachingly sincere. So I did what I do and sent Hugh a bunch.We've never met.

Jerome Seaton from Love thy Poet card series

2006. Greene, Jonathan. The Death Of A Kentucky Coffee-Tree & Other Poems.

Three color fold out booklet wrapped in Tibetan handmade papers with wraps around band. An edition of 1 of 50 of which only a few are signed. Back Road Caller 8

:just like Jonathan's earlier Longhouse booklet from the hummingbird's trough, this one surrounds all what's going or gone from the natural world, with bows to a coffee-tree from the poet's home in Kentucky. There's plenty of staying power, too.

2006. Griffin, Whit.
“Motion, With Respect To The Ether”.

Love Thy Poet 43 series. Two-color card.

:it was Ted Enslin who told me some years ago very good things about Whit Griffin and time went on and then we met by mail and poems were sent and this beauty cropped up. He may not have a book of poems out yet, but he will.


2006. Koller, James. Some To Keep, Some To Pass Along, September 2003 - November 2004.

Three color fold out poems. With wrap around band. Signed & unsigned numbers. Back Road Caller 9

:I've been reading Jim Koller's poetry closely for 40 years and had alredy edited and collected a few booklets from Longhouse of his work and this one fell right into step. Jim had recently published his fine book of poems "Snows Gone By" from Alameda Press, and I asked to read what he was now working on. He sent over 100 poems and from these I threshed out a booklet. He had read some of these poems when we read together in Brattleboro at the Catherine Dainich.Gallery and during the reading my head turned once, twice and at least three times to some of the poems I was hearing and much enjoying.

2006. Michaux, Henri / Louise Landes Levi, trans..
Toward Totality I / / Vers La Completude.

Two-color. Fold-out accordion booklet.

:Louise Landes Levi knew Henri Michaux and studied carefully with him. One day I met Louise with Susan when we were working in a poet's garden in Woodstock and Louise and her cloud of black hair suddenly appeared. Purple sunglasses. With only one friend by her side Louise somehow made it feel like a tribe was dancing around us. I knew she was working on her Michaux, and I asked her if I might take a look at the manuscript. She said she would send it. The problem is Louise had the manuscript with at least two other publishers, and I only found out about that after I had edited down her manuscript for a two booklet purpose from Longhouse.I believe one publisher vanished, and the other, Shivistan, planned to do all of the Michaux as a complete collection. Life was good for Louise! We brought out our edited versions first, as two booklets looking exactly alike.

2006. Michaux, Henri / Louise Landes Levi, trans..
Toward Totality II / / Vers La Completude.

Two-color. Fold-out accordion booklet.

:this wasn't a sequel to part I. It was continuance.

2006. Mills, Billy.
Seven Paper Places.

Three color fold out poems. With wrap around band. Signed & unsigned numbers

:It'd been years since last in touch with Billy Mills now living back in Ireland. I wrote to see how he was and if he had anything new he might like to send to us. There came an immediate reply, a sharing of books, and all the reasons to believe in poetry.

2006. Seligson, Jeremy.
Air Mail.

Slip card. Three color design.

:Jeremy is just the match for the slip of poem just passing hand to hand.

2006. Simpson, Steve. "Even A Poet Dies...".

Slip card. Three color design.

:Steve Simpson sometimes calls me out of the wild blue yonder or mails me something with a letter attached. He's a builder in southern California, and not Los Angeles, more east of San Diego. Many miles east. I'm not sure he has ever published but he reads poetry with an advocate's love. He was instrumental at being a good friend with Cid Corman and has helped his work out where he could. After Cid's death, Steve took part in some memorials and one day he sent me a little message about how he was feeling. It landed in my lap like a leaf. I printed it on a slip without asking Steve and sent him copies and he didn't seem to mind.

2006. Walsh, Catherine.
From Optic Verve.

Three color fold out poems. With wrap around band.Signed & unsigned numbers.

: I wrote to Catherine the same day I wrote to Billy Mills since they are married and why not flood the house with a "hello email" after so many years. I asked Catherine the same thing I asked Billy: how have you been, and would you have any poems? No surprise her response was exactly the same: a bunch of new books, some poems to consider for publishing. In a few days we had everything printed and I read Catherine & Billy's booklets during my next street reading for New Orleans.

2006. Watson, Scott , translator.

Three color fold out poems. With wrap around band. Back Road Caller 10

:we had published Scott for the past decade and I had been watching with interest his translations of one wild hombre in particular, the Japanese wayfayering stranger Santoka. Scott had a way and guts, like Santoka, to make the poems bric 'n brac on the page and never lose their loveliness or charm. So I asked Scott to send me a bunch until I said "stop", but I don't recall ever saying stop, we just one day had a booklet ready. Susan found some leaves for the imprint on the text sleeve that for a change she printed enlarged. I took a look and immediately thought it was a mistake. And then something reminded me - either years of reading Japanese books or that washi sense that is hugely appealing. It looked great on the screen and on the paper, and days later when his copies arrived in Japan, Scott approved.


2006. Porche, Verandah. Welcome To Total Loss Farm

Three color fold out poems. With wrap around band. Signed & unsigned numbers. Back Road Caller 11

:as the crow flies, Verandah Porche is our neighbor in these Vermont hills. One evening, recently, she gave a reading at the Brattleboro library, and there were a particular handful of poems I enjoyed hearing and made a mental note to ask her some time about them. She also sang - and well - a song she had written about her life on Total Loss Farm, a commune made most famous through one book by Raymond Mungo and an anthology of writings by many from the commune. When Verandah's and my path crossed again - during a reading on the street where I invited her to join in - I nabbed those poems and we made a booklet.


2006. Giannini, David. How Else?

Three color fold out poems. With wrap around band. Signed & unsigned numbers.

: I've been reading David Giannini's poems since we met sometime around 1973. My sister sent up from home in the Berkshire's this small newspaper article, with photograph, of a young poet from New Jersey trying his hand at living around Florida Mountain in Massachusetts. I'd been many times over that mountain so of course I was interested in the guy. We connected and its been a rousing relationship ever since. I went through two or three manuscripts of David's, winnowing nicely, to find this booklet shining up.


2006. Arnold, Bob, editor. The Back Road Caller Series

Three color fold out poems. With wrap around band. Signed & unsigned numbers.

: a new series begun in 2005 with Greg Joly's "Broken Glass Road" booklet and extending far into the future. My hope is to pull in poets from around the world who live literally on back roads to far towns,or who travel that way, and whose work holds fast to extinct traditions.Others in the series include: Cralan Kelder, John Martone, Bill Bolinger, Bob Arnold, Jeffery Beam, Kim Dorman, Jonathan Greene, James Koller, Santoka/Scott Watson, Verandah Porche, Hoa Nguyen, Dale Smith, Rita Degli Esposti and forthcoming for 2007: Bobby Byrd, Alec Finlay, J.P. Seaton, Thomas Clark, Laurie Clark, Stefan Hyner, Eliot Katz, Andy Clausen.....



2006. Rosenow, Ce. A Year Longer

Three color fold out booklet with wrap around band.

: I asked Ce for poems the same time I began soliciting work for the last four issues of Origin that John Martone would edit with me over the fall-winter 2006/7. Ce is a quiet northwestern poet, often concentrating with haiku. She kindly sent along a fine batch of work for me to edit up a sequence. Only her title for the booklet seemed wrong so I asked if I could try a suggestion. Ce was all ears. A year earlier she had edited my own book "Invent A World" with such a sure hand that I knew we could flow with a give & take without a disturbance.The booklet would be quietly issued in late 2006 simply to be better known for the Origin on-line issue in 2007.Afterwards it will be on both the Origin and Longhouse sites.


2006. Arnold, Bob, editor. Love Thy Poet Turns 50!, a dozen postcards anthology

Many colored postcard size poems with wrap around band.

: a dozen poets I was working with in the Fall 2006 for either the Origin issues or for Longhouse. Most would mingle and wedge and flow between the two publishing events. Some we had published many times over decades; others were new and exciting to finally land - Hoa Nguyen, Bobby Byrd, Cralan Kelder, Rita Degli Esposti, Franco Beltrametti, James Koller, Bob Arnold, Eliot Katz, Andy Clausen, Louise Landes Levi, Jerome Seaton, Alec Finlay - very sweet. The cards are many colored and designed by Bob & Susan Arnold and are unique to frame. Very limited. We started off with only two-dozen sets and may print more in the same first issue print run if there is a call. Below is a list of each poet and title and number in the Love Thy Poet series. Each card was issued during the Fall 2006 and mainly distributed into the poets hands. Eventually each card will be seen on-line from the Longhouse website. A few of the poems will be tucked into an Origin issue. You don't let good work get away.

Love Thy Poet #45: Hoa Nguyen Of Mercury

: I had the treat, and that's the correct word, to select through a manuscript by Hoa in the late summer 06. A sequence of poems was arranged for a booklet to appear later this year in the Back Road Caller series. I ran out of design room for the booklet and was still hanging tough to this a postcard was just right. The poem stands alone.

Love Thy Poet #46: Bobby Byrd A Campbell's Tomato Soup Autobiography

:Bobby was a long time Longhouse friend and is forever there for you when asking for good work. Again, as all of the poets in this postcard series, I began collecting for the postcards and went overboard and began collecting for many other projects. This is Bobby hitting his stride over eras of time.

Love Thy Poet #47: Cralan Kelder "what sound wind makes"

:Cralan I know, have worked with on the street, at our home, and he's a wonder. Sorry to be so sentimental about it. Some time ago it was Richard Aaron who brought his work to my attention. Spot on. I've been enjoying making booklets and now this poem card with Cralan. I took liberties with this card and added in a certain design with the poem's shape that I figured, correctly, Cralan wouldn't object to.

Love Thy Poet #49: James Koller "A river I couldn't find"

:Jim sent us a manuscript during the Fall 06 and this poem just shined up out of the water as its own white stone. Had to have it. Had to print it. Such a beauty.

Love Thy Poet #48: Franco Beltrametti Spell Exercise

:Jim's dear friend Franco, now gone, and a friend of mine and others, like Stefan Hyner, who very generously sent me work to have for both Longhouse and Origin without a moment's hesitation. This and only this will keep poetry moving through the clouds.An ideal Franco poem at work & play.

Love Thy Poet #50: Bob Arnold The Reflex

:this happened one day in my life, and designing the poem up on the screen for printing I saw a way of having the motion of a hug be hopefully beheld

Love Thy Poet #51: Eliot Katz Full Moon Over Falluja

:Eliot is a joy to work with and shares right out of his bowl. I had two new books by Eliot that were making the rounds and this battle cry poem was mint for a postcard. I then asked him if he happened to have poems in the house by our friend Andy Clausen and he did. Andy's, below, was sent a few days later in a hefty manuscript I read through one long night with pleasure.

Love Thy Poet #52: Andy Clausen The Old Wobbly Prayer

:one of Andy's shorter recent poems. A master at long rhythmic physical ballads, poems and narratives. This one is a humble portrait etched with hand tools and heart.

Love Thy Poet #53: Rita Degli Esposti "150 Hours"

:Rita came via Louise Landes Levi and already having read her work from Coyote, I was wanting. The poem is both experimental and cinematic - as if charged by Fellini and Kurosawa - and it is just the start of many more poems issued from Longhouse.

Love Thy Poet #54: Louise Landes Levi "No Daughter"

:ever on the road, traveler, sacks of poetry, somehow I had sheafs of Louise's poems so when out of contact and preparing this series, I could choose something wonderful by Louise and she would be happy for it. An absolute gift to the poetry community by her graces, translations of Sanskrit, Daumal, Michaux.

Love Thy Poet #55: Jerome Seaton "Compassion"

:Jerome is the son of Chinese scholar J.P. Seaton and he's wicked with a pen and illustrative portraits by word and design. This is but one of many we will showcase in the year ahead.

Love Thy Poet #56: Alec Finlay "sorrel hears sorrow hears her sadness heals sorrel..."

:Alec is another son, of our friend Ian Hamilton Finlay, and his own downright poet, artist, publisher and jack of all trades maker. Color circle poems designed as hand-stamps by Alec and done by me, the old fashioned way: on the kitchen table and pressed onto cards. A little blurry means they're real.


2006. Esposti degli, Rita. Letters to the Nightingale

:Three color fold out poems. With wrap around band, Back Road Caller 12

:for poems I requested from Rita for Origin and Longhouse there was a golden cache, and at the tail-end of the manuscript there was, lo & behold, these handful of poems that were somehow all by themselves in my reading. I saw an immediate booklet formed in mind and asked Rita for permission to print as a booklet. She was all for it. One sheet, simple, folded out as these love poems with the less said the better.


2006. Smith, Dale. The Birds At My Window

:Three color fold out poems. With wrap around band, Back Road Caller 13

:Dale Smith of Austin really has me excited as an editor and friend. Husband to Hoa Nguyen and dad to Waylon and Keaton. Plus scholar of poetics, Coleridge and the greater songs of the heart - this one long poem is but one of many poems we plan to issue from both Longhouse and Origin over the next year...and this poem had impact written all over it for an editor to print and share.With Hoa, Dale is an activist of introducing poets to present day Austin, Texas, and he has been invaluable at networking and talking good infield chatter with us in Vermont.That's a neighbor.


2006. Pine, Red. Dancing With the Dead: language, poetry and the art of translation

:Three color fold out poems. With wrap around band, Back Road Caller 14

: I asked Red Pine (Bill Porter) for any translations he might have at hand, but the cupboard was bare. He did, though, have a short piece circulating on the Internet from a talk given at ......that I found ideal for our purposes, and to make it a printed booklet to be able to put into peoples hands. Bill was all gracious to share. We corrected only the mis-spelling of Allen Ginsberg's name on the Internet copy and set it on paper, two color, with it wrap band.Expect it also in the forthcoming issues of Origin.


2006.Terrill, Mark (translator), Whispering Villages / Seven German Poets : Kersten Flenter, Silke Scheuermann, Volker Sielaff, Marco Kunz, Florian Voss, Christine Thiemt,, Rolf Dieter Brinkmann

Three color fold out poems. With wrap around band

Out of the blue came Mark Terrill, native Californian and for the past three decades world traveler from Paul Bowles to Europa, mainly home in Germany. Poet and translator, musician, novels of interest in manuscript...this booklet of seven German poets simply transcribed through our active correspondence. Over a week's time I learned of the poets, nabbed the poems, dreamt up a booklet, back and forth promptly and on cue with Mark, and we had a booklet made by Christmas eve in Vermont. I stitched together the first 30 copies while watching two film noirs: The Narrow Margin, then to Anthony Mann's deeply sacred cinema bare-bones Border Incident


2006. Arnold, Bob. Hermit Hut

Three color fold out poems. With wrap around band. Signed & unsigned numbers. Back Road Caller 15

: I wrote these poems right off the carpentry renovation job-site during the Spring 2006 in Maynard Hollow, Vermont. I was brought to the location by Greg Joly who stooped his way with me down bad stairs into a dark as a dungeon basement and we were immediately standing in muck. Old insulation between round log floor joists was now animal condos. The wide span sagging center beam holding all the house up, begging to collapse. Wetlands wherever we stepped. Greg brought me here as a favor to his absentee neighbor who needed the renovations done yesterday. My job - if I wanted it - was to make everything right.Being a country boy, I hired another one (Greg) as helper, and we set to work. I then dedicated the booklet of poems to him, and in memory of the hermit "Joel" I met once upon a time flapping like a human crow through the dark November forest. / 28 December we found one typo of the word "therre" after 6 copies were mailed out. We tore out the page and reset with a corrected page.


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