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Longhouse Bibliography 2015 — 2019




2015. Bob Arnold

Duo.  The Collected Bird Poems. 1974-2014

92 pages. Perfect bound, illustrated.

All Bob’s bird poems collected over forty years published from a variety of earlier books and set into this neat and compact (back pocket size) book of poems. That bluebird on the cover is carrying one of the poems now.


Woodcutter Talks

2015. Bob Arnold

The Woodcutter Talks

234 page with photographs. Drawing from years of poetry and also new poems.

The Woodcutter Talks is Bob Arnold at his finest branching love poems with back country work poems and settlement with community, family and individual portraits. The extensive collection also showcases vintage photographs from woodcutters and woodchoppers and big-saw-pullers of old. Sweat runs down the cheeks of the mere literary and they adore one another.



John Bradley


2015. John Bradley

And Thereby Everything

208 pages, perfect bound, illustrated throughout by Bob Arnold with 150 photographs.

John Bradley’s poetic life has spanned from the west to the mid-west drawing subjects as diverse as the atomic bomb (testing, results, after shocks) to pure inventors Henry Ford, Gertrude Stein, Billy the Kid and more. In this new and extensive collection of poems by Bradley and illustrations chosen by Bob Arnold, the reader is taken, or dragged by horses, into the outback of America’s budding civilization



2015. Alvaro Cardona-Hine

The Slightly Nauseating Poems of Monk Gurupta of Benares

Foldout booklet.

There really was no poet like Alvaro Cardona-Hine — such quiet strength that came with each of his poems, paintings, stories, and right through his correspondence. The high road of New Mexico was his home for decades after some years in Los Angeles where he rubbed shoulders with many of the literati well known and scurrilious Angelenos.


Island Dreams

2015. Gerald Hausman

Island Dreams. Selected Poems 1968 ~ 2015

Chosen & edited by Bob Arnold. 160 pages. Perfect bound.

For a year or two Longhouse stepped back from editing and making foldout booklets and concentrated on publishing books by poets we were long interested in publishing. Gerry Hausman was at the top of my list having followed Gerry’s writings for over 50 years, going back to my Berkshire hills youth when I discovered his first few books of poems that stemmed from his home places in New Mexico and the Berkshires. Later he would venture to Jamaica. This book of his selected poems hopes to capture all the travels and poems that came.

I Once Met

2015. Kent Johnson

I Once Met. A Partial Memoir of the Poetry Field

Prose. 176 pages, illustrated, perfect bound

Longhouse has published both versions of Kent’s seminal “I Once Met” series of prose poem portraits — first as a very limited handmade and sewn tall booklet, and later I asked Kent if he would be interested in expanding and sharing from his cosmos of travels, poets and legislators. He was more than willing. This sort of book and energy goes back to the time of Samuel Johnson when nothing stood in the way of the storyteller and the open book.



Malcolm Ritchie

2015. Malcolm Ritchie

The Crows of Gravity. A Correspondence of Wounds.

392 pages, perfect bound.

Here you go, from the poet born in Cornwall, gone to Scotland, America, Japan, South America, and Arran Island, and filled with a very full life to share, or let’s say behold. Ritchie has worked in fields of psychology, philosophy, travel, rich backcountry Japan, poetry, Buddhism, and the arts. He continues the search.



2015. Janine Pommy Vega

Janina. Visions, Tales & Lovesongs

288 pages, perfect bound and packed with poems, the poet’s journals and vintage photographs.

Being the executor of my good friend’s estate, I’ve been able, with Susan, to draw up the essence of Janine’s early years as a poet from New Jersey, New York streets, California, Europe, Israel by showcasing a full book of her journals, drafts of poems never seen, rare published and un-published poems, and Janine’s memoir from her time as a wanderer and spirit in Jerusalem. Well-stitched with dozens of photographs from Janine’s private archive, this is the first record of this legendary troubador’s life
and travels.


Janine Pommy Vega

2015. Janine Pommy Vega

Walking Woman with the Tambourine

144 pages. Perfect bound.

Janine Pommy Vega’s last book of poems she was preparing at her passing in 2010. She had sent me a short piece that Longhouse published as a foldout booklet and later we assembled all the poems and made this book for her. This is Janine at her singing best.



2016. Bob Arnold


112 pages. New in wraps. Perfect bound.

Poems written within a snowstorm, literally, the breakdown of power and passage and isolated with the weathering, loving it. Front cover photograph is by the poet from ice crystals of the storm.


Darling Companion

2016. Bob Arnold

Darling Companion

136 pages. Perfect bound.

The third book of railroad travel by Bob following American Train Letters and Go West. All short poem portraits of where one goes by train and what one may see, eyes and ears wide open. From the east coast by rail to Lorine Niedecker’s homestead and friends in Wisconsin, later sidewinding down through the southwest and curling like smoke back to Chicago, railroad’s hub.


2016. Bob Arnold

Museum, An Unlikely Meditation

236 pages, prose — including a collage of levitating illustrations and photographs, joyously and with wit chosen by the author. Perfect bound.

A memoir and even fantasy of a sort of museum travel — whether one specific museum in mind, with regular visits, pastoral; or the museums of a natural landscape and people who come populating these spaces in time. It’s best not to have the mind pre-set,
and instead like the front cover figure — arched, looking and balanced.



2016. Ronald Baatz

Uncle Ghost

Fold-out booklet.

Right out of the blue Ronald Baatz every now and then sends to me his latest collection of poems. Right out of the blue I usually sit right down with the collection and read the poems. Every last drop. RB and I have never met. I know where he lives. I haven't been to Troy New York in thirty years. I read his poems and almost never have a pencil free at hand so I stop and go get a pencil, then I begin to read again. As I read I check a poem here and there and some I also don't check I also like. I'm sharing the ones I recently checked. I think I'll write to RB and ask if we might take the  checked-poems and make a foldout booklet to share. Yes, this is what we've done. The above image is the booklet of Ronald's poems —
but what the hey — we'll share it all with you here.


Cid Corman Famous Blue

2016. Cid Corman

Famous Blue Aerogrammes

Edited by Bob Arnold. 90 pages, perfect bound with color insert.

Cid Corman from his home in Kyoto, Japan was more than famous at being the constant correspondent, and seemingly the letters were never finished by Cid, as he added a poem of his or from one of the many classic Japanese poets he translated by Basho, Buson, Issa and others on the outside for anyone to read. Certainly our mailman (woman). He would never identify the author; we are all the author in Cid’s eyes. With that in mind, I collected all of the poems he would share with me on the blue aerogrammes he mailed regularly from Kyoto, and made this book.


Kim Dorman

2016. Kim Dorman


Including photographs by Kim Dorman, Selected and edited by Bob Arnold. 80 pages. Perfect bound.

Those are Kim’s photographs from Texas, he’s a native, and both catch the study of the poet. Poems of stillness and caliber. Many of the poems I gathered personally from Kim or from his hand-built and issued reguarly, Gleanings where he promotes the truest art of sharing writings, journal entries, poems and homages from poets now and past centuries.

James Koller


2016. James Kollder

Selected Poems 2003-2004-2005

Perfect bound. “This book handwrit …”

Absolutely hand-writ, probably the most comfortable medium for Jim Koller was to felt-tip-pen-write his poems and share as immediate and sure as sunlight or a bird call. These were poems written while hold-up in the poet Jack Collom’s home during a Colorado blizzard and Koller had some poems on his mind.

Dudley Laufman

2016. Dudley Laufman

Bull & More Bull

Perfect bound. 136 pages.

I’ve been reading Dudley Laufman’s poems for a long time, either from an early New Hampshire publication, or the many pressings Dudley would send to me from his Wind in the Timothy Press. The farm poems are some of the best ever written from New England, or anywhere. The cow on the back cover is dozing in Switzerland but Dudley’s holding his fiddle in Canterbury, New Hampshire on the front cover where he still plays, high-lights dances, makes music and writes narrative and portrait poems of neighbors, travels and countryside.


Robin Magowan


2016. Robin Magowan

The Mirrored Spectrum, Versions of Bidel

128 pages, perfect bound with poems and photographs

We first published Robin’s translations of Bidel in a small foldout booklet that was quite popular and it only took a matter of time where a full collection would make the best sense. . .so there we went. Front and back cover photographs I took right on our bed where I spread out some of Susan’s scarves.

John Phillips

2016. John Phillips


With collages by the author.

160 pages. Perfect bound.

Front and back cover collage art work is by John Phillips and ones I chose out of a dozen by the poet. I put the rest right inside the book of poems and they add mysteriously to a book that is anything but a mystery. Sharp glassy poems that slip in your fingers, maybe one or two will cut but all they are asking is for you to come and be a reader, and John will do the rest. This is an excellent selection of the poet’s work over some years that feels comfortable with itself.

A Schelling

2016. Andrew Schelling, translations / Bhartrihari

Once I Was Bit By A Snake

Fold-out booklet.

“The best dates for Bhartrihari place him in the fifth century. The Chinese pilgrim I Tsing visited Northern India in 670 CE, and in a travel journal mentioned Bhartrihari as a poet, grammarian, and Buddhist. A few legends wrap around him but they all come from the poems. There’s not a single detail I can attest to; he may or may not have been the Bhartrihari who wrote the important grammar Vakyapadiya. From his poetry it looks like the only job open to him was as court poet to a king or warlord. He felt degraded by servitude. The ruling elite he loathed. More precisely he abhorred their values. He saw that money, ownership, hereditary rank, and dissolute pleasures, counted more in the eyes of the powerful than spiritual clarity, love, or poetry. From earliest times, editors have organized his poems into three collections, divided by theme. He did not do this himself. I find his poems read better if not arranged programmatically. — Andrew Schelling, introduction”

Andrew says it all. This booklet continues a long relationship of booklets by the poet over the years with Longhouse that spans many poetries and canyons.





Lunatic Drawings

2017. Bob Arnold

Lunatic Drawings

All color illustrations.

Perfect bound, 250 pages

Oh dear, Bob’s notebook of quick drawings, as journalism, during the first 30 day heartache of the Trump administration. Everyone that came through the vortex is here. No holding back. The winter month was loved and lived in-and-out and not ruined.


Ronald Baatz 2017

2017. Ronald Baatz

I Would Die For

Long poem foldout, three-color booklet

Ronald sent to us this long poem he had in his storage box and was working on and thought I most likely would not like the poem (although he didn’t say so until afterwards) whereas I loved the poem. And in those moments the only thing I can think of is to publish the poem! So we did. Susan liked the poem as well. The only suggestion I had to Ronald was that he might want to break the poem open into individual stanzas, and the next time he sent me the poem, that’s exactly what he did. The poem acts as a broadside, stands quite nicely alone, but I didn’t want to print a broadside and be left ferrying out a delicate piece where no one wants the corners bent. Housed in our foldout booklet, with a wrap band, the broadside folds open, folds closed, folds for you.




& Cousins

2017. J. D. Whitney

& Cousins

Fold-out booklet.

J.D. and I correspond just about daily — unless he is on a small side trip somewhere with Lisa (as he is today) — we are right there with one another, and sometimes being right there includes receiving a poem fresh out of the oven. J.D’s “cousins” poems are ideal to tuck into a letter, as an added gift of the day, or something other than the letter, and after awhile I remember a gathered bunch in my head and ask him if he is ready for another Longhouse booklet. I believe we have now published four cousin booklets, having fun with the titles of each booklet as more cousins show up. . .you know cousins.




2018. Bob Arnold

Heaven Lake

Perfect bound. 158 pages


Bob's latest poems from the wilds of Vermont and the loves at his threshold.



2018. Doc Dachtler

Why Am I Telling You This?

Perfect bound. 96 pages


Doc's new poems from the foothills of the Sierra Nevada with deep grain memories of childhood in the Dakotas.


2018. George Evans


Foldout accordion booklet with wrapped band.

George puts an eye bead on the state of the union — the larger world.

2018. Gerry Loose

Wee Book for Moven

Foldout accordion booklet with wrapped band.

From Scotland — walk the land and the love with Gerry.

2018. Julia Older, translator

Salvatore Quasimodo : That Boy With Verses in His Pocket / Boris Vian : My Universal Joints

Foldout accordion booklets with wrapped band.

Two new attractive foldout booklets of poems by European masters translated and well-shaped by Julia Older and wrapped with a decorative band.



2019. Bob Arnold

Poets Who Sleep

Perfect bound. 576 pages

All color!

A book of portraits — all poets — to put into your saddle bag. Nearly 600 pages of color portraits of Bob Arnold's view & memoir of poets he has either read. edited and published or known, and often all of the above. Each portrait is hand-scribed by Bob with a personal touch.

2019. Bill Bathurst

Time On My Hands

Foldout poem booklet with wrap around band.

Bill's poem from 1967, published here for the first time, lamp-lit with the world of Billie Holiday.

2019. Koon Woon

I Name You

Foldout poem booklet with wrap around band.

A new sheaf of poems by Koon sent by passenger pigeon from Seattle, housed in a foldout booklet with decorative band.



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